Intuitive Astrology: Mercury Retrograde 2019

mercury retrograde july 2019

Mercury begins its retrograde in the sign of Leo on July 7th and finishes in the sign of Cancer on August 1st, 2019.

Mercury will spend most of its time retrograde in Cancer, which will flavor the energy of what this Mercury Retrograde is set to bring.

In the cosmic skies, Mercury likes to stay close to the Sun. The Sun likes having Mercury by its side as it plays the role of messenger.

Mercury captures and writes down whatever the Sun needs or feels is important, and Mercury is the only one who is trusted with such an official role. But every so often, Mercury begins straying from the Sun’s side and dips out of view into the dark.

It does this not to be mischevious, but rather because it wants to make sure the Sun hasn’t missed any important information or messages along the way.

Mercury travels through the dark, through the land of dreams, and the subconscious to ensure that no important facts, insights or information has been left by the wayside.

The Sun without its messenger is a little lost for a while, which is why this period can be frustrating for the Sun. But, it knows that Mercury’s mission is important, and very soon it will emerge by its side once again with new insights, new information, and important facts that may have been forgotten or missed.

Of course, in this cosmic story, you are the Sun, and your own little messenger, Mercury is touring the subconscious realms of your mind to ensure that you have haven’t missed or skipped over any vital clues or information.

If you have, Mercury will bring these to your attention just before, during, and just after the retrograde period. Therefore if you notice any communication issues, delays, or things cropping up from your past, know that it is Mercury’s way of bringing you important messages and wisdom that you need to look at before you can move forward.

Mercury’s retrograde through Leo and then through Cancer will set the theme that we will all feel to varying degrees.

For the brief period of time that Mercury is in Leo, we will be reminded of the importance of needing to take ownership of our lives. Mercury will help us to do this by bringing things to our attention that we need to own up to or take responsibility for.

As Mercury travels into Cancer, we are going to be reminded that before we can really step up and take ownership of our lives, we have to first settle things “at home”.

Settling things at home is about settling into yourself, into your body, mind, and soul. It is about feeling at home inside of yourself no matter what is going on around you or through you.

Before we can own and take responsibility for our lives and become the leader we were destined to be, we first have to be comfortable within ourselves.

In order to let our hair down and be the freest, most authentic version of who we are, we first have to love ourselves, and all of this is going to be a major theme under this retrograde energy.

Mercury Retrograde is something everyone likes to blame things on, but really, it is a time where we are forced to deal with the things that we overlooked and the important facts that we failed to observe the first time.

It is our opportunity to play catch up and to revisit things so we can be certain they are what we want before moving forward.

As July’s Mercury Retrograde falls just a few days after the Solar Eclipse, it really is nice timing, as whatever the Eclipse stirs or brings our way, we will have time to digest, reflect, and ponder things for a while.

Eclipses bring change, whereas Mercury Retrograde wants us to pause before making a change, and this will be a welcomed pause which we can all use to ensure we are stepping forward into a more authentic future, rather than one that is old, overdone, and not for our highest growth.

July’s Mercury Retrograde makes it five planets in retrograde throughout the month, which seems like a sign from the Universe that all of us need to spend some time reflecting and revisiting things before moving ahead.

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