Huge Shifts in Consciousness Coming in September 2015

September 2015 is set to be a huge month of energetic shifts that will help us all to change our frequency and tune in to higher levels of consciousness.

The cosmic energy of September 2015 is definitely intense. Not only do we have many significant planetary aspects including a blood moon eclipse, a solar eclipse and movements of some of the most key planets, but it has also been predicted that the Earth is going to experience huge shifts in consciousness.

It has been predicted by Dr. Simon Atkins and other intuitives that the frequency of the planet will rise about 2-3 Hz, bringing about huge shifts in awareness, consciousness and intuitive energies.

The DNA of every living cell on the planet is also expected to shift with the changes, giving rise to a completely new way of being.

In order for the planet to integrate into this new frequency, many have also predicted world disasters, political events and other huge shifts that will force people to stand up and pay attention to things outside of the material and egoic world.

All of these disasters are believed to be a clearing of karma and old ways of being, and since the closing of the Lions Gate Portal and the Pisces Full Moon, we may have all been feeling some significant shifts in our lives.

The energy of September is definitely going to help bring these many shifts and changes into the physical world and there is likely to be a mass global ascension.

Those who have already experienced a spiritual awakening will be able to use this energy to enhance their vibration, understanding of the Universe and unseen worlds. Those who are yet to awaken may suddenly have a realisation or undergo rapid ascension.

Intuition, emotions and psychic abilities will also be strong at this time and these shifts may even allow us to adopt a different understanding of the way the world works.

This understanding will allow the matrix that surrounds all of us and this dimension to be adjusted, understood and mutated into a new frequency. The walls will also be thin, allowing insights into different dimensions and alien life.

The most significant date for all of these shifts will be September 28th, which  many believe is the most significant date in consciousness that most of us will experience in our lifetime.

September 28th is also the day of the Blood Moon Eclipse, which already holds such power and energy. On this day, it is believed that those who are aware enough will be able to vibrate at a much higher frequency and perhaps even experience rapid ascension into new vibrations never before experienced on Earth.

Although things will peak on the 28th at 11:11am specifically, the entire month will be filled with different balancing acts of energy.

Here are the significant dates in September:

September 1st: A huge wave of Neptunian energy will be felt vibrating through Earth. Any issues brought up on August’s Full Moon in Pisces is likely to be felt now. There will also be a deeper understanding of spirituality, awakening and awareness. Those going through awakenings are likely to experience huge waves of ascension signs and symptoms.

September 6th: Venus will finally move direct after being retrograde since July 27th. Her forward movement will help finally rest old, outdated karmic patterns surrounding the heart chakra, self-love and relationships. For those who have done Venus’ work, huge shifts in heart consciousness will be experienced, making it easier to act from the heart and intuition rather than the ego or logical mind.

A Channelled Message from the Heart for the World:

“Don’t be afraid anymore, release your heart, release it to the world, magic really will happen when you do. Don’t keep us locked away, keep us free, keep us balancing on the edge of life, for that is where we will serve you most. Talk to us more, wear us more, and know that when you follow your heart, good things always happen.”

September 10th: Mars and Venus will meet in a rare aspect helping to align soulmates, twin flames and igniting a calling to practice more self-love. Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers won’t be this close again for years to come and together, the two will be instilling a huge wave of consciousness surrounding love and the vibration of connection.

September 13th: A Partial Solar Eclipse will fall on the new moon in the sign of Virgo, calling on us all to bring attention to our environment and the things we choose to allow into our lives. The finer details and perhaps things that we have swept under the rug for some time will become clearer.

September 17th: Mercury, the planet of communication, contracts and moving parts will turn retrograde in the sign of Libra. The pull to go within will be strong and perhaps the things that we have been afraid to communicate will re-surface.

On the same day, Saturn will move out of Scorpio for good, never to return for the next 28-29 years. This shift of such a key planet is likely to be felt on a global level and perhaps issues from December 24, 2014 may resurface.

September 23rd: The Equinox will fall, signifying the end of Summer and the start of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and the end of Winter and the start of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. We are all going to feel shifts of this new energy emerging.

All these events of course lead up to the climax on the 28th with the Blood Moon and total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Aries, which also happens to be the first sign of the Zodiac and represents beginnings and a new direction.

This Blood Moon will also be the last in a series of four which began back in April 2014, bringing about a full completion of a cycle.

Along with astrological events, it has also been predicted that the financial markets are set to crash and that governments are going to be reorganised in a way that supports more of a conscious movement.

Even though all of these changes and shifts are arising in the next few weeks, the Universe has been silently preparing us all for what’s to come.

For those who have been tuning into the rhythms and frequencies of Mother Earth, most of these changes should not come as a surprise. In fact, most of these changes that September has in store for us should definitely be welcomed.

It is time for everyone on this planet to raise their vibration, expand their awareness and shift in consciousness so we can become a more peaceful, loving and friendly planet.

There is absolutely no need to fear the changes in September, just welcome them with open arms and know that the shifts are necessary for our evolution as a planet.

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  • bubba gump

    hooga booga

  • bubba gump

    i’m the first and i’m the 2nd to comment. this has never happened before in my life so things they are a changin. word.

  • bubba gump

    just one more comment because i wanna grab all three of the first comment spots. now that i have done this it’s like I’ve won the gold silver and bronze metals ! HOORAY FOR MEEEEEEE !!!!!!! September 2015 is great month for me !!! Thank you all !!!!

    • hahaha yes Sept is a great month!

  • Amy Javier

    amazing website. September love vibes for all of you

  • S. thompson

    What does it mean about the alien life, pls explain this to me so I may understand better. Thank you.

    • This means that beings from other dimensions or planets (“aliens”) may make themselves more known to those on earth as the consciousness is raised.

  • Madhu

    Hi brother,
    this is Madhu
    I have a doubt that how to know the DNA is changing and how to observe that?
    I do meditation everyday in the thought of divine light in my heart.
    how to be in conciouss? pls tell me

    • MarQus Booca

      Hi Madhu.
      YoUr DNA is changing constantly on the Quantum level. There is a Field that surrounds yoUr DNA,,, that is connected with You and yoUr Higher Self,,,. Continue Meditating,,,,, but do something else that is Conscious through out yoUr day,,,,,,,,,,,,, Talk to yoUr DNA,,, say ”Good Morning” and ” Good Night” to it,,, ask it Questions through out the day,,, like yoU were asking yoUr best Friend for advice; after yoU address yoUr DNA,, wait for a few Moments as yoU focus on Breathing,,,, yoU may get a feeling,, a thought ,, maybe just Silence,,, except them all and watch them grow with U.
      YoU are Pure AwareNess,,, and yoUr Conscious thoughts are Bridging a connection from yoUr DNA to yoUr Higher Self,…..
      The Universe has not sent Us here to escape it,,,,, or to learn lessons,,, We are LIght Bridge Builders,,,, and ALL the building is happinging in a Quantum Field that surrounds all matter.
      Don’t Doubt anything Dear One,,,,, Be Patient,,, and Trust,,, that the Quantum Field that surrounds yoU,,,, is waiting for yoU to say ”Hello, I know that U are there”,,, and keep on saying ”Hello”,, until the Bridge is finished. I sit in a Pool of Hope that is Golden and Vibrant of yoU and Me Building such a Bridge for All the Universes.
      MarQus : )

      • Thank you for that MarQus!

      • Madhu

        what is the mind and Heart?
        How to use them in our daily life like in our work or at home etc.,?
        Howmany Chakras or Points im our Heart?
        Pls explain…….


        • MarQus Booca

          Hi Dear Ones
          U are asking such a WunderFul Question,,,,,,,,
          Mind and Heart are Two of the Three Wunderfull things of the Universe,,, It takes 3 to build any bridge,,,,,,,, ask any of Ur Scientist,??????? U are a Brilliant LIght,, that is moving to WunderFulNess,, keep on that Path of U.
          More specifically,,,,,,,,,,,, the (mind) is the Captain of 3D,,,,,, and the (Heart) is the Rudder.
          hahahhahh,, the Last One sounds so bad,,,, but its the MOST important,,, ,, but with out the Captain, its a flopping paddle.
          There are 3 forever,,,,,,,,,,, The Captain,,,, the Rudder,,, and the Crew. We are Building a Bridge of Gold and Blue Light,, into All of the Universes ,,,,,, cause U can,,,: )
          Luv U,, Dream of U,, ,, and I know U Dream of Me,,
          MarQus : )



    • yes! September will bring mass awakening

  • Alex Simpson

    I feel strange and afraid while reading about September’s changes. I know you say we don’t need to fear but for some reason this all just really frightens me. I don’t like it at all!

    • I know a lot of people have pinned the month of September as being a kind of “doomsday” but it is really not true. There is nothing to fear. While there are some planetary shifts happening that will effect all of us in different ways, it is all the plan of the Divine and therefore necessary. Just trust and go with the flow, the less you stress the less you will even notice it…

  • Pilar Villicaña

    Mercury will retrogade in Libra, not virgo.

    • yes! you are right, thanks for picking that up!

      • Pilar Villicaña

        no prob. 🙂 love for you all

  • Dottie Mertsky

    you believe all this stuff? I think it is all superstition. A friend of mine keeps posting this stuff…..

    • you could look at some of this stuff as superstition but if you look back in history at what happened when there were a series of blood moons there were many significant changes that happened on earth. these changes were not the end of the world, but the did cause a necessary shift to evolve the planet 🙂

    • Igesunde Paul

      maybe not about believing in it, but understanding how it works?

  • Erdem Çalışkan

    How are these “celestial” changes are any different than everyday astrological conjunctions?

    • Not really, it’s more the fact that they are happening all at the same time. Also, the final four of the blood moon’s represents the ending of a cycle, and we haven’t experienced this pattern in years!

  • Amazing!!! Many blessings to you on you journey 🙂

  • Chelsea LaBate

    Can you talk more about blood moons? Thanks.

    • yes i am working on a separate post now! will have it ready soon 🙂

    • Morrigan

      The last memorable time I saw a Blood Moon, the next day was 9/11 and thousands were injured and killed. The worst part was all the babies.

    • AussieM

      Blood moons happen whenever there is a total lunar eclipse. The red is caused by light passing through earths atmosphere before hitting the moon.

  • Marcus Broussard

    the other night i thought was supposed to be a blood moon and a bunch of crazyness happened…everything flipped..strange feeling in my stomach. feeling negative and positive energy from people in the houses around me, had somebody elses dream. after midnight my stomach had a flip feeling and my sleep schedule flipped so i stayed uup a whole nother day?? pointed out shooting stars like 10s before they passed..ive experienced many changes that dont make sense and they were of me getting better but then more changes that set me back? i learned alot in just one day that it overwhelmed me…lots of answers and shifts. i was telling myself these next few months were gunna be interesting because of how i felt.. physically feeling them frequencies, seeing my music in colors and waves..idk wtf is happening but i love it (: i feel more in one with whatever “powers” i thought i had growing up, im not assuming but..ill be making a change for myself and everyone around that actually matters, my reality seems to be to real 0.o

    • Marcus Broussard

      i also talked to a cat lol and it freaked out twice and got bug eyed when i said this is crazy twice! hahaha the look was priceless because i didnt even speak aloud CX and the pause inbetween when the cat looked around like “nahhh, this sh*t aint happenin!” i also saw the peoples demons in the room and had to leave..some crazyness..was there a blood moon of some sort a few nights ago?

      • no, but there is a lot of “awakening” energy around so that may be why.

    • thats awesome!!

  • srinivas

    Is any solar system in an atom?
    please explain it.

  • Nickyf

    Hi, what time zone is 11:11? Is that AM?

    • 11:11 has long been the time synonymous with spiritual awakenings. This is in AM and will be local to your time zone. This would be the time to meditate, tune into your own frequencies and really reflect upon the recent shifts. Hope that helps. This time is not astrological and therefore it doesn’t relate to a time zone but more to your experience.

  • Madara Mejoule

    Thank you for this article, it clarifies a lot of questions I had regarding why August and September have been such challenging months for me. September so far has been “rough” for me throwing challenges at me; and I was very frustrated at first, and spent a lot of time on letting go, and communicating more with myself and the universe. Then someone mentioned this September shift and it all made sense!

    I’ve been toying with the idea of smudging my house once again to cleanse the built up of negative energies that have passed through, would you suggest I so this after september has passed?

  • John Menson

    …we shall see ..if you hyped it up …it wont be forgotten easily

  • sTv0

    “September 1st: A huge wave of Neptunian energy will be felt vibrating through Earth…”

    Oh, thank God! I was afraid it would be a huge wave of Plutonian energy. Those stupid motherfuckers couldn’t wave their way out of a wet paper bag! Assholes! Late last century, just prior to an orange harvest Saturn, Pluto was approaching Kolob in it’s 7th house. Everybody knows Kolob should *never* be approached until *after* the Venusian quadriphilombustern. Geez. So, we had to wait until those idiots were out of the fourth parst before we could commit the biennial sacrifice. And that was without the quantum lear!
    I’m so so sooooo happy now that my stomach has stopped flip-flopping. The energy waves from the blood stool have finally begun to subquoon. Belated parsimonia, everyone!

  • Disha Patel

    August and September this year turned my life around. I couldn’t meditate at all. My mind is filled with so many questions and I don’t seem connected to any divine energy. It doesn’t feel like awakening when you are so confused and anxious

    • NoOneReally

      Embrace the questions and seek for Real answers not just the opinions of those around you with the same opinions as you.. The ones that are different from you, I think you may find have some of the answers you are looking for.. You’ll probably find the answers in the most unlikely of places.. That’s the way it has been for me.. dont change your beliefs unless you feel it necessary.. Just listen to the hearts of the different..

  • suziehotrod

    Sorry, but I’m dealing with more stupidity and with
    more of both trivial and dominating egos than ever
    before. We are all effected by the evil “Frequency Fence”
    The only protection against it is to activate more strands
    of your DNA. They have been disembarking you since 2004
    and you weren’t even aware of it.

  • S. Preston Chase

    Not knowing anything about this projected psychic shift– I noticed a shift in myself in September, unlike anything I’ve experienced. Much fear fell away, like flesh from the bones. By Halloween I decided to get fully sober. Awareness has blossomed. The world is opening up, old goals and ambitions are falling away, left with only the desire to face the next and the next battle after that, taking on the ego in all its manifest forms, But I am so tired, exhausted. I am so weak, light-headed. This is the end of January and I wonder when I will get my strength back.

    • It may take time, just be gentle with yourself and ensure you are protective of your aura, energy and surroundings. You may benefit from using some crystals.