Is Antiperspirant Deodorant Toxic?

antiperspirantYour antiperspirant deodorant could be leaving your vulnerable to cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and kidney problems all because of the presence of aluminium. 

Aluminium, along with other toxic metals found in our foods and beauty products have long  been linked with health complications but new research has now shown that these metals are causing an entirely new class of cancer causing estrogens called “metalloestrogens.”

One study found that metals including aluminium, cadmium, cobalt, mercury, lead, mercury, nickel and tin were all capable of binding to cellular estrogen receptors to then mimic the actions of the hormone.

Today, many make up and beauty products contain lead and aluminium, including antiperspirant deodorant which is applied to the area very close to breast tissue.

Aluminium is added to antiperspirants to help temporarily block sweat ducts, thereby keeping you dry and sweat-free.

The study stated, “aluminium salts used as antiperspirants have been incriminated as contributing to breast cancer incidence in Western societies.”

While there has been no confirmation that aluminium based deodorants cause cancer, the study does continue to state that long term exposure to aluminium at doses much lower than what is found in most antiperspirants could pose a risk to health.

High levels of aluminium have also been associated with Alzheimer’s disease and kidney failure.

If you are concerned about the levels of aluminium in your deodorants there are many alternatives available today. Feel free to share your favorites in the comment section below.

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  • Chad

    This post made me think about something I say on television yesterday… well I was actually on a plane and I decided to check out some of the tv shows that were available. I chose to watch the first episode of Season 4’s East Bound and Down. During one scene, while the characters chatted over dinner, one of the guys talked about having a hormone problem and trouble “in the bed” with his wife. (The jokes were quite lame, but intended to be this way). Anyway in the scene he mentioned all that he had to do was take the deodorant style applicator and wipe it on his arm pit, thus allowing his hormone(testosterone) levels to change.
    This got me thinking back to actual deodorant and how it could effect our hormone levels. If something can be prescribed by a Dr. that can change our hormones and therefore effect our thinking and feeling because of it. Couldn’t negative things happen to us as well? things we may not even know because we’ve been using the same deodorant ever since puberty? A little bit of googling showed me that underarm treatment for low testosterone levels is available. But maybe we should think again about the things we put on our skin. After all it is the largest organ in the human body.

    • yes, I think sometimes we overlook the things that we are putting onto our skin. Think about how many creams, lotions, make up, perfumes, aftershaves etc, we put onto our skin every day. It is our biggest organ and we absorb so much from our skin. Our armpits are also so close to our lymphatic system making them a highly ‘absorbable’ place.