Black Moon Ritual for Clearing and Manifesting September 2016

black moon ritual

The New Moon falls in the sign of Libra on September 30th (Black Moon) or October 1st, 2016 depending where in the world you live.

Even though only part of the world is going to experience a Black Moon, the energy of this time is still very powerful and strong.

In fact, this Moon is going to be extremely positive and will help you to awaken to your fullest potential. Something new is likely to be birthed at this time and new parts of you are set to awaken.

Because the energy of this Moon is so powerful, to take advantage of it, you may want to do a ritual or set an intention out to the Universe.

By doing so, it can really help you to consciously and subconsciously receive the energies of the Black Moon on a deeper level.

Due to the energies of this Moon, cleansing, releasing and manifesting are all going to be good places to start.

Here is a ritual idea to guide you-

STEP ONE: Cleanse Your Aura

Take a piece of sage or any other cleansing tool of your choice, and smudge your entire aura starting from the centre and working your way around your body. As you cleanse your energy, you may want to recite a mantra like the one below, or write something more personal that means something to you-

“I cleanse my body of any stagnant energy that no longer serves me. I cleanse my mind of any self limiting beliefs, I cleanse my heart of any attachments to the past. I am now light and love. I am light and love. I am light and love.”

STEP TWO: Cleanse Your Home 

Cleanse your entire home using sage, or any other form of cleansing that you prefer. Go around every corner of your house clearing out old, stagnant energy from your past. As you walk around cleansing your home, perhaps recite a mantra such as-

“I cleanse this space of the past, I cleanse this space of attachments that no longer serve me, I cleanse this space of energetic debris that is not aligned with light and love.”

STEP THREE: Let there be Light 

Once everything is cleansed, light a candle. It is best if the candle is new as this will symbolize new beginnings. You can also pick the color of your candle based on what energy you want to attract and work with for the coming cycle. You can pick more than one candle too.

  • Black- Shadow and subconscious work
  • Blue- Protection and working with guardian angels
  • Green- Harmony and working with nature spirits
  • Yellow- Happiness, lightness (stepping away from taking life so seriously)
  • Purple- Spiritual development and finding your purpose
  • White- Staying open to the vibrations and messages of the Universe
  • Red- Connecting to your purpose or passion
  • Pink- Opening the heart
  • Orange- Finding your voice and increasing motivation to act

STEP FOUR: Open to the Universe

Once you have lit your candle or candles, this is where you get to set your intention. Write a short message to the Universe or to your higher self about where you want to be, what energy you want to create, or whatever feels right to you. There are no rules with this, but here is a template/example that you can use-

“I open myself to the positive energies of the Universe. I ask the Universe to help me clear (insert here)….I ask the Universe to help open me to (insert here)….I know I am guided and protected by the Universe and I ask my guides and guardian angels to help me (insert here)….Through stating this intention, I realize my power, I know my prayers have been heard and I know I am supported by the Universe.”

As you state this intention you may also want to open heart chakra area by taking a deep breath, looking up and circling your arms around to come to prayer position.

STEP FIVE: Gratitude 

Once you have completed your “opening” it is time to express your gratitude. Give thanks for the journey you have been on so far. Give thanks to all the lessons that you have learned. Give thanks to your body and your mind for carrying you through all these years. Give thanks for where you stand today.

Happy Black Moon!

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  • Rick

    Thank you so much for the ritual Tanaaz. Your instructions and analysis is very helpful and thoughtful. Happy Black Moon day:-)

    • thank you so much Rick! Happy Black Moon to you too 🙂

  • Ermi

    Hi there, thank you for sharing this post with us. I’m in kund of worrynsince worry since I forgot to do the last part writing a note. But I did asked the Universe when I was cleansing with sage. Does it means I failed everything?

    • no! not at all. this ritual is a guide, which means that however the ritual manifested for you while you were doing it was PERFECT!!!

      • Leah Perantoni

        Hello Tanazz. Very happy to join and read this. As I was unable to do the ritual on time, and I noticed you said the moon was still strong enough yesterday, is it too late to do it tonight ??

        • Leah Perantoni

          Anyone know??

          • Zo Brax

            Hi Leah, I’m zO. I’m not a professional but I have been exploring working with the Moon’s phases for a couple years. From what I’ve read and learned, It’s my understanding that the Moon’s energy has about a three day window as it moves away from it’s greatest potency. However, you should avoid starting anything new, projects, setting intentions or otherwise during the period when the moon is “void of course”, as the effects are greatly diminished during those periods. I’ve included a link below to a Moon phase calendar that I like and you can use to determine these periods. Also consider using a calendar that applies to your specific time zone. Once you’re on the site you can choose the time zone that applies to your specific location. Hope this helps! Calendar Link:

          • Leah Perantoni

            Wow! You’re awesome! Thanks so much! Def checking it out!!

          • Leah Perantoni

            Hey zO, one more question that’s confusing me is that I thought part of the ritual was to set an intention, am I wrong?

            Also, I just want to say that’s interesting you say to avoid new projects I have been having a hard time on a new leatherworking project been working on.. Received the correct tools just Friday and just haven’t felt right to start..finally did couple hours ago- turned out not good. Sure we’re right on about that zO!

        • hi yes, you can do the ritual anytime this week, the energies are strong for at least 10 days but the sooner the better 🙂

    • Joanna Hernández

      Hi Ermi…I’m sure you would like Tanaaz to answer your worries. But in the meantime, I will offer support and say, I don’t think you failed, you just did your “open letter” to the universe early on as you were cleansing your aura. I too did not write down my “openletter”, but what I did was say it out loud and had that conversation. So I think we are both ok. If you’re still worried about it, you could do the ritual again tonight, as the new moon will still be powerful. Or, if you feel ok…wait until your next cleansing. I have a new blank journal that I will use for this to write down my good intentions, in addition to speaking them out into the universe as I found that very helpful, last night. Much love…much light to you Ermi 🙂

  • Joanna Hernández

    Thank you Tanaaz. I am somewhat new to cleansing, crystals, etc. I did this ritual last night and by the morning, I felt as if I had reset my whole self. I felt lighter and with such a peace, I cannot even explain. For anyone who is contemplating this or on the fence…do it. I am so thankful for coming across this. I do have a tip for Step 4: use a new journal to write down your intentions. I feel like that would be a great thing to use for and to be able to revisit.

    • Wonderful!!! I am so happy to hear that!!! And yes, great idea with the journal 🙂

  • Beautiful ritual! Thank you for sharing this. I do a ritual on every full moon and new moon. I especially liked the mantras you’ve suggested. Great post and great blog that I have recently started to follow. May this new and positive energy shine within us for the whole month and more!

    • thank you so much Nathalie!

  • Juju Rafii

    thanks, i enjoyed the mantras you shared! i did all of the above except cleanse my OWN aura so I will do that now while there’s stlil HOT new moon energy!

    • yes! the new moon energy will linger for a few more days!