Intuitive Astrology: Saturn in Capricorn 2017-2020

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saturn in capricorn astrology

Saturn has been twirling through the zodiac, visiting foreign constellations and imparting its wisdom so we can gain a deeper understanding of who we really are.

Now after a 28 year journey, Saturn is preparing to return home as it moves into Capricorn on December 19-20, 2017, where it will stay until March 23, 2020.

As Saturn prepares to go home, we are all going to feel a profound shift in our lives and will be guided by the cosmos to return to our roots and to find a new sense of belonging and groundedness with who we truly are.

While in its home constellation of Capricorn, Saturn will be able to express all of its best qualities and will beam them down to Earth for all of us to learn and grow from.

Saturn represents boundaries, groundedness and responsibility. In fact, Saturn is often viewed as the strict teacher in astrology. Saturn may give hard lessons and demand that all homework is done, but as long as you embrace the lessons and work hard, Saturn will always reward you.

As Saturn prepares to shift out of Sagittarius, where it has been since December 2014, we are going to experience the generous nature of this planet- as long as we have done our homework of course!

You can read more about lessons of Saturn in Sagittarius here, however if you pay attention and observe where you have been forced to work a little bit harder in your life since 2014, you may gain an intuitive understanding of exactly what lessons have been unfolding for you.

Leading up to December 21st, you may begin to feel a sense of completion when it comes to these lessons, and perhaps you will feel stronger, wiser and more confident in this particular area of your life.

As mentioned, Saturn always rewards its students for their hard work, so pay attention and see what gifts the Universe brings your way.

As Saturn exits Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn, we are all going to feel a shift. After all, a big planet like Saturn has to create some cosmic waves in the Universe when it makes such a move.

Once Saturn is in its rightful home, it is going to take no time getting settled in and straight to work.

While Saturn is in Capricorn, there will be a feeling of order and structure. Things will feel a little more grounded and organized, and we are all going to feel that we have returned “home” in a way.

To navigate Saturn’s lessons we are going to have to step up to the plate and claim responsibility for our lives by ensuring that the actions we are taking are aligned with our beliefs and our truths.

Saturn in Capricorn is going to be beckoning us to really look at our lives in a realistic and practical way, so we can make changes and create boundaries in order to get where we want to be.

Saturn can sometimes impose restrictions on us or hold us back, but this is just so we can figure out what we really want and how willing we are to go about getting it. At times, this energy can seem a bit harsh, but we have to remember that Saturn always has our best interests at heart.

Saturn pushes us because it wants us to reach our fullest potential. It does not shy away from giving us a few hard knocks because it knows we are going to come out stronger and more determined.

Saturn helps us to take our dreams and turn them into tangible realities. Saturn gives us the motivation to work hard and to get things done, and the more we can embrace and accept this energy, the more we can use it in a productive and thoughtful way.

This energy is going to be perfect for receiving a big boost of productivity and motivation, especially when it comes to any career goals.

Under this Saturn in Capricorn energy, there may also be calling to return to your “roots” and to connect with your family. Any family wounds that have been bubbling to the surface may also be visited for resolution under this energy.

On a global level, Saturn in Capricorn is going to be shining a light on authority figures. People in power, or people who have authority over others, are really going to have to ensure they are acting ethically and for the greater good, or Saturn may have to intervene and show the way.

Because Saturn is moving into an Earth sign, Mother Earth is also going to be a focus and we are all going to have to think about the environment and take action to protect the planet.

In fact, ignoring Mother Earth through this transit could have consequences, so it is really important that we all band together and start supporting our planet and all of its inhabitants.

Saturn in Capricorn is a powerful placement, and we are all going to really benefit from the practical and hardworking push this planet is going to bring us.

While in its home constellation, Saturn will definitely feel more comfortable and more at ease, however we are still going to have to do the work in order to start building up and creating our lives.

Think of Saturn as having returned to ground zero. Here the soil is fertile and ready for us to start building whatever our heart’s desire. However, because Saturn is practical and wants us to look at things in a more realistic fashion, we are going to have to really assess and find the reasoning for what we want and why we are choosing to go after it.

Saturn wants to ensure that our motives are pure and that we are aligning ourselves with our highest destiny. If we follow Saturn as it journeys through Capricorn, we will all be given the necessary tools and lessons to figure it all out.

For those who were born between 1988-1990 and 1959-1961, Saturn in Capricorn will be even more prominent for you, as you will be experiencing what is known as a Saturn Return. You can read more about this here.

Saturn in Capricorn will also be felt strongly for those with the Sun, Moon or Rising Sign in Capricorn.

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  • Hard works … many people have no idea what “hard works” mean, in this matter. Hard Works, Great Awards.

    • yes sometimes we have to dare to venture into the depths in order to find the rewards!

  • Hannah

    Thanks so much for the article, Tanaaz! I’ve been an avid follower of your blog for awhile, but this’ll be my first comment. Since I have Saturn in Capricorn, this’ll be my first Saturn Return coming up and I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty psyched actually!

    I hadn’t heard about the Saturn Return until you wrote that post about it, so thanks a ton (hope yours is going well… as well as a Saturn Return can go, I guess, haha). Apparently I was able to learn about the concept just in time, haha.

    Honestly, I’ve felt like I’m coming to the end of my Saturn Return – in the traditional sense – as I’ve heard it’s pretty common for Saturn in Capricorns to “put in the effort” ahead of their Saturn Returns and then “ride the waves” during their actual Saturn Return. I sincerely hope that’s the case, as the last few years have been rough!

    But even if it’s not, I feel like I can see that light at the end of the tunnel now, and that in and of itself is a blessing. No matter which way the tides turn, I feel a new energy coming and that’s something to celebrate. Planning on getting my hair cut super short for the first time in my life on December 21st as my own personal Saturn Return ritual, if you will, haha.

    In any case, thanks again for another great post and I wish you the best riding the waves of your own Saturn Return! (Looking forward to hearing more about your personal experiences with it, as well!)

    • hi hannah, thanks for your comment! losing my sister had definitely been part of my saturn return so yes, indeed it has been bumpy and really really pushing me to practice all that i preach! i really feel like my book that i released this year was a culmination of the last saturn cycle or 28 years of my life and now i am preparing to learn new things and keep growing. i feel that i have really come to the “end” and am preparing to start new again. if you are having your first saturn return now, you probably have other significant planets in capricorn which is why you may feel like you have already been doing so much work! but yes, having said that it has been said that out of all the signs, capricorn saturn returns tend to be the “easiest”- not sure about that though!!! i think it’s a great idea to do your own saturn return ritual too! if you live in the los angeles area by chance, you should check out crown works, they do crown chakra haircuts. The owner, Andi is great and all haircuts with her are very healing and based on your energy too. let me know if you want the info! so many blessings to you and good luck as you enter into the saturn return xoxoxo

      • Hannah

        Yeah, your sister’s passing during your Saturn Return is definitely no coincidence, that’s for sure! It’s always the really big crises like that that force us to put our beliefs to the test, isn’t it? Though I imagine your sister is able to help you now in ways beyond our understanding as 3D beings. 😉

        That’s funny you brought up your book, because I’m about to get it in the mail any day now! Looking forward to reading it seeing what insights you’ve acquired during your first Saturn cycle!

        I think Capricorn and Cancer are tied for most prominent in my chart, after Leo (it’s ridiculous how prominent Leo is in my chart!). So yeah, that’d make sense. …And I guess I’m about to find out how “easy” a Capricorn Saturn Return is over these next three years, haha.

        I live in Tokyo, so I think LA might be a bit of a commute for me, haha. But again, it’s funny that you bring that up, as I’m planning on moving to LA whenever I end up moving back to the states! So I’d love that info, if you don’t mind sharing! I had no idea “crown chakra haircuts” were a thing, and it sounds totally amazing – will definitely have to try it someday! If you wanted to email that to me, you can reach me at:

        Thanks for the info and I wish you all the best!

    • sabelmouse

      second for me. non stop crying already.

  • Phillis Stein

    I have been wishing for this type of energy – and it sounds like just the ticket for me right now as I’ve been busy caring for my mum, but the healing is happening now and so I’m hoping to start thinking about what is next for me! So I was very pleased to see this reading and Saturn in Capricorn appears to have turned up at just the right time in my life 🙂 Thank you Tanaaz.

    • you are so welcome, glad it resonated!

  • sabelmouse

    oh yay!

  • Charlotte

    With all due respect I think 2018/is. a two. year. Adding one and one together as 2017 a one year not ten.
    Sorry to hear u lost your sister. Loss can be so hard.

  • Charlotte

    when saturn in transit hit my natal venus in the 12th mental well being house I got an inheritance from an Uncle locked up at a young age in an Alberta institute. $16,000. I screamed.