Melissa Bachman and her Lion Kill Photo is just the Beginning

People all over the internet this week have been going absolutely crazy over Melissa Bachman and her now infamous Lion Kill Photo.

Melissa is a self proclaimed hunter and seems to pride herself in making “exotic” kills and posting them online.

There is a Facebook group where you can go and see some of her dozens of kill photos (you can also scroll to the bottom of this post to see them). These photos range from the infamous Lion kill photo, to kill photos of brown bears and other mostly exotic animals.

Is hunting ethical?

Look, I’m not going to sit here and say that there is no legitimacy to hunting or that the sport itself is the problem. The problem here is that there are people on both sides of the hunting “exotic” animals debate, and by posting and flaunting it all over Twitter when you are a celebrity is surely going to, if nothing else, piss a lot of people off that don’t support it.

Melissa Bachman Lion Kill Tweet

Melissa Bachman Lion Kill Tweet

What can you do?

You can sign a petition against Melissa Bachman that effectively wants to deny Melissa Bachman from entering South Africa, so far it has over 306,000 supporters and will soon be delivered to the Government of the Republic of South Africa. You can also protest against Melissa Bachman and post on the Stop Melissa Bachman Facebook page.

Here are a few of her other kill photos, below:


bachman kill

melissa_bear kill

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Brian Evans

  • After Life

    If what she is doing is legal, I feel people should be protesting to change the system(s) and not her if they are so opposed to what she is doing.

    There are many controversial issues in today’s world, I don’t think we should try to strip people of their right to express themselves, if they are doing it in a completely legal way. No matter how much I might personally disagree with what they are doing and what it represents.

    As for the hunting, I find it to be a very sad mentality to kill for “sport”, or to somehow take pride in it. Would it be sporting to kill an animal with a laser guided missile? What makes a rifle more sporting? How about with bare hands? I think it all stems from people having the desire to feel powerful, and deceiving themselves that certain actions represent power.

    Perhaps the lion should be given a full suit of kevlar, maybe then it will become sporting.

    • I know many people hunt for sport but the world/ social media has chosen to target Melissa. While what she does is probably legal, she has become the catalyst of awareness and change.
      I agree that hunting as a sport makes people feel powerful, and perhaps feeds the ego’s. Hunting could also be a primal instinct, but do we really have to hunt beautiful, endangered species? Not that one animal is more worthy to be killed than another but these photos just make me feel sick.

  • Brian Evans

    And where do you draw the line?

    Why does an animal deserve to die for this “sport”.

    What if people start hunting people for sport, and nobody stops it…

    What if that becomes legal too… Where do you draw the line?

    Some of these animals are rare, exotic and close to endangered. So, people are just going to kill them off for “sport”……

  • After Life

    If I had my way, I’d draw the line to where we can’t hunt animals for sport. To me it is so terrible to end another life for the sake of entertainment. I just feel like going after this specific person isn’t truly going after the root of the problem, it is focusing on one of the branches.