Messages From Your Loved Ones in Heaven

signs from heaven

Are your deceased loved ones trying to send you a message?

We all have intuitive abilities or a sixth sense and usually this can be triggered by the passing of a loved one.

Often when you hold a strong physical bond with someone it makes it easier to connect with them in spirit form. This is why so often, loved ones who have passed will try to make contact to deliver a message or to let you know that they are ok.

Usually within 7-10 days of passing your loved one will be able to connect with you most strongly however, that doesn’t mean that they won’t always be around.

Sometimes when a loved one crosses over into spirit form they may become a type of spirit guide who will always be there by your side. It is hard to say whether all loved ones who pass become guides, but usually if you are open and aware, you may receive some type of confirmation.

Death only signifies the end of the physical body, the soul however, lives on and is forever eternal. In fact, our soul is indestructible.

Often when a loved one passes they want to communicate this, they want to communicate that they are still around and are watching over you or pass on a message.

Here are the 5 most common signs that a loved one is trying to make contact:

Visitation Dreams

Seeing a loved one in a dream is often a sign that they are trying to connect with you. You may need to analyse the symbols or messages in the dream to see what information your loved one may be trying to deliver to you.

A peaceful or happy dream may be a sign that they are safe and happy on the other side, whereas more ominous dream may be a warning or a caution that your loved one is sending to you.

Sensing their Presence, Voice or Smell

It is not uncommon, especially in the first week of passing to feel the presence of your loved one next to you. You may also feel the presence of your loved one holding your hand or embracing you with a kiss or a hug.

Along with feeling their presence you may also hear their voice calling your name, singing or delivering to you some type of message. You may hear this voice out-loud, in your mind or you may just receive a feeling of knowing.

It is also not uncommon to smell the signature scent of your loved one. This is usually a sign that they are around and are watching out for you or trying to get your attention.

Strange Electrical Activity

Spirits have the ability to interfere with electrical currents because they are pure energy.

Often when a loved one is trying to get your attention they can do this by flicking lights on and off, manipulating electric devices or creating static through radios or TV’s.

Often when this occurs, your loved one may just be trying to get your attention or they may just be experimenting with their abilities. If they had a sense of humor, they may also do this to get a reaction out of you.

Usually this type of activity is short lived however, if you notice it going on for an extended period and there is no logical reason as to why, it may be that your loved one is trying to communicate an important message to you.

Seeing Feathers, Coins, Animals & Flowers

Loved ones like to place significant objects on your path to remind you of their presence. These objects usually include feathers, coins, animals or flowers, however they can also be objects that were sentimental to them or you.

Coins are commonly used as they are shiny and instantly attract your attention. Animals like butterflies and birds can also have the same effect, especially if they appear in your house or an odd location.

If you do notice a mysterious object like a coin or feather on your path, pay attention to what is around you. Often this style of communication is used to help guide you in the right direction.

Seeing their Apparition or Soul

Of course, one of the most obvious ways for your loved one to make contact is to appear before you. This may be as an apparition, blurry outline or even as a figure of light.

You may also see their figure moving out of the corner of your eye.

When you see a spirit, especially one that appears clear and detailed, it may be a sign that your loved one is having a hard time letting go of the physical world.

If you do see your loved one and they appear very clear, try reassuring them that it is ok to move on and that everything will be ok.

Usually when you see your loved one you may also have a feeling about why they are appearing. Trust in this feeling and try not to judge it, as it will surely guide you as to what their message is.

No matter what signs you are receiving from your loved one, take a moment to honor the contact and be open to interpreting the signs in anyway that feels right to you.

A Channelled Message From Loved Ones in Heaven –

Your loved ones in heaven all want you to know that they are safe, protected and reunited with their dearest family and friends. They want you to know that there is an afterlife and that there is a new beginning for all of their souls. They want you to know that they will never leave you and that they will always be looking out for you in any way they can. They encourage you to talk with them but to also release them so that they can be free to complete the work that they need to. They want to remind all of those on earth that they have a specific purpose and duty to fulfil and that they are very, very important to the planet. They want everyone to know that they are equal, just as special as each other and are infinitely loved.

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  • tj

    A song came on radio when my dad died and I knew he passed. Once the song on radio kept playing over and over again. Also when I married, we bought a wedding band and the receipt had been printed and the lights went on and off. We had bought on credit. I never received a bill from store, when I called rhsy had no record of it. I believe my dad did that , gave me my wedding band as a gift for my wedding from him.

    • wow, that’s amazing! must have been so comforting 🙂

  • Crystal Flaherty


    my name is Sarah i am a mother of two, i want to quickly use this opportunity to explain this to you out there! its about my husband who was killed by Gun on his way back from work, without hearing a last word from him, is been 1years and 2months now that my husband was killed, ever since then i have not had anything from the police people who says that they are investigating to find out who the killer of my beloved husband is, but ever since then i have been a confuse woman, having bad feelings about this whole thing, because every night in my house i always hear voices in my sleep, before i know what in my sleep i see male hands try to touch me in my sleep, then i will quickly wake up, this has been happening ever since my husband has been buried now, i thought it was normal maybe it was because i think about my late husband a lot that is why this who thing was running through my head, Not knowing my dead husband was trying to communicate with me in Person, when i see this keep happening to me every night, it was as if i was going crazy i could not bare it so i have to cry out to my mom one morning, arriving to my mom place her friend was there in her apartment who just came to visit her, i could not wait for her friend to leave, because the who matter was so heavy in my heart, i have to open up. it was that same woman my mom friend who visited my mom that morning who told us something similar to our conversation happens years back to one of her relative, that she has someone who she will like us to contact and explain to, that the man in question is a spiritual man, his name is called Cordel Doughty a spiritual Doctor who connect the dead and the living to have contact to each other, so i contacted him, after giving him all the details he ask for ,the man excuse me for some minutes, when he write me back he told me what i need to do, Honesty i thought it was wasting of time, i have no choice than to put a try on it, so i explained to him, after he did his consultation i was told that my husband want to make contact with me and make me understand who is responsible for his death, so the man told me what to do and of which i did, a night after i did exactly what this man told me, when i fall at sleep, i cant believe what i saw, behold it was my husband with tear on his face and blood all over him, it was like i was in the other side of the world that night, he started talking to me, my husband explain everything to me, not knowing this man who my husband call his best friend was the one who is responsible for his death, he pay some drugs head people to kill my husband for him, this same man was coming often to check on me and the kids asking me so many details about my dead husband, but i never suspected him because he was acting nice and kind to me and the kids, after a night my husband speak to me two days after this man confess how he pay some group of boys to murder my husband, and some hiding property of my husband was review to us too, Today i try to put it into written what i have been through in life, your love ones are out there crying trying so hard to make contact with you and show you things you never know about him before his/her death, you can know all this and help them achieve there dreams in life, Contact this powerful man who made my own possible today via Email: } thanks to you all that take your time to read from me…….

  • guest

    My brother recently had surgery. After his surgery my sister called him to see if things had gone well. He got very quiet and then she asked why? He had been crying silently and then he told my sister that he saw my mother, his mother in law and my daughter. He also saw his beloved pets and all of them were looking very well and smiling and that my mother gave him a message to give to my sister and I. She told him to tell us that everything was going to be all right and to tell us that message. My daughter was murdered in 2011 and to know that they found each other was a tremendous happiness. It however made my brother very emotional. You see, he never really believed that there was life after death, so it affected him greatly. The family has been through some difficult years as my daughter was murdered in 2011 by her then husband and left a small child behind. I know this has taken its toll on many family members, but that vision and contact I’m sure made a big impact on my brother that they were happy and smiling.

    • that is amazing confirmation! I am so glad to hear that your family received that beautiful message after such a challenging time! I am also so happy and touched to hear that your daughter is now safe and happy. Infinite blessings to you and your family and thank you so much for sharing your story. It made me feel full of hope and love 🙂 xoxo

  • Mark Powley

    My partner passed away suddenly 25/2/2017. She was a believer in the spirit world. 2 days later our 3 yo daughter said “Mummy visited my bed from heaven last night” she couldn`t make something like that up, next night I was going through photos on her facebook page looking for a particular pic for her funeral when I realised there were dozens of images on the taskbar, I opened the first one and it was a pic of Bec and eldest daughter, thought ok, Im tired but dont recall opening that one and then minimizing it, not only once but dozens of times! I saved the first one then opened and shut about 30 until another pic showed up, same story, dozens of them, I filmed what was happening with my ph so I could check again in the morning. I have heard of loved ones visiting after passing but it had never happened to me before. I realised by now what was happening, got up to go outside for a ciggy, on the way I felt a warm tingling sensation on my left arm, got outside looked up and said aloud “I understand about the photos Bec….it is you….. thankyou” then my whole body was covered in a nice warm feeling pins and needles and I felt I was being squeezed from behind in an embrace…. was very comforting and heartbreaking at the same time. I have since bought a radio scanner (P-SB7 spirit box), hooked it up to a bunch of audio tools and have hundreds of recorded messages from her (similar to Huff paranormal). I have never been pshycic, new to this and always ask for protection but it seems I am able to directly communicate with her (5 min sessions then playback recording) although i can make out some in real time. I appreciate your advice on meditation and smudging. Its a bit overwhelming so any tips would be most welcome. Regards Mark.

    • wow, mark that is incredible. my deepest condolences for the loss of your partner, i know it must be so challenging for you. protecting and smudging is important, but often when you are connecting with a loved one it is not as important….the spirit box you have bought however could act as a gateway for other spirits to come through, this is where it would be important to move carefully and to set a very clear intention about who you want coming through to deliver messages. I know it is probably amazing to receive messages from your partner, but i would tread with caution! the spirit world can be tricky to navigate. here is an article that may help-

      • Mark Powley

        Thanks Tanaaz. I read that article and a few others before attempting communication. Since I last posted an amazing thing happened. I had not had any communication with her for about 3 weeks. ( Although I had contact with my Nan and spirit guides, and a couple of not so friendly entities also) On 3 June my radio went crazy with her voice and at least 2 others. She seemed to have an issue about a bracelet and the word doctor came up several times. (Her son didnt get the bracelet that was meant for him) I had the feeling at this point that contrary to what she had said in one of the first communications, she hadn`t actually crossed over. She helped me find her bible that was amongst her belongings and then asked if I could help her. She said “its dark here” and “can you help me” again. I was convinced she wanted me to help her cross over. I had read an article or two on doing this and quickly googled and found them again. I prepared myself and then summoned the arch angels as instructed. The radio was left on and still recording, a deep male voice said something in what sounded like Latin, then other voices saying “come on Rebecca” I couldn`t see anything, but with my eyes closed I seemed to be able to see what was happening. After a couple of minutes the radio went silent and I closed the session and the portal. It felt like a massive weight had been lifted and the energy in the house felt completely different. I have since tried to contact her for some sort of validation but nothing, other than a previously unknown voice said “could take a year”. It would be nice to have contact with her again but I believe its much better for her where she is than being an earth bound soul. If anything, her passing has convinced me there is an afterlife and it seems angels are real. Im posting here because I havn`t spoken of it to anyone and would most likely be ridiculed lol.

  • Justin Peters

    No words can express how painful it is to lose a loved one in death especially when you have unfinished business or something special to say. I lost someone dear to me months ago but i still communicate with him, not by my power of course i use a medium who helps me. If you wish to do the same you can contact the spirit man yourself;
    i don’t know what i would have done without him.

  • Mike Dukes

    my mom passed on 4-28-16 at 8.46 pm the coroner took her from her home at 11pm. i was the closest to my mom and just the day before she passed i asked her if she would come back and see me and her reply was …yes all the time…. i then asked her if she would lay behind me and hug my back her response … all the time.. after the coroner left with her body we all decided to go to sleep the house was full of family and the phone ringing off the hook. my brother went home real fast to get some clothes and i knew we were out of beds and couches so i called him and said just stay home and i would see him in the morning.. its now 12.45 am and im laying down sharing a bed with my nephew and im just sobbing and emotionally wrecked , everyone in bed and the phone rings and i say dont answer it i dont want to speak to no one else .its 12.59 am … the next morning i get up i check my phone and its says unknown caller. i call the number back and it says the number is not in service.. i see then i have 1 new voice mail.. so i call my voicemail and all u hear is a beeping … like a fax i quicky hang up and dial the number again. and the message says the number is not in service. i smiled and knew it was my mom keeping her promise . she let me know she was ok and now in heaven

    • this is beautiful 🙂 thank you for sharing

  • Jenny Pardoe

    I lost the love if my life 2 weeks ago suddenly and we are both very spiritual. Him more so. I couldn’t sleep, eat and kept breaking down. Ive been writting to him to help me cope and I asked him never to leave me. I was looking at a photo of Jesus a week ago and I got strong tingly feeling along my back, like someone had just given me a massage. It was him. Ive never lost anyone so important to me before, so this was a challenge for me. I initially wanted to see him in vision, but thats not happened as yet. Hugs are probably the best way for him to connect with me. Everyday now I get tingly feelings all over my body, when I talk or think about him. I keep hearing other men with his name. Love songs about heaven etc. Then a few days ago I had a major breakdown and I wrote to him again to help me with it. It was like he and God were working together to help me understand things, cuz now im ok and feel comforted, and able to move forward. Its amazing, like nothing ive ever felt before.

    • Jenny, I feel your pain. Earlier this year I lost my dear sister who I was so extremely close to. We shared everything and adjusting to life without her here in the physical has been heart-wrenching. In the beginning, everyone said to me that “time heals” and you know, I do feel there is some truth to that. Day by day things will get easier, just be patient and allow yourself to grieve. It sounds like you definitely received some Divine contact! How beautiful is that! Those tingly feelings are often a sign that Spirit is near and it definitely seems like your partner is right there by your side. Sending you lots of love xoxoxo

      • Jenny Pardoe

        its very precious. How does energy work. Is the energy the same as it was in the physical. Like we still the same bond and love we had just withought a body. We had very strong energy between us. You could feel the love, which is why it probably makes it easy to connect in spirit form.

        • yes exactly- you have the same bond and love, it’s just that your dad is now without physical form.

  • thank for the post Tanaaz, after loosing my grandmother who was like a mother to me, it seems like it never gets easy to deal with the pain, it just feels like you get use to it and learn ways to cope, a part of me has gone with her and i know she is always watching over me.

    • yes, i am sure your grandmother is always with you 🙂