Is Wi-Fi Killing You Or Just your Plants?

wifi kills plantsBeing able to connect your devices to the internet through a Wi-Fi connection has become a necessity to modern life however, more and more studies are citing the negative impact these signals have on our health.

Wi-Fi exposure have been attributed to headaches, reduced sperm count and oxidative stress and now, five female students from Denmark have been turning heads with their experiment on the dangers of wi-fi radiation on plant life.

The experiment began as the students realized they had difficulty concentrating in school if they slept near their phones the previous night. The students then decided to test the effects of wi-fi radiation on plants.

Six trays of Garden Cress or Lepidium Sativum seeds were placed in a room without radiation and six trays were placed in a room next to two wi-fi routers. The girls calculated that the two wi-fi routers gave the same radiation levels as a cell phone.

For 12 days, the girls observed, measured, weighed and photographed the results of their seedlings.

They found that the seeds placed near the routers either hadn’t grown or were completely dead, while the seeds in the room with no routers were thriving.

A neuroscience professor at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden has reportedly contacted the girls and wishes to recreate their experiment in a controlled environment.

Today, we are exposed to much more radiation than we were even 10 years ago and as more and more wireless gadgets make their way on to the market, our exposure to radiation is only set to grow.

Because wi-fi and cellular signals are relatively new there have been few studies conducted on the long term effects of wireless technology.


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