Aries New Moon Ritual for New Beginnings March 2017

aries new moon ritual

The Aries New Moon falls on March 27-28, 2017 and is a potent time for new beginnings and fresh starts.

This is the perfect time to plant seeds for the months ahead, as they are highly likely to bloom into the gorgeous, sweet-smelling opportunities that you desire.

Aries energy is all about taking action and starting fresh. It is time to turn over a new page in the book of your life, and this Aries New Moon is going to be guiding you every step of the way.

This is not a time to make your usual wishes or set your usual intentions. To make full use of this energy you have to set your sights higher, you have to dream bigger, you have to revamp your goals and wishes and bring new life to them.

If you want to bring new energy into your life under the influence of this amazing New Moon, here is a ritual idea to follow-

Aries New Moon Ritual for New Beginnings 

You will need:

  • 3 red candles (red indicates action, fire and energy, which is why red is a good choice but you can also use white or orange)
  • Pen and three pieces of paper
  • Smudging tool (sage, essential oils, incense, palo santo, bells etc.)
  • Bowl of water


1.) Start by cleansing your aura and your space using your preferred smudging tool. For more specific instructions on how to do this, read this.

2.) Once the energy of your space and aura is cleansed, take your pen and papers and write –

  • On the first paper write something from your past that you would like to release.
  • On the second piece of paper write down something you wish to feel in your life right now.
  •  On the third piece of paper write down something you wish to manifest in your life for the future.

3.) Once you have your three wishes, line up your candles in a row and place the pieces of paper in front of them in the same order as you wrote them- so this means the thing you want to release goes next to the first candle and the thing you want to manifest goes next to the last candle.

4.) Light the three candles. Breathe deeply and just take a few minutes to silence and quiet your mind. Perhaps even place your hand on your heart to tune into your soul. Call on your spirit guides and guardian angels to join you.

5.) When you are ready, take the first piece of paper- the thing you want to release, and declare it aloud. Ask your spirit guides and guardian angels to help you release this thing. When you have finished making your declaration aloud, place the paper into the flame of the first candle. Once the paper is too hot, drop it in the bowl of water. (The water is a safety measure). 

6.) Repeat this same process with the next piece of paper- state your wish aloud and ask your spirit guides and angels to help you invite this feeling into your life. Place the paper into the flame on the second candle. Repeat this same process with the last candle and last piece of paper.

Safety note: please be careful with the burning the paper in the candles! Do this at your own risk.

7.) Once you are done with all three papers, it is time to blow out the candles. To do this, recite the “I” mantra suggested below and then use the power of your breath to blow out the candle-

1st candle- I release

2nd candle- I feel

3rd candle- I manifest

To close the ritual, take the first candle, the candle you used for releasing and place it outside, you can also smudge it if you don’t have an outdoor area. You can keep the other two candles in your space or on your altar. Discard the water and the paper in any way that you wish to.

Happy New Moon!

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  • This ritual truly resonates with me… thank you so much! I’m so excited to go BIGGER! I’ve been thinking a lot lately on truly setting my sights as high as I want them to and remembering that it’s OK to ask for more. It’s OK to plant the seeds for the big beautiful life that awaits! So many blessings!

    • awesome!!!! yes go big!!! light and love to you <3

  • Nicole Cerna

    great ritual!

  • Rae
    • awesome!!! thanks for sharing the pic!!!


    Gonna do it tonight.

    • woohoo! hope it helped!

  • Ledger Davis

    I’m not quite sure I understand what this means:
    “On the first paper write something from your past that you would like to release”
    Can you please explain more?
    Thank you

    • Sue Donnem

      It can be anything that you no longer wish to have in your life. It could be how you feel about something (e.g. fear of losing your job), an unhealthy relationship, a habit you want to stop, or whatever you are inspired to want to “release” (stop). Blessings.

      • Ledger Davis

        Oops! I wrote down the things that I’ve accomplished and wanted to release back in my life. Even though I missed the mark on what I wrote on the first piece of paper, I feel great about everything else going forward. Many Blessings! Thank you for reply!

        • that works too!! there are no wrong moves here. Your intuition is always going to be your number one guide. Perhaps you interpreted it like that because that is what you need right now in your life. Trust yourself! 🙂

          • Ledger Davis

            Thank you!

    • Hi Ledger, this can be anything you wish to release. It could be an emotion, a situation/event. For example you could write- “I release my fear over….” or “I release the energy of….” Hope that helps!

  • Penguin

    Did this ritual tonight. Felt like a lot of weight has lifted from my shoulders. The fire that caught on the pieces of paper was also intense and bright. Made me reflect on the fire sign the ritual denotes. Loved it. Thanks!

    • BEAUTIFUL!! I love that 🙂

  • Kristen Corb

    This was my first New Moon/Full Moon ritual and I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • ohh so glad this was your first and that you enjoyed it!!! they are powerful 🙂

  • Amber Doe

    I am wondering how we should use the candles in the future. Should we re light them until they go out?

    • The “release” candle should be cleansed before using again, but after the ritual you can just use them as normal candles.

      • Amber Doe

        Thank you so much

  • Realyn Suderman

    Can we write more than one thing on each paper?

    • yes absolutely! great idea

  • Chandra

    Thanks so much for sharing. This will be my first new moon ritual. Is it too late to do this tonight?

  • Magy

    Hi Tanaaz, just did the ritual!!! Lets eait and see…the last two days i have been feelingvery strange…fearful, out of myself, unusual heart palpitaions and very negative…i just realised when coming across your article that it is a full moon and it got me thinking that maybe this has been affecting me…what do you think? I have been doing so much work with myself…my relationship ended last year, i changed job, moved back home…too many changes and while i am grateful because i have grown and realised things about myself, icant help but also feel anxious of the unknown! Thank you for sharing!

    • it sounds bigger than just this full moon but definitely all related!! we have had lots of energy closing and releasing since the end of 2016 and even into the march 25th equinox…lots of endings and stirring energy…these theme does start to fade now though, so hopefully things settle down for you energetically. hopefully now looking back the ritual was able to calm things for you a bit too. light and love xoxo

      • Magy

        When you say bigger what do you mean?

  • Bertha Hall

    I just finished my ritual and I thank you.

    • you are sooo welcome!