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2021 is a number 5 year in numerology. Number 5 represents creativity, adventure, and finding new ways to do things. It holds an inspired, innovative vibration that will guide us to find our freedom.

A number 5 year is also a year for decision making. We have reached the halfway point in the numerology cycle of 0-9, and it is as this stage that we may start feeling a greater sense of clarity and understanding of which direction we would like to head in.

The number 5 also represents the 5 elements- earth, air, fire, water, and ether. Ether is the element that brings all the other elements together. It represents the subtle energetic essence of all things or the etheric field that surrounds everything and everyone.

In sanskrit, ether is Akasha and is linked to the Akashic records. The Akashic records are considered a log of every vibration, word, thought, or action that takes place in our Universe.

All that happens in the ethers whether subtle or bold is recorded in the “Akashic Records” and creates the fabric of the reality that we all live in. We are all co-creators, and each of us is contributing to this world that we live in through our own personal akasha.

As a number 5 year, 2021 reminds us of our creative potential. It reminds us that by connecting with our own etheric field and aligning our thoughts, words, and actions, we can tap into our potential to consciously create, not just for ourselves, but for the entire Universe.

Accessing our own Akashic records may also be something to explore this year, and can remind us why our soul came to this body, space, and time. You can read more on the Akashic records here.

Even though we are all experiencing the vibration of number 5, we each have our own personal year number for 2021 as well.

This can be calculated using the formula below:

Discover Your Personal Year Number for 2021:

  1. Add your birth date, birth month, and the number 5 together
  2. Reduce the digits by adding them together until you have a single number between 1-9.

Example for birthday of December 29:

12 +29 +5

(birth month + birth date + 5)

= 46

Reduce down to a single-digit number by adding the digits together (you may have to do this more than once)

4+6= 10

Keep reducing down to a single digit

1+0= 1

1 is the Personal Year Number for 2021

Meaning of your Personal Year Number for 2021

Personal Year #1 

2021 is the start of a new chapter for you and is destined to bring plenty of new beginnings into your life. You will be required to start fresh this year in some way, whether it be a new attitude, moving to a new location, expanding your family, or perhaps starting a new job or relationship. This is a year to bring fresh inspiration and your spark of independence to everything you do. The canvas is blank and you are free to paint it in whatever colors call to you! Know that you are a powerful co-creator and you have the potential to use this fresh new energy to reset and to align your life in a new direction. You may be called to take some leaps of faith in the process and to really master a new level of innovation. If doors have closed on you recently, know that this year, new windows and doorways will open. The time has come to look forward, not back.

Personal Year #2

This is a year for you to keep building and climbing. Last year may have brought many new beginnings or changes, and now you are being asked to keep working to nurture and grow all you have planted. As you tend to the garden you have so carefully sown, you may find that 2021 brings mentors, friends, teachers, or even a partner your way to help your garden grow! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You are going to need support this year to achieve your goals and to go that extra mile, so stay open as you never know who you will meet or what wisdom they may impart. Learning to create trustworthy and solid partnerships is also going to be a theme for you this year, so if you have been closed off or heavily guarding your heart, you may find no room for these walls in 2021.

Personal Year #3

This is a year for you to speak your truth and work on strengthening your voice. You have wisdom to share; you have a story to tell, and this is the year for you to think about ways you can offer it to the world. If you have ever wanted to write, speak, or share your wisdom in some way, 2021 is likely to bring you some opportunities. Put yourself out there and know that your voice is key. This is also a good year to start thinking about creating a sense of community for yourself. Even though your social life may have changed a lot last year, see if you can find new ways to foster a sense of community and connection with those around you. Perhaps be on the lookout for groups, clubs, online collectives, or even volunteering opportunities that you can be a part of. Feeling part of a greater whole can bring a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment for you in 2021.

Personal Year #4 

This is a year to get disciplined and organized. You will do well when you ground your energy and focus on staying rooted in the present situation. Creating structure and order will also be important for you this year, so if you don’t already, consider investing in a diary or keeping a schedule above your desk. Try to create a routine that feels inspiring and is easy enough for you to stick with. Along with creating some structure and stability in your everyday life, you are also being guided to work on your inner feelings of stability and security. Feeling secure and confident in yourself is like a superpower! And it is something you will get the opportunity to work on this year. If you find yourself feeling overly insecure or vulnerable at any point this year, bring yourself back to the present and try to ground your energy. See if you can create an action-plan or perhaps put some methodical steps or thinking processes into place. If you imagine the square- a four-sided shape, it is solid, practical, balanced, and grounded- that is what you are aiming for in 2021!

Personal Year #5

Having a personal year number of 5 in a number 5 year indicates harmony and flow! This year brings some adventure, excitement, and the opportunity to plant some seeds of intention. This is your time to really go after what you want, just make sure that what you want and what you are pursuing is in alignment with your true self and your higher calling. If you have been feeling stuck or want to connect deeper with your purpose, 2021 may bring some inspiration that helps you to do just that. You may have to make some big decisions this year, and there is a chance you will be called to shake-off all that keeps you feeling stuck, but trust that your heart knows the way. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and to take some leaps of faith if they cross your path this year. This is considered a lucky and prosperous year for you, and a time where you can find a greater sense of personal freedom. Remember, you are already aligned with the vibration of this year so trust the process and enjoy the ride!

Personal Year #6 

2021 is a year of radical self-acceptance and clearing any wounds you may be holding around this area. Along with your self-acceptance journey, 2021 may also bring the opportunity to soften any heartaches and release any pent up emotions that have felt heavy or burdensome. There is this sense that whatever heavy weight you have been carrying can finally be released and let go of. This year, it will be important for you to pay attention to your overall health and any nagging symptoms that your body may be sending your way. Slow down, tune in, and follow through if something doesn’t feel right. You may also have to pay attention to your diet or create a new healthy exercise routine. Also, be mindful of pushing yourself too hard in order to please others or to fulfill unrealistic expectations. Understand that you are perfect and enough just as you are. We all have flaws, we all have traumas, and while it’s great to work with them and dive deeper into understanding them, at some point we also just have to love, acknowledge, and cherish exactly who we are, wounds and all.

Personal Year #7

“Everyone you meet is just a mirror” will be your 2021 mantra. More than ever, you are going to realize that everyone you encounter on your life journey is simply a mirror, and reflecting back whatever is going on inside of you. What you see in others exists in you, and in many different ways throughout the year you are going to discover this truth. This is not to say you are responsible for the actions or behaviors of others, but every person that crosses your path has something to teach or show you. If someone challenging crosses your path this year, as hard as it may be, see if you can create space to see this person as a teacher, shining a spotlight on something inside of you that deserves to be looked at. 2021 is also a year of great spiritual development for you, however it seems that a lot of your lessons will be learned through exchanges and experiences with others. Partnerships may also be highlighted for you in both business and in your personal life. You may find yourself teaming up with someone that helps push you further in your career, or making a deeper commitment to someone you love.

Personal Year #8 

2021 brings many opportunities to transform and awaken. Think of the caterpillar turning into the butterfly, as this is the journey you will walk when 8 is your personal year number. You may find you have to let go of things or you may find things around you crumble in some way, only to be reborn into something bigger and better. While transformation can be painful it brings huge rewards that always seem to be worth the journey. Along with this incredible transformative energy, you also have much luck when it comes to your finances. This is a great year for you to think about ways to maximize your wealth and to tune into the energy of abundance. Abundance surrounds you now and if you get smart with your money and learn to create a healthy relationship with it, you are likely to see huge rewards. This energy of abundance will also be helping you to tap into the power of gratitude. Feeling grateful for the many blessings in your life will help guide you through the year.

Personal Year #9 

This is a big year of completion for you. You are wrapping up a cycle and getting ready to enter into the new, but before you can start this new beginning, you have to first celebrate your journey and just how far you have come. The last 9 years of your life have been challenging, but now things are going to settle and you are going to feel stronger as you move through this last chapter. Like in many books and movies, the last chapter is also a happy one where the main character finally receives its rewards and finally gets whatever lessons life has been throwing their way. This is your year for a happy ending and to triumph against all the hurdles and obstacles life has bought your way. You are reaching the top of your mountain, and the view is stunning! Enjoy this year of culmination and completion, you deserve whatever rewards find you this year.

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