The Truth Behind Juice Detox

The past year or so it seems like everyone has been raving about the latest juice cleanse- or maybe,it’s because I live in LA. But why shouldn’t they be enjoying it?

About half the people I know who’ve recommended it to me have done it to lose weight. The other half does it in order to detox their colon and liver. It’ll help you remove toxins and improve your blood, among other things.

Before deciding to jump on the bandwagon, there are some crucial key points you should really consider.

It’s important to first prepare how your body will be handling 7 straight days  digesting less than 1,000 calories, as well as not consuming any protein or fat during the detox.

The first thing you must consider  is how your body will react to all the sugar. When you start drinking juice, your brain’s cravings for food are healed by consuming fruit and the tons of sugar from them. Even if it’s a vegetable juice, the sugar levels are pretty high.

What happens is the sugar signals the pancreas to squirt out insulin, which transfers the sugar into the body’s cells.

Soon after drinking that first glass to start the detox, the cells draw up the glucose, which will more than likely make you feel fatigue or dizzy from the sugar level dropping.

At the same time, your body is suffering from not digesting enough calories and starts to rely on glycogen, a short term energy in your liver and muscles.

After the first couple of days, the body will begin to increase insulin levels, and then plummet. The glycogen is no longer a helpful stable, making your body feel very weak.

Let’s not forget the body is consuming half the amount of calories needed in the daily intake. Therefore, the body relies on 2 sources for power: triglycerides (derived from fatty acids), and protein that is taken from your muscles. Especially if you’re hitting the gym while doing this, you’ll be losing your muscle mass.

You will also start semi-starving and your body will be confused. When the body is in this mode it produces ketones, which helps to breakdown fat. From this, the brain experiences frustration and is unable to focus because the brain only relies on glucose for energy.

From the reducing of your muscles, the proteins break into amino acids and uric acids. These invade the bloodstream, and get the kidneys to start detoxing your detox.

So, when you’re finally finished after your “glorious” week long detox, your body is in extreme shock and if you are not ‘cleansing’ the toxins from your digestive system, you could end up with more toxic waste than you had to begin with.

Juicing is a great thing. But one must ask, is it worth doing it without eating few or no solid foods for a whole week? Many people have different reactions about this, so it’s your own personal decision. Just make sure to be prepared!

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Jade Mason