Fluoridated Water: A Toxic Scam Invented by the Nazi’s

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fluroideFluoride has long been believed to help strengthen our teeth and stop the formation of cavities however more and more research is proving this information to be false.

Fluoride has been added to our toothpastes and water supplies for years but now countries around the world like China, Europe, and Japan have begun banning fluoridated water due to it’s high toxicity levels.

The first time fluoride was added to water was during World War II when Hitler used to add it to the water supply in Nazi Concentration camps to keep the prisoners docile and easier to control.

Now, studies have shown that fluoride can interfere with the functions of the brain and can alter mental behaviour. Consumption has also been associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Fluoride can accumulate in the body through direct ingestion, showering and through the tissues in the mouth. While our kidneys can process out nearly 50 percent of ingested fluoride, the rest is stored in the bones and the pineal gland.

The pineal gland, which has long been believed to be our seat of consciousness or third eye, becomes calcified by fluoride and many conspiracy theorists believe that the government is trying to stop spiritual advancement and the expansion of conscious intelligence.

Despite the spiritual effects, calcification of the pineal gland also triggers early puberty and mental disorders.

In fact, 24 studies have revealed that fluoridated water lowers the IQ of children and consumption could cause fetal brain damage and impair visual-spatial awareness.

Another study found that when fluoride was given to animals it destroyed the male reproductive system. By ingesting low doses of fluoride, the male animals experience a reduced infertility, damaged sperm and low testosterone levels.

The same results were seen in human studies where men from areas supplying fluoridated water were found to have less testosterone and were more likely to be infertile.

The thyroid is also severely impacted by fluoride and can cause hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) which leads to depression, fatigue, weight gain, muscle and joint pains, increased cholesterol levels and heart disease.

Studies found that by ingesting just 2.3-4.5mg of fluoride per day, the thyroid could become severely depleted. The average fluoride consumption in the US is 1.6 to 6.6 mg per day.

In fact many years ago, fluoride was once prescribed as a treatment for those who had an over active thyroid or hyperthyroidism.

Despite what we have been told, fluoride also does little to help protect the health of your teeth.

New research has found that fluroapatite layer that is formed on the teeth is so thin, six nanometeres to be exact, that it offers absolutely no protection.

Furthermore, countries like Europe that don’t fluoridate their water have much healthier teeth than countries like the US.

For years we have been fed this misleading information and made to believe that fluoride can help prevent us from cavities and tooth decay.

The real reason for tooth decay is bacteria created by the consumption of sugar, particularly high fructose corn syrup. Stress or a highly acidic diet is also said to be a cause. This acidic bacteria then attacks your enamel and eventually makes it way into the dentine, causing tooth decay.

To avoid consuming fluoride here are some steps you can take:

– Buy fluoride free toothpaste
– Filter tap water
– Avoid fluoride treatments
– Stop eating processed foods
– Check that your bottle water is not fluoridated (European brands are generally ok)
– Avoid soda or restaurant drinks made with tap water- ie. iced tea
– Avoid non-stick cookware

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