Antibacterial Soaps Linked to Cancer

antibacterial;Chances are you have never turned around to read the ingredients in your hand soap. Well, run to the bathroom and if you read the words ‘triclosan’ or ‘triclocarbon’ throw it away.

The FDA has finally jumped on the band wagon and are looking to ban antibacterial ingredients such as triclosan which for the longest time has been associated with hormonal disorders, cancer, brain damage and creating antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Triclosan and triclocarbon has been banned in Europe for many years but in the US, it can be found in everything from hand soaps to toothpaste and shampoos. The FDA has now announced however, that these ingredients will no longer be allowed on the market unless there is scientific evidence that they are safe and effective.

“New data suggest that the risks associated with long-term, daily use of antibacterial soaps may outweigh the benefits,” said FDA lead microbiologist Colleen Rogers, Ph.D., in a recent statement. “There are indications that certain ingredients in these soaps may contribute to bacterial resistance to antibiotics, and may have unanticipated hormonal effects that are of concern to FDA.”

“Animal studies have shown that triclosan may alter the way hormones work in the body,” admits the FDA. “While data showing effects in animals don’t always predict effects in humans, these studies are of concern to FDA as well, and warrant further investigation to better understand how they might affect humans.”

There is a plethora of bacteria on our hands, some of this bacteria is harmful and some of it is necessary for our skin. By over using ‘anti-bacterial’ hand soaps, research has found that we may be doing more harm than good.

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