The Difference Between Lightworkers and Earth Angels

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Lightworkers and Earth Angels are here to bring light, love and healing to the planet.

Think of Lightworkers like living, walking Spirit Guides and Earth Angels as living, walking Angels.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are free of ego, pains and problems, but it does mean that deep down in their soul, they contain the memory of what it is like to guide people from the Divine realms.

Essentially, both Lightworkers and Angels have this knowledge buried deep inside of them because in their past incarnations this is what they spent their time doing.

The key difference between the two, is that Lightworkers would have guided people from Higher realms, whereas Earth Angels would have guided people from the Angelic realm.

This doesn’t mean that one is higher than the other, it is just a different type of guidance.

Lightworkers would have-

  • Guided people/animals on a more day-to-day level
  • Helped people to know which path to take
  •  Steered and directed people towards following their passions and their purpose
  • “Arranged” meetings of Soulmates and Twin Flames
  • Provided comfort and support in times of need
  • Offered guidance and intuitive advice

Earth Angels would have-

  • Worked to create the soul path and soul contract with the person/animal before they were incarnated
  • Helped the soul to find the perfect family to incarnate into
  • Guided people/animals, so they could fulfil and understand their soul path and soul lessons
  • Worked with people on a more subconscious level through their dreams and mediations
  • Sent reminders of their soul journey and life path through angel numbers and Universal signs
  • Offered physical protection and healing when needed

Both Lightworkers and Earth Angels would have worked as a team for the highest good of the various people, animals and plants that they were caring for.

Even though they have the power and knowledge to do this work, occasionally Lightworkers and Earth Angels are returned to Earth in order to do their work in human form.

They still carry this knowledge buried within, but in a way, they have to learn how to access it and use it while they are on their earthly journey.

Sometimes this knowledge may emerge subconsciously, and other times it can emerge consciously, but eventually it does always reveal itself.

Usually both Lightworkers and Earth Angels will find themselves drawn to the world of healing, metaphysics, plant medicine, intuition, mediumship, crystals, fairies and so on.

Both Lightworkers and Earth Angels may also appear wise beyond their years and carry an innate knowledge and understanding of energy, different dimensions and higher realms.

You can read about common Lightworker signs here and common Earth Angel signs here.

Just like Lightworkers and Earth Angels served a different purpose in the Divine realms, they also serve a different purpose on Earth.

On their Earthly journey

Lightworkers are here to-

  • Remind people about the “light” within
  • Remind people of their innate healing ability
  • Remind people of the healing power of plants, crystals, herbs etc.
  • Remind people how to work with their intuition

Earth Angels are here to-

  • Remind people about the temporariness of life
  • Remind people that they are love and connected
  • Remind people that there is more to life than this lifetime
  • Remind people how to work with higher realms

Of course, what Lightworkers and Earth Angels are here to do is so much bigger than anything described on these lists and there is certainly a lot of crossover too.

Essentially, both of these beings are here to help bring faith, love, hope and gratitude back to the planet and the way that they do this will be as unique as they are.

In order to remind people of these things, Lightworkers and Earth Angels first need to remember all of this themselves.

Eventually, Lightworkers and Earth Angels will be forced to remember all of this by going through some type of crisis or deep awakening process.

Once this awakening has occurred, there is often a deep knowing for both Lightworkers and Earth Angels that this is who they are.

Even though Lightworkers and Earth Angels have this knowledge, they are still on their own Earthly journey and still here to learn things on a human level.

Lightworkers and Earth Angels are not immune from the human world, however the more they can access the hidden knowledge within, the easier it will be for them.

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  • D’Andre Glover

    I’ve seen the signs but I never really fully understood what they meant until now. 9:11 always coming up on the clock or my watch. There have been other signs as well and believe me I have been through a quarter life crisis if not a midlife I know I’m still young but there is a lot of knowledge to come out of me yet, and I grow stronger everyday. I feel like I found more meaning to my life and my purpose I had been searching for all along. Thank you Tanaaz for making this website and writing all of these articles. I am on the right path and now I must wake myself even more by reading and follow my intuition. I also will read more and visit more on a daily basis. Again, thank you Tanazz

  • Christine Chu

    I knew my mission since I was a kid , I knew that I was different from other kids, non of my family member understands me, but I only report to God . I moved around a lot , different countries , homes , schools even works , meeting different people n only with one urge …. wanting to help

  • Bobby Allan Tony Spicer

    Thank you for this and may god bless you for writing this… Everyone around me knew I was diffrent my soft tenderness of lead to me being abused in some way. Pain lead me close up and I always knew I was sensitive to the other realms but I was spiraling out of control. One night a dark Devil/Demon suduced me.. I was more or less thought I was losing it but I always struggled with sexual desires and not exactly normal.. What is now I look back.. But I know I angered my father in heaven but I know ge loves me and showed he forgives me threw Christ who Died for our Sins. I believe he wants me to work to bring people to him threw the teachings of love & forgivens. We are brothers and sister. I think those that truly believe or truely know should all come togather maybe form a community.. Online so we can grow while we are here. Deliverance with the help from Jesus along with his helpers returned me.. I found my self Internally pleaged by demons who stop his angels from breaking free.. I will say its not easy and the enemy knows us all since birth & wants us to destroy our self.. So when you get free of this under stand the attacks wont stop Unless you submit you self to the Lord of dark or the prince of darkness.. May god bless you all & live free. Feel free to contact me if you wish to talk..God loves us but wants us to learn the way. Much love!!

  • Lilian

    I’m sorry but I disagree. Your explanation of the differences between the two (Lightworker vs. Earth Angel) is OFF.

  • Zel Lawrence

    I am not sure yet…………………But I know