The Opening of the 888 Lionsgate Portal

lionsgate portal

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We have all been receiving huge planetary downloads in recent months and the biggest is yet to come with the opening of the Stargate or Lionsgate portal today, August 8th, 2015.

Since the July 31st Blue Moon, we have all been feeling huge shifts in energy. Things in our lives may have shifted and we may be feeling unsure or uncertain of what’s ahead.

All of these changes are really going to culminate in September 2015, however for now, we are all being asked to activate our consciousness due to the opening of the Lionsgate portal.

Lionsgate opens every year on the August 8th, when the Sun is in Leo and is marked by the star Sirius rising and aligning with the Pyramids in Giza.

Although this happens every year, 2015 is particularly special due to the numerology of 888– on the 8th day of the 8th month in a year that adds up to 8 we are sure to see some huge energetic shifts and changes.

Sirius’ energy is all about awakening to new frequencies, energetic potentials, and a higher consciousness at an accelerated rate.

When Sirius rises, it bathes planet Earth with power, potential, and a new stream of consciousness, allowing us to activate our third eye chakra and tap into the limitless energy of our being.

During this time we are all going to be reminded that we are connected to the Universe and that we hold an innate wisdom and power to create our own reality through our thoughts and perceptions.

We may also feel a deeper sense of connectedness to the Universe and that we are not the only intelligent beings in this cosmic world.

The ability to cross other dimensions and astral travel will also be strong at this time, as many believe that the activation of Lionsgate can blur the lines across different dimensions and frequencies.

The appearance of extraterrestrial activity may also be higher than usual and those who are sensitive to spirit energies may encounter strange experiences or even stranger beings.

Those who identify as being Starseeds will also be feeling this energy strongly and are likely to receive information or downloads about their purpose.

Starseeds are those who feel they come from a different planet or that they don’t really belong. Most of them report having the same reoccurring dream about being sent to Earth by extraterrestrial life for a specific mission.

Essentially, Starseeds are evolved beings who are here to assist the planet in raising consciousness. Those who resonate with this are likely to fulfill part of their journey or purpose through the opening of the Lionsgate portal.

Because of the energetic weather from other planets in our solar system, the theme of this year’s Lionsgate is: Relationships, Mother Earth, and Breaking Boundaries.


Lionsgate is really going to activate the three key relationships that we all encounter- the relationship with the self, the relationship with the other, and the relationship with the Universe.

Awakening signs and symptoms are likely to be higher than usual and many may be questioning their purpose or meaning in life. Mediating on these areas would be highly beneficial right now due to the strong intuitive energy from Sirius.

When it comes to the relationship with others, Lionsgate is really going to be asking us to be firm in our intentions and to look past the ego. We are going to be challenged by this energy to find that place of unconditional love and understanding and to have the courage to move on and let go, or step deeper into the work.

As far as the relationship with the Universe, we are all going to be feeling this one and perhaps we may even receive a glimpse of just how powerful our thoughts and intentions really are. This is the perfect time to manifest events and opportunities for the highest good.

Mother Earth

New ideas and discoveries around technology, electricity, gravity, and other ‘laws’ of the Universe are often dispelled or advanced around this time and there may also be an emphasis on alternative energy sources.

The consciousness surrounding the state of the planet has been rising as more and more people talk about global warming and other types of renewable energy.

The use of traditional fuel methods that harm the planet, such as coal and oil will lose popularity at this time and more and more people will demand better solutions.

We are all energy, and there is an infinite energy source all around us. The more people who become aware of this, the more likely things are to change.

Breaking Boundaries

Perhaps this could be better termed – unraveling the constraints of society.

Societal rules and boundaries will definitely be challenged at this time and there will be a new wave of consciousness surrounding why it is that we do certain things and government structures.

Often we can move through life with blinders on, just acting because well, everyone else is doing it.

That is all slowly changing and people are now realizing that they don’t have to conform to societal boundaries or believe everything they hear on the news or from corrupt governments.

More and more transparency to what is really going on will emerge and people are going to start laying their own rules and boundaries, rather than following in everyone else’s footsteps.

It is currently a powerful time in the Universe making it the perfect time to go within and truly understand all that you are- You are a limitless being, an infinite soul that is here on Earth to grow and evolve in order to expand.


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