3 Crystals to use for Aries Season

aries season crystals

This article is written by Elina Allais, a Reiki and Crystal healing practitioner. She is also the creator of @CrystalPoems.

The bold and ambitious energies of Aries Season encourage us to take risks and head bravely into the unknown.

I have chosen three powerful crystals that will help boost your positive attitude, so you can make the most of the upcoming months.

Let these crystals inspire, empower, and guide you on your unique journey through the darkness and into the light.

Fire Opal

Fire Opal is the perfect crystal to amplify the passionate vibes of Aries Season. It will help you unlock your creativity and self-expression by lighting a spark in your soul. You will feel energized and motivated to take on any challenge.

Turn to this crystal if you’re waiting for some kind of change or a breakthrough to happen in your life, but are struggling with self-doubt or not feeling confident enough to step out of your comfort zone.

Speaking from my own personal experience, I can say that overcoming a deep-rooted fear is one of the greatest feelings ever. If you finally face your fear and step through it, you will feel like you’re on top of the world! You will feel a boost of self-confidence and inner strength that will carry you further than you ever imagined.

Fire Opal will encourage you to take a leap of faith and will also boost your energy levels, helping you to overcome fatigue and physical or mental exhaustion. It is a perfect match with the optimistic and energetic vibes of Aries Season.

Tree Agate

The white-green shades of this crystal conjure up an image of a snow-covered forest landscape, filling you with a tranquil and soothing feeling.

Tree Agate is a great crystal to work with during Aries Season, as we are all prone to getting a bit impatient and easily frustrated due to the fiery energies.

With its powerful earth connection, Tree Agate will guard us from making impulsive and hasty decisions and supports us in not losing our temper over trivialities.

Tree Agate is an incredibly rejuvenating crystal that helps you to relax and unwind from the stressful times and your daily grind. It has beautifully nurturing and deeply purifying energy, bringing you harmony and helping to ground yourself in the midst of chaos.

Turn to this crystal to activate the free flow of life force energy throughout your whole body. It will clear out any blockages and stuck energy and replace it with new energy and clarity, so that you can start over with a clean slate, feeling invigorated and hopeful of the brighter days ahead.


When the world around us seems to be in a state of panic and fear, the best we can do is to focus our energies on spreading love and harmony. Easier said than done, but it is definitely possible if we trust our Higher Self and surrender all our fears to our pure consciousness of love and light.

Working with a Celestite crystal helps you achieve a state of serenity and bliss by gently dissolving negative energies and attachments from your aura.

It is a high vibrational crystal that helps you connect with your Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides to bring you guidance, support, and encouragement when the times get tough and you are feeling helpless.

The heavenly vibes of this light blue crystal swiftly release anxiety and help to calm down an overactive mind. In a state of peaceful awareness, you will feel balanced and relaxed even in the middle of any fear you may be experiencing.

For our planet to heal, we need to heal and reconnect with our true nature. The more people that do that, the stronger the overall effect.

Your power has always been and will always be unconditional love. By focusing on thoughts and feelings of fear and doubt you invite low-vibrational energies into your life, so each time you have a thought born out of fear, try to refocus your mind on unity and loving-kindness instead.

Attuning to the universal love frequency is incredibly healing for your mind and body. It nurtures your soul and allows it to be the bright shining light that it is.

Remaining at the frequency of love is the strongest protection you could have in any season, and combined with these healing crystals, it will be your unlimited source of strength, power, and support.

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About the author

Elina Allais

I am a certified Reiki practitioner, and I have been actively involved in natural healing techniques and mindfulness training for the last six years. I am self-taught in the field of crystal healing, and since it has become my passion and an inextricable part of my lifestyle, I have a wide knowledge on crystals and gemstones and their usage in alternative healing therapies. In addition to writing empowering articles on self-healing, I'm also writing poems about crystals and their amazing healing properties. By now, my facebook page www.facebook.com/CrystalPoems/ has gathered a growing number of dedicated fans and followers. The main purpose of these poems is to inspire, encourage and uplift you and to provide you with valuable knowledge about crystals, gemstones and their powerful properties.