Intuitive Astrology: May Full Moon 2017

may full moon astrology 2017

May’s Full Moon falls on the 10th/11th in the watery sign of Scorpio and holds extremely powerful and potent energy.

Scorpio energy is all about transformation and reaching higher levels of consciousness. In fact, Scorpio energy has the potential to reach Divine levels of consciousness, but at the same time, it also has the ability to reach extremely low levels of consciousness as well.

No matter where you fall on the “consciousness spectrum” it is likely that this Full Moon is going to leave a lasting impact. It is also likely that this Full Moon is going to help open your consciousness to a new level so you can see things in a different light.

May’s Full Moon is going to represent a turning point in the year and an opportunity to really embrace and accept any recent changes.

It is also going to bring about a powerful transformative shift that will really allow you to move forward.

In fact, after the energy of this Full Moon starts to fade, you may be feeling a greater sense of understanding of the road ahead. This is also due to the fact that both Mercury and Venus, which have recently been retrograde, are also going to start speeding up.

Things may feel a little uneasy leading up to the Full Moon as changes may be in the air, but the best way to manage this energy moving forward is remembering your personal power.

Very often we forget that we have a strength and a power within us. This power gives us the ability to step up and take responsibility over our lives no matter what troubles we find ourselves in.

The minute we give away our power, it becomes very difficult to deal with the situations that life throws our way. But, when we remember that we have infinite wisdom and potential within, it becomes much easier to navigate through murky times.

Claiming your personal power is really about acknowledging that you are more than just a physical body.

In order to really step up into your power, you have to know that you are a highly advanced and intelligent energetic being that has a soul that is both timeless and endless.

If you have been needing to remind yourself of this, if you have been needing to connect within and tune into that inner power, this Scorpio Full Moon is going to be the perfect time to do it.

Full Moon’s usually symbolise a time of releasing and letting go, however the potency of this Scorpio Moon also makes it a great time to send your wishes into the cosmos.

Reaching out to your Spirit Team for help and guidance will also be easier under this cosmic influence, so definitely use this energy to your advantage.

Part of understanding your personal power is knowing that you are not alone, and that you have a team of Spirit Guides and Angels that are on your side to help you move through life.

Many astrologers and ancient cultures have always believed that the Scorpio Full Moon is one of the most powerful for reaching out to ancient ancestors and guardian spirits. It is also believed to be one of the best Full Moon’s for rituals and manifestation work.

With so much magic energy circling in the first part of May, it is going to be impossible not to feel the effects of this Full Moon.

Whatever stirs for you this week, let the Moon be your guide and see if you can be open to viewing things from a higher level of consciousness.

Transformation is going to occur under this Full Moon and everyone is going to feel this on some level.

Be open to where the Universe is directing you and know that when you claim your power, there is no mountain to high or obstacle too difficult.

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  • Bayleigh Varnel

    I am super excited about this full moon! You literally have the best post regarding the spiritual and deeper meaning of the moon cycles. I look forward to your posts every week, thanks so much!

    • So glad to hear that!!! 🙂 light and love to you

  • Jessica Martinez

    I look forward to your posts every Monday, especially the tarot cards. Thank you so much

    • glad to hear you love the tarot cards! they are written by guest author, Nikki! 🙂

  • I feel the magic! Thanks for a great reading *Blessings*

    • 🙂 blessings to you too!

  • 🙂 thank you

  • Jose Gallardo

    Hi. My name is Jose and I live in Puerto Rico. I’m a Virgo with the moon in Cancer (9/17/1987). I had to look into this full moon because I had a predictive and very emotional dream that night (10-11 of this month) regrading my 2 family Yorkie dogs. I dreamed that my mother had entrusted me with the two dogs in the local public park and that I had lost the two dogs because they ran away. As I was searching for them the male dog (Blacky, 2 years old) returned after a while but the female dog (Ciara, 1 year old) didn’t return and I had the feeling that she just wanted to escape and was happy elsewhere. When my mother returned to the park I told her what happened and we looked for Ciara but never found her and we were very sad and then I woke up at my usual time (1:30 PM). That day Blacky escaped the house when a visitor opened the gate but he just circled around the block and returned. Around that time Ciara started getting sick and started having problems walking and started hiding. It was about time for her menstruation and we were told by a woman who has a lot of dogs that it was normal and didn’t take her to a veterinary (my mom said she would take her to a veterinary on Monday if she didn’t improve). Her situation just got worse and this past Sunday (Mother’s Day) I was woken up around 12:30 PM by my mother’s very loud crying. I felt that someone had died and went to the backyard where my mother was and she told me that the female dog had just died. I feel that it was her time to go (she was a very good dog, at least compared to the male one but both behaved well) but I’m still sad. Please give me your astrological insight if possible. Best regards.