Subway: I’ll have a footlong, extra chemicals please!

subway chemicals

Subway has been under some harsh heat lately. No, it’s not those toasters that burn your precious whole grain bread, it’s what’s in that bread that is causing quite the stir.

Subway ads are telling you to “eat fresh” at one of their various restaurants. But when you take a closer look at what is really inside that sub, you may realize that it’s made mostly of chemicals.

The 9 grain wheat bread is made up of 50 chemicals alone, including refined sugar, dough conditioner, hidden MSG, and the big one..azodicarbonamid- a chemical ingredient that has been banned in the U.K, Europe, and Australia. Oh, and if you get caught using it in Singapore? You can get up to 15 years in prison and a $45,000.00 fine! Singapore may be a strict country but maybe they are right on the money about this food law.

Scientists in the U.K have also found out that the chemical in the dough to keep it’s “elasticity” is inducing asthma and causing food allergies to flair up. Something that sensitive food allergy people should keep in mind the next time they think they are eating healthy.

Oh, and speaking of eating healthy: The American Heart Association has put it’s stamp of approval on Subway’s restaurant menu items. Obviously the meatball marinara and philly cheesesteak aren’t healthy, but you’d think a turkey sub would be a healthy alternative, right? Nope, the turkey alone is filled with preservatives and GMO’s to keep it “fresh” while delivering in bulk from big food companies. So it seems like Subway isn’t the only guilty party feeding lies.

The World Cancer Research Foundation has concluded that “ingesting processed meat is too dangerous for human consumption.” Their studies show that it only takes 1.8 ounces (about as much as a 6 inch sub) of processed meat daily to increase cancer by 50%, heart disease by 42%, and diabetes by 19%. So if you’re a gambling man, feel free to pick up a sub sandwich tonight on your way home from work.

After a quick trip to Trader Joe’s I found out that you can make a REAL fresh sandwich for about a third of the price, and it won’t hurt your stomach while you digest it.

Look, I am not trying to bring down Subway. I actually just had a footlong last week before knowing all of this information. But I feel like more people should know what the are ingesting, especially if they are being told that it’s healthy.

I for one will never eat at a Subway again, and I hope that something changes with their chains or more people are made aware of the truth.

Does this come as a shock to you? Will you ever eat at a Subway again? What are alternatives or healthy sandwiches that you’ve made? Share in the comment section below and we can get the word out!

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