Former Defense Minister Admits Aliens Exist

paul hellyerFormer Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer has stepped forward and confirmed that aliens exist and have been visiting earth for thousands of years.

We have all heard of UFO sightings, weird abduction stories and the many mysteries surrounding extraterrestrial life but a lack of  scientific evidence often chalks these experiences up to be nothing more than fiction.

Paul Hellyer, a former Defence Minister of Canada has stated however, that aliens do indeed exist and at least four different species have been spotted here on planet earth.

Of course, this information has been kept heavily under wraps until Hellyer started speaking about his experience with aliens back in 2005.

Hellyer, who served during the Cold War, stated that at least 80 different species of aliens exist and “some of them look just like us.” He claims that aliens have been visiting planet earth for thousands of years and incidences have increased since the development of atomic weapons.

“Since we invented the atomic bomb,  they are very concerned about that and the face that we might use it again,” stated Hellyer. “The Cosmos is a unity and it affects not just us but the other people in the Cosmos, they are very much afraid that we might be stupid enough to start using atomic weapons again, and this would be very bad for us and for them as well,”he continued.

When Hellyer was a minister he received plenty of sighting reports and while he admits that around 80 percent of them were false, there were a few reports that could not be ignored.

During the Cold War is when Hellyer began sighting hints of extraterrestrial life. He claims that over 50 UFO’s were spotted in the Earth’s atmosphere during the time and were tracked flying over the North Pole.

After this sighting, his team began investigating further and found alien species living on the moons of Saturn, Mars and Venus.

Hellyer also claims that a species of alien known as the “Tall Whites” have been working with the US Air Force in Nevada for some time and are able to pass for humans due to their similar appearance.

“They are able to get away with that, they had a couple of their ladies dressed as nuns go into Las Vegas to shop and they weren’t detected,” stated Hellyer of the “Tall White” aliens.

Another species of aliens are called “Short Grey’s” and have very slim arms and legs. According to Hellyer they are around five feet high and have large heads.

“Nordic Blondes” is another species of aliens and Hellyer claims if you ever saw one you might say, “I wonder if she is from Denmark or somewhere.”

While these claims of alien life definitely have skeptics rearing their heads, Hellyer insists that all of this is well known information that has been kept hidden from the general public.

So, that begs the question- If aliens are real, what do they want here on Earth?

According to Hellyer, most aliens are benign and “do not want to help us.” He claims that they “would like to work with us and teach us better ways but only with our consent.”

He also stated that they want to share technologies with us but only if we change our attitudes towards mother earth.

“They do not think we are good stewards of our planet,” continued Hellyer. However he also shared that aliens were responsible for the inventions of led lights, microchips and Kevlar vests.

While these claims are in deed interesting, when asked if he himself had seen an alien, Hellyer responded with the surprising answer of “No”.


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