Pisces Full Moon Bedtime Ritual September 2017

pisces full moon ritual
Image Artwork by Stella Im Hultberg

The September 6th Pisces Full Moon is going to be helping you to unlock your subconscious mind and tune into your softer, intuitive voice.

When Mother Moon is in Pisces, it is also the perfect time to go within and really heal, nourish and restore your energy so you have the strength and enthusiasm to keep journeying forward.

This is a bedtime ritual and is a great way to harness the energy of the Pisces Full Moon, receive psychic messages and to cleanse your soul on the deepest of levels using sleep.

Here is what you will need:

  • Assorted cleansing herbs/plants (dry or fresh), any of the following will work-
    • Lavender, chamomile buds, basil, oregano, rosemary, mint, sage, thyme, eucalyptus, lemon slices, cloves, green tea and sea salt.
  • Your favorite white/clear or blue crystal
  • White pajamas
  • Journal and pen


This ritual needs to be done just before bed.

1.) Select whatever cleansing herbs resonate with you. You can use one or a combination of herbs, just go with your instincts and use what is on hand. Combine all of your herbs into a bowl and add to warm bath water.

If you don’t have a tub, you can can mix the herbs with water in a jug to pour over yourself in the shower.

As you bathe yourself, repeat the following mantra nine times. You can also repeat this mantra as you are blending the herbs as well-

“The power of these herbs are going to cleanse, nourish and restore my soul. May they draw out the things that need to go and replenish the energy of my mind, body and soul.”

Feel free to make your bath as relaxing as possible with candles, music and maybe even a piece of chocolate.

2.) Once you have completed your bath/shower, change into white pajamas or even into a white t-shirt. White holds the vibration of purity and spirituality and will help you to continue the cleansing process as you sleep. If you don’t have anything white or even white-ish to wear, sleeping naked is the next best option.

3.) Take your crystal and sleep with it under your pillow or by your bedside. Before you go to bed, recite the following prayer or write your own-

“As I sleep may I receive clarity on (state whatever you would like to receive clarity on). As I sleep, I would like to wake up feeling (list 3 emotions). As I sleep I ask my Divine Spirit Team to help cleanse, recharge and nourish my soul so I feel aligned on my highest path and know the best next step to take. As I sleep I ask that I am restored from head to toe. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

4.) The next step is easy- go to sleep! But before you do, make sure you leave your journal and pen by your bedside as you will use it first thing in the morning.

5.) As soon as you wake up in the morning, take your journal and begin writing down the first things that come to your mind. You can write down any dreams you had, how you are feeling or any other thoughts that appear.

For best results, try to write 3-4 pages back and front without lifting your pen off the paper. Just keep writing, even if it doesn’t make sense or you have to write gibberish.

Really give yourself at least 10-15 minutes to write down whatever comes to your mind. Just go with what flows. You may just find some surprising messages or insights in your words, or you may feel a powerful shift.

6.) Be gentle with yourself for the remainder of the day and be sure to drink lots of water. After completing this ritual cleanse your crystal. You can choose to keep your writing if  you are still gaining messages from it, or you can tear it up – the choice is  yours.

*Note: You will probably have herbs clinging to your shower or bathtub that you will need to clean. If you can, try to leave the herbs overnight and scrub them away in the morning. Do not reuse them though! They contain old energy and need to be returned to the Earth or discarded.

This ritual is best done on the night of the 5th – 9th of September 2017.

Happy Full Moon!

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  • Parul Verma

    I really liked the writing part . Any ideas how we can use that regularly to get more insights about ourselves

  • Holly French

    Hi there, just to clarify. This ritual is best done on the night before the full moon?
    Thanks 🙂

    • it can be done the night before, the night of or the night after the full moon – these are the best times. 🙂

  • Pooja Nanda

    Hey..the ritual was amazing nd very relaxing.. i really feel very positive n intact this morning…
    But tanaaz i was awakened up by dreams and thoughts 2 times while sleeping. I had dreams all night but the most disturbing was the one in which my boyfriend of 4 years did not show up on our wedding day.. pls tell what does it symbolize?

    • i am so glad that you woke up feeling very relaxed and positive! dreams are really about your subconscious so sometimes only you can be the judge of what they truly mean, however dreams are rarely literal. How did it make you feel when he didn’t show up? Those specific feelings may provide a clue. Also, your dreams could be unearthing a fear that you perhaps have, or some sort of insecurities….I wouldn’t worry about it too deeply, if you want before you go to sleep tonight you can ask for clarity and then wake up and do the journalling exercise again- you may receive a message or some insightful pings through that as well. hope that helps!

      • Pooja Nanda

        So kind of you to reply back❤i was just about to sleep when i suddenly started missing all about last night.. i was like a holy shower of cosmic energy..i will surely do as said.. ☺
        Another thing to share is tanaaz i can tell by touchng the body part of the person that which nerve is paining the most and similarly i can scan the emotional body of any person.. i’ve grown up this way however my mother said its very weird.. i’m 22 i really think i’m not balanced as i cant connect with human beings as much as i can feel nature..animals..stones..god..etc

  • Apollo Meraki

    Hello, can we do this without a crystal? Or it doesn’t have any sense then? as I don’t have any crystals

    • hi, sorry i hope my reply is not too late! you do not need to use a crystal. my rituals are always adaptable and you can always edit them to suit your needs. it is the intention behind them not the instructions that count. hope that helps!

  • Sarada Dey

    Hi Tanaaz! I just chanced upon your article today, right now! I have a very dear friend of mine and he is just separated from his wife. I wish I had read your post couple of days ago since you have mentioned Sept 5th to 9th and today being 13th Sept. Can he still do this? Can I gift him a crystal? And if so what type of crystal can be gifted.

    Many Thanks

    • Sure, if it feels like it resonates you can do the ritual today. For the crystal it really depends on what your friend needs, use your instincts, otherwise something like clear quartz is always a good choice.

      • Sarada Dey

        Thank you so much. Your answer helps me understand that its not so much about the timing but whenever one feels and believes it will do good, this can be performed, right?! And thanks for your direction regarding crystals.
        Have an awesome lifetime!

        • yes exactly! the energies of the moon/cosmos can help to support the work in the ritual, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done at other times. your intuition and your own timing should always be your number one guide over anything the moon is doing. oxoxoxo