Two Headed Whale- A result of Fukushima?

A two headed whale has washed ashore at the Ojo de Liebre Lagoon in Mexico which opens to the Pacific Ocean and speculation has begun on whether or not the Fukushima disaster is responsible.

There has been a lot of speculation whether the Pacific Ocean, stretching from Japan to the west coast of North and South America has been tainted with radiation.

Scientists are calling the discovery of the siamese gray whale “exceptionally rare” as the 13 foot whale, which was already dead, washed up on to the Baja California peninsula.

The whales were joined at the waist and had two heads and two fins.

So, was Fukushima responsible?

Reports have been cropping up all over the internet revealing an increase in radiation levels. One video of a man holding a radiation detector as he walked through a beach near San Francisco showed radiation levels of up to 150 counter per minute which is five times higher than normal.

The author of the video, who remains anonymous, claims that he has been taking radiation levels in the area for the last two years and that the sudden increase is due to the Fukushima nuclear breakdown in Japan.

Local health officials in California have also reportedly conducted a radiation study and while they did find “higher than typical” radiation levels, they do stress that there are no public health concerns.

“Recent tests show that elevated levels of radiation at Half Moon Bay are due to naturally occurring materials and not radioactivity associated with the Fukushima incident… There is no public health risk at California beaches due to radioactivity related to events at Fukushima,” said Wendy Hopkins, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Public Health.

Despite these statements, many are concerned about potential radioactive damage.

Spread of radiation from Japan

Spread of radiation from Japan


Reports are coming in from Japan that there has been an increase in thyroid disorders in children and that four out of five Fukushima evacuees have also developed thyroid conditions.

In order to protect yourself from radiation, it is recommended to supplement with iodine and a good quality vitamin C. Avoiding seafood from the Pacific Ocean is also recommended.


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