The Great Cholesterol Myth

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heartThe American College of Cardiology (ACC) and The American Heart Association (AHA) have released new guidelines for heart disease which will see more than 7 million people prescribed statin or cholesterol lowering medication.

Rather than deal with the root of the problem, which is diet, lifestyle and exercise, the new guidelines set by the ACC and AHA involve a computer algorithm that will determine your likelihood of developing heart disease and what dosage of statin medication you should take.

The program has come under scrutiny by even doctors who claim that the calculator is over compensating and is unnecessarily prescribing people anti-cholesterol drugs.

Behind the scenes however, the pharmaceutical companies are trying to push their revenues up by nearly $21 billion by (you guessed it!) encouraging more and more people to feed into the great cholesterol myth.

Believe it or not, cholesterol itself is actually not a problem and nor does it cause heart disease.

Our cells need cholesterol to function.

Cholesterol became labeled as the bad guy after a study showed that it was linked to heart disease. This study got taken way out of control and suddenly, high cholesterol was labeled the leading cause of heart disease.

So in an effort to help save lives, the medical world began prescribing statin drugs to help lower cholesterol levels and thereby reduce heart disease.

But guess what? A side effect of taking statins is in fact- heart disease!!! Go figure!

Also, dig a little deeper and you will find that the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology, while non profit organizations, are all supported by, you guessed it, the drug companies.

More and more research is showing that heart disease is caused by oxidative stress, inflammation, sugar and a lack of exercise.

Popping a pill made by the fat-cat drug companies is only going to mask the symptoms and is only going to keep you well enough to the point where you have to keep buying their product.

If drug companies really cared they would help CURE you, not mask the symptoms so you had to keep purchasing their product again and again.

They would also not come out with heinous plans to push healthy people onto their drugs based on a computer devised algorithm- I mean really, we are people not text book cases!

If you want to lower your cholesterol try omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil, a high fiber diet rich in fruits and vegetables, cutting back on wheat, restricting sugar, avoiding all processed foods, choosing organic and exercising. This is the only true way to CURE your cholesterol troubles and reduce heart disease.

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