The Truth Behind Big Name Dog Food

dinner for dogsLast week we welcomed a precious new puppy into our lives. His name is Westley, and he is something quite special. When it was time to prepare the house for a new puppy (potty pads, toys, crate, etc) my big quest was:

What type of food should I be giving him?

We wanted to give our puppy the safest food possible. And why wouldn’t we? He is now part of our family, so which glamorous dog food brand should I trust the most? After doing some research I realized that I was in for a crude reality check..

The pet food industry is a multi-billion dollar business. Commercial dog food manufacturers spend an enormous amounts of money each year on advertising and marketing just like our food. We are bombarded with heart warming commercials, cute ads, and “best dog food” claims.

The real truth is that the average person has no idea what is really in the food they are giving their dog.

Big name dog food companies try to fool people in saying that they have “healthy and natural food!” What the big name dog food advertisements should be saying is “full of preservatives and chemical fillers!”

Some fillers you should watch out for are: cereal-by product, cottonseed hulls, crushed peanut shells, straw crushed corncob, weeds, and even feathers! These fillers are incredibly tough on the dog’s digestive system and can hurt your loved pup fatally down the road.

Another red flag of an ingredient is anything labeled as “meat meal” or “bone meal” because this can basically be the flesh of any animal. Disturbingly, dog food companies use flesh from zoo animals, road kill, and even euthanized dogs and cats!

The big bad brand companies from worst to (somewhat) better that topped my list  are: Abady, Alpo, Beneful, Bill Jac, Diamond Dog food, Good Life Recipe, Iams, Kasco, Kibbles n’ Bits, Ol’ Roy, Pedigree, Purina, Science Diet, and Tuffy’s. 

Now don’t fret too much, your loved four legged friend can still ingest some real, honest, and healthy food. Some great brands that I found out are: Acanam, Dog Whisperer, Activae (this is the brand we ended up with), Dick Van Patten, GO Natural, Holistic Blend, Honest Kitchen, NOW, Organix, Nature’s Variety, Solid Gold, and Timberwolf to just name a few.

The best thing that came out of my research is the fact that there are actually more organic, all natural brands out now then there are chemical brands. Now, if only this were true with human food…

What are some experiences with your animal’s food? Do you feed them organic meals? What’s your animals name? Let me know if the comment section below and we can swap puppy pictures!

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