Intuitive Astrology: Saturn and the Galactic Center

saturn galactic center

Astrologers have long believed that the center of our galaxy sits at roughly 27 degrees Sagittarius.

When planets move across this point in our Solar System, their energy becomes extremely potent and strong.

In fact, it is almost like a planet hovering at the Galactic Center of the solar system is given an energy boost or an upgrade, which in turn helps to boost our consciousness or understanding of that planetary energy.

This is because in the Galactic Center there is believed to be a huge black hole that contains the mass of about four million of our Suns. Because of its power, this black hole is believed to radiate at many frequency levels, some that are familiar to us and some that are “out of this world”.

While all planets will travel over the Galactic Center, there are certain planets that carry more weight than others. These planets include Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto.

Whenever one of these planets cross over the Galactic Center they often stay there for sometime because they move so slowly.

During this time, these planets receive huge downloads as they cross over the Galactic Center, almost like a software system update.

This “update” helps to send new frequencies or energies to Earth to help advance consciousness, trigger new inspiration and activate spiritual awakenings.

It is almost like a planet crossing over this point in our Universe helps to activate and awaken us to a new frequency.

This energy is so strong and potent that it can also affect us on a global level and often profound shifts occur.

It is also interesting to note that people born with significant planets over the Galactic Center tend to feel like they are not from this world, or they resonate with being a Starseed.

We have not had a significant planet cross over the Galactic Center in nearly 10 years, but in 2017 the planet Saturn has finally arrived at this significant point in the sky.

Saturn has been hovering over the Galactic Center since March 2017 and will stay there until December 2017.

Saturn crosses the Galactic Center roughly every 29 years, so the last time we experienced this type of energy upgrade was back in 1988.

Saturn is ruled by the element of Earth and Air and is known as the planet of responsibility, authority and discipline.

Saturn energy can be harsh, but really it is there to teach us how to be stronger, more organized and more motivated.

As Saturn crosses the Galactic Center, there will be a desire to feel more connected with Mother Earth and more rooted in who we truly are.

Because Saturn is also about responsibility, we are going to be guided to start taking ownership for how we are contributing to the creation of the planet.

We don’t just create through our actions but also our thoughts and feelings. Together our collective vibrations create the world around us and we are all working together as a team. There cannot be true peace on Earth until there is peace in the hearts of everyone around us.

Saturn over the Galactic Center is asking us to take responsibility for ourselves and to be aware that our energy, thoughts, feelings and actions are all responsible for creating the world that we live in.

Instead of blaming others, governments or corrupt systems, we should be focusing on our own energy and what we can do on an individual level to take responsibility for the world that we are creating.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t inspire change and action through collective efforts, but perhaps Saturn over the Galactic Center is there to show us that taking personal responsibility is the first step.

As Saturn dances over the Galactic Center it will continue to reveal more lessons, more energy frequencies and more energetic downloads.

All of these will help to activate different parts of our subconscious mind and trigger us to make empowered changes.

When any significant planet crosses over the Galactic Center, the effects can be extremely profound and can help us to make permanent shifts.

We may not be able to fully understand the energy that Saturn is going to collect and deliver to us just yet, but here are the most significant dates for this energy in 2017-

  • March 7- Saturn arrives at the Galactic Center
  • April 19- Saturn retrogrades over Galactic Center
  • June 9- Full Moon within a few degrees of Galactic Center
  • December 18- New Moon within one degree of Galactic Center

If you are curious how this energy is effecting you, take note of what occurs or how you are feeling around these days, as this may be able to give you more personalised guidance.

We are not really going to know Saturn’s full message until it is done dancing over the Galactic Center, but these are definitely interesting times!

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  • Victorya Bliss

    27° is prominent in my chart .. with my ascendant at 27° gemini, and my Pluto 27° virgo… where can I find more info relating to this degree …

    • that is a good question! there was not a lot out there….but i think the galactic center energy only is relevant if the planets are at 27 Sagittarius. 27 from a numerology standpoint breaks down to 9 and 9 is the number of endings….maybe your soul here is here to bring completion to something?? for more info maybe research decans/critical degrees/anaretic degrees 🙂

    • Artur Koroch

      when you have strong connection to the Galactic Center in your chart it is often so that you have a complete overview over all dimensions and timelines …often it is as if you were sitting in the center of a big black whole and all the structures and elements in your life disappear and are build up in a new way …

    • Michele Clarkin

      Your Descendant would be at 27° Sag: Significant! Also, Pluto at or near the base of your chart □ your Asc&Desc forms a mutable T-Square: Significant too. Transit Saturn sitting on your 7th house opposite your Asc & □ Pluto: Very Significant Lessons thru Dec 18th! I’d suggest the books “Planets in Transit” by Robert Hand & “Astrology, A Cosmic Science” by Isabel M Hickey~
      Both INVALUABLE textbooks!

  • Nicole Cerna

    “As Saturn crosses the Galactic Center, there will be a desire to feel more connected with Mother Earth and more rooted in who we truly are. Because Saturn is also about responsibility, we are going to be guided to start taking ownership for how we are contributing to the creation of the planet.” WOW…this is EXACTLY what is happening in my life right now. For a while, I have felt a gradual and intensifying need to be outside, live outside, eat more raw, and all of that Earthy goodness. I have become interested in learning about permaculture and sustainability, I would love to figure out how to plant herbs and food, and I am much more mindful of my consumption and waste. I have been wondering for a while now why I’ve been feeling so strongly about this….thank you Tanaaz, I am so grateful for your continuous help in understanding myself.

    • you are so welcome! glad it helped!

  • Crystal

    Hi, just started learning about the galactic center and my husband’s sun is at 26 degrees sagittarius, any thoughts on meaning? Thanks Tanaaz!

    • many people who have planets over the galactic center usually resonate with being a starseed. check this article out, plus there are some interesting comments below too with more insights!