Fostering Dreams Through Dance

A group of dancers and choreographers have teamed up to make a difference and create a social change for the world to see!  Here’s their story.

Melanie Buttarazzi, is a professional dancer and choreographer here in Los Angeles California. She is the creator of Fostering Dreams Through Dance, a dance program to inspire and empower foster youth to find their voice through the art of dance.

“I’ve done several outreach programs teaching dance to under privleged kids, and it moves and inspires me in so many ways I had to create something to give back and show people that these kids have a voice that needs to be expressed.” “We are making a documentary film of the entire process to show everyone around the world how the power of dance can really change someone’s life” says Buttarazzi

This is going to be groundbreaking as foster youth are not legally allowed to be on film without a court order approval, and the team at First Star have the approval to film the youth for this documentary!

“We are so excited to have this opportunity to put the youth on film to share their story through their eyes.” says Buttarazzi

Melanie and  team of world renowned choreographers are doing 30 days of dance and life transformation with a selected group of foster youth who are involved with the non-profit organization First Star, which is an arts/education program at UCLA for foster youth to transition into college.

Some of the industry’s leading choreographers who will be teaching and mentoring the youth are Sean Cheesman, Stacy Walker, Gustavo Vargas, Isabella Grosso, Robert ‘Chino’ Lopez, Aukai Cain, Jasmin Figuiera and Melanie Buttarazzi.

They will be documenting the youth’s life stories and explore the challenges they face being in the foster care system. We will follow  their journey before, during and after this dance program and see what new possiblilites the youth now see for their future and how this will empower their education.

Two remarkable dance studios have donated scholarships for the youth to continue their dance education at Athletic Garage and Independent Dance Company.

Fostering Dreams Though Dance needs your support to make this film happen and impact the lives of these kids forever.

Please support the Kickstarter campaign, any donation will make a huge  difference!



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