13 Traits of an Awakening Soul

awakening signs

Many people all over the world are experiencing a shift in consciousness. We’re experiencing a spiritual revolution and people are waking up. These points will help you recognise whether you have an awakened soul and will encourage you to maintain awareness in particular situations.

Overwhelmed by public spaces – you are sensitive to energy and can pick up general good or bad vibes from a crowd. You feel a desire to avoid negative energy and may choose to retreat to the comfort of your own company. It is only after this quiet time of contemplation and solitude that you are ready to take on masses of people in pubic spaces again. You possess a high level of empathy but need to learn to recognize that these emotions are not your own and belong to others.

Intuitive awareness – you are in tune with your feelings and ‘just know’ certain things. After being in the presence of a more conscious individual or meditating, you experience valuable insights from a higher level of consciousness. You trust your gut and think with your heart moreso than your head.

Distance from mainstream media – you lack interest in newspapers and television and Hollywood films, for their programming reflects the commodification of people and advocates violence. It numbs our natural empathetic reaction to someone suffering and decreases our intelligence.

Lying is next to impossible – you can see through someone that’s lying almost immediately with your intuition and can sense when something is a little off. You are observant and can read people like an open book, tuning in to hidden emotions that they may not be expressing.

Absorb other people’s emotions – this is done through the solar plexus and sometimes it is so powerful that it creates digestive problems for you. If this is the case, learning to become more grounded by walking barefoot, for example, can help re-establish your emotional centre.

Compassion – you are a very compassionate person with a kind, loving heart. You always have an ear to lend a friend in need and sometimes complete strangers are drawn to you with their problems. You also have the tendency of rooting for the underdog.

Healing powers – you may be interested in fields of natural healing, including yoga, massage, reiki and acupuncture. You prefer these holistic treatments to mainstream or traditional forms of healing.

Creative – you have no problem allowing your creative juices to flow freely. Often using your imagination, singing, dancing, writing and painting are also thoroughly enjoyed creative interests.

Solitude – you enjoy your own company and can entertain yourself easily.

Highly value pursuing joy – you strongly believing in pursing whatever makes you happy. If you aren’t enjoying something, you’ll find something else to do. You believe life is short and everyday is a blessing – make it an expression of joy.

Time – you struggle to keep track of time and find yourself often caught up in your own imagination.

Ego – you can sniff an ego from a mile away. You will not hang out with people that are egotistical, rude and insensitive.

Vegetarian – you may choose not to consume meat, for the reason that if an animal was slaughtered inhumanely, it will possess negative energy that will be transferred to you upon consumption.

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Kim Logan

  • Fantastic!

  • And all this time, I just assumed I was weird…and there are no shortage of people to agree with me. I particularly struggle with television, consumerism and violence, and am frequently lambasted for my sensitivity. I often fear I am becoming far too comfortable with my own company – but the truth is I rarely feel lonely, and am never bored. There’s always something creative to pursue, particularly my writing – but lots of other DIY, art and crafts that I’m happy to pursue on my own. And I simply MUST touch the earth…bare feet, bare hands; it’s my idea of getting down and dirty and is so healing. I relate to all the other points as well, and had to smile when I read ‘lying is next to impossible’, lol. I’ve told my children and grandchildren – don’t bother lying. Not only will I know straight away but it will be revealed to me anyway, without my having to try. This has always been the case. As for absorbing others’ energy and avoiding public places – yes…me, to a tee. I’ve learned, now that I’m in my fifties, not to take this energy on – to be compassionate without letting it exhaust me. It’s a matter of survival – I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as it is!

    Thank you for this very enlightening article. It kind of makes me feel like I’ve found a spiritual home here. I also resonated with the earth angel article – all 21 signs, plus not aligning with a particular religion, apply to me to the very last detail. My daughters are shaping up exactly the same way, so I feel they are my soulmates. Again…thank you for this valuable site and all the wonderful articles. It’s a blessing in my life.

    • Pam paul

      Wow I know the feeling I thought I was deluded and everyone else thinks I’m losing my marbles only if they knew, I find not many that understand me as they haven’t experienced it, they think hardship is punishment from God only if they knew the true treasures in life and what they really mean. I’m happy over the moon all I need are the words from a living master, I have found him but have to wait a year for the words. God bless the world

  • Chazzy

    So accurate, especially the part about being able to read people…I can do that to a T. Vegetariansim too, just converted and 2 months in, the experience is mind blowing to the point that I don’t even miss meat at all.

  • Ahmed Bigboi

    may the universe bless the person and every other individual who contributed to the gathering of this useful vital information. may peace be upon you all and every other soul