Sessions blend intuitive guidance, oracle cards, astrology and mindfulness to help gently guide you to your highest path

Intuitive Readings with Tanaaz

Tanaaz is an intuitive and also the creator of Forever Conscious. No matter what the problem, or what the struggle is, Tanaaz uses her abilities to motivate, empower and inspire you to move forward with clear guidance and a solution in hand. Every reading is tailored for the individual, and aims to leave you feeling understood, uplifted and confident in moving forward on your highest path.

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Intuitive Astrology

Oracle Cards

60 minute Skype or phone session using Oracle cards and mindfulness that offers you guidance on specific questions and on your life path.

Individually written PDF report that highlights the planetary and karmic energy around you and how you can use to tap into your true potential.

Tanaaz has blended her intuitive and clairvoyant skills, knowledge of astrology and tools of mindfulness to bring you a range of services that will help guide you to your highest path.

"I was given the tools to empower me"- Anna C.

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