The Twin Flame

the twin flame

What is a Twin Flame?

I have never really believed the concepts I have read before about Twin Flames, so I decided to sit down with my spirit guides and ask them. What is a Twin Flame really all about??

This is what they said….

When you reach a certain level of consciousness or a higher frequency level in one life, your soul has to split into two in order to come back down into a physical body.

This means that there are essentially two of you roaming the earth. Both of you are in a way, half the energy that you originally were.

This other half of your energy is your Twin Flame, and when the two of you cross paths or meet it is like you instantly feel whole again.

So, where does that leave soul mates? Soul mates are cut from the same cloth. Imagine a huge blanket of energy and your soul is cut out of that blanket. The other souls that come from the same blanket as you are soulmates and can be friends, family and lovers.

A Twin Flame however is when that single cut, or that single soul begins getting bigger and bigger to the point where it needs to be cut itself into two different energies.

Once these two Twin Flame energies finally merge again, no matter how many cycles of reincarnation it takes, the cloth gets bigger and eventually forms new souls.

Think of it like a seed, spreading and creating more flowers as it germinates.

This energetic split does not happen to everyone. It only happens to those who have reached a certain frequency or level of consciousness.

In each “twin” there is a magnet that sort of attracts the two of you together (like attracts like), and you can meet at any time, at any stage of your life journey.

When you come together, the relationship is very, very intense. This is because you are not only dealing with the “baggage” in your own mind and body but you also have to deal with your “baggage” in another body.

This means that the two of you not only see yourself in each other, but you also see your opposite traits and flaws. Almost like looking into each other is like looking into a mirror.

To get an idea of how intense the relationship would be, think about all the baggage that you have to deal with in your own mind and in the container of your own body. Well, imagine having two of those containers- it’s like there is double or even quadruple the “baggage” to sort through.

Now, this doesn’t mean Twin Flame relationships won’t work. They can definitely work, and the two of you can definitely live together in harmony however, this is all dependent on whether the two of you have learnt to love yourselves first. Because essentially, your Twin flame is you.

Twin Flame relationships are usually romantic because there is an attraction on all levels, including a sexual attraction. Twin Flame relationships do not have to be male -female, they can also be male-male and female-female.

When you meet your Twin Flame, there is an instant feeling of “knowing” and connection. People might comment that you look alike or that you look “good together.” Often, the two of you will have very similar personalities and reflect the light and shadow sides of each other.

Sometimes you may not be able to recognize your Twin Flame because you have not been able to regain the same level of consciousness you acquired before you split into two.

Think of it this way- you live one lifetime understanding a higher frequency and higher vibration, but suddenly you loose half of this and come into physical form with half the energy or consciousness you once had.

This can manifest in your early childhood years as feeling out of place, like you don’t belong, frustrated about the world and highly inquisitive. You may even feel depressed or have an awakening early on. You may also have highly enlightened visions or thoughts at a young age, even if you were not exposed to it.

Being at a lower frequency or vibration and having to regain your “consciousness” is a challenge that you have to overcome this time around, and sometimes it can take multiple lifetimes in order to reach the stage that you were once at.

As soon as your Twin Flame is created, you enter Earth at the same time or within a few years of each other. The only exception to this would be if you have had to reincarnate multiple times in order to properly connect with each other.

If you have a Twin Flame you will meet in every lifetime, regardless of your level of consciousness. But, whether the two of you can make it work will depend on your frequency and essentially how much you have learnt to love yourself unconditionally.

Essentially it all comes back to self-love.

Have you experienced a Twin Flame encounter?

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  • Laurel

    This is the most amazing, enriching,thing I think I’ve ever read.
    It gives a while new perspective on relationships, and life itself.

  • Harry

    Beautiful read, soul warming.
    Hey Tanaaz, i would really like to get in contact with you, i have a few questions if you have “time”. peace

  • kris

    I have met both my soulmate and my twin flame. Neither relationship ended well, because I cant let go of my twin flame. In his eyes I am too much to handle. May seem crazy but I know its real, it was all shown to me in a dream. At the time I had never even hard of a twin flame.

    • wow! that’s cool that it was all revealed to you in a dream

      • kris

        Yeah a lot of things come to me in my dreams. Not always a good thing, but it is a gift either way.

        • Eleanor Pople

          I’m in a similar situation. Kept having visions of a mans face in my dreams then met the man in real life. I wasn’t over my soul mate at the time though & had depression so kept pushing him away as wanted to “protect him”. Doing this just hurt us both though. At 26 I don’t even want to be in a relationship with anyone again. Only with each other 2 months but it was soo intense and I felt uncomfortable

  • leah

    Ive met my twin we met at a job and when we shook hands it was like a magnetic pull like eletrical I never felt that with anyone before hes 22 years younger than me but I know he felt the connection too and now hes in the running stage

    • that’s amazing that you felt such a strong magnetic pull

  • Lo

    Makes sense now…I feel like I’m truly Whole when hes close to me. met just after we had both turned 18 and it turned out that we were born in the same small hospital..on the same month and the same year! 24 years and still burning brightly…pun. Must be the #happy virus 🙂

    • thats great Lo! So happy for you

  • M4mystic

    Hi! I had a question: can you feel like this for someone (a 2014 new artist from a boyband, we are living from the opposite parts of the world) who you have only seen on tv/videos, not meeting? Like only the part where you feel like you are looking at your own self (personnality, behavior,etc).

    I got goosebumps and it was..weird a bit when I was watching that was like watching myself. We have a lot in common. Maybe it’s just coincidence too…

    • There are no rules here so there is definitely no reason why it couldn’t be…however, with celebrities and other people in the spot light it can be really hard to know who they are really when the cameras are not around. Also, our ego can sometimes also make us feel an attraction. Go with your gut, and if you are meant to find out one day your path will cross ways.

      • Girl

        I am in the same problem. But it’s a men 30 years, two months and three days older than me. I am from Brazil. Sorry about my english. He is a celebrity from another country. I read in another site that the conection by photos and videos is possible between twin flames. I felt a lot of unbelievable things after know him just with photos and videos. One time I felt something in my body and heart, I feel in heart when he is sad, happy, anxious. And the poor thing of it all is that when my heart is in pain because he is sad and i cant be in contact with him, call him, just for make he get better.. The only thing i can do is pray. I already felt another things that i just can say in private for don’t shock you. But i can say we are twin flames, i have no doubts. I saw him in person recently, when i got close to the same place he was, without see him i felt some hot in my heart. We saw each other but i hope he doesn’t felt nothing or he is in trouble… We saw each other in a security distance. Because he has your partner already and i feel he is in love with her and he is happy. I wont to change that, or i will suffer with him inside and outside. The crazy thing about that is i don’t felt nothing when i saw him in person at the first time, maybe because i was very afraid about what can happen and because we are not really close. And your explanation about consciences help for understand that too because he is a guy who really doesn’t love himself.
        I will tell you something strange. Once when he got hurt a lot and broke a piece of bone in his body, I relaxed my body to try to know exactly where it broke … and I felt no pain, but something like a tingle. I hope you can explain it. Thanks for the text

      • SisterPrincess

        Hi, i am sorry for any wrong grammar/spellings, English is not my first language. I also
        experienced this thing for a week or so. I am still not sure yet whether he is
        twin flame or a past life regression? First, I don’t fancy this person,
        or anything like that. I haven’t experienced this before. I feel some
        sort of deep connection with this man, also the mixed feelings inside
        me. I don’t know how to explain but, every time i see his picture i will
        get some sort of heaviness, feels like i holding up so i don’t cry and
        suddenly i can feel i am out of breath. And the strange thing is, every
        time I watch his video or hear his voice, I will cry within seconds. I
        don’t know why I cry and feel sad. Its hard..and I never feel like this before. And by
        the way he is a prince. i know…. I really hope I am not crazy, because a couple
        of people who I share this don’t believe me. I can only pray and pray. I
        hope one day I will get an enlightenment of this.

  • Emily Howe

    i have a theory….. it makes no sense. My partner is my love of my life, we have a beautiful baby boy together, and our relationship works well and i believe we are twin flames… he is in a lot of my grade school pictures and i remember liking him as a child but never talked to him, i would get nervous around him in the 6th grade. We are 61/2 days apart both of our western and eastern zodiac signs are the same. You would think that it would never work out, but i love him so much.There is so much history between us that its mysterious and un explainable, with each emotion and event comes intensity and i don’t understand it at all. We feel we are inseperatable, and if there is an argument , it almost is a lesson to learn and forgiveness follows. but i think we have met each other in past lives, when look at him i just have this feeling in my gut we have met a thousand times and now we are finally solving the problems we had in our past lives. I need an explanation or something its not creepy its just odd that there is so much love for this man.

    • Justin Berg

      I don’t see it as odd at all dear

  • JJ_123

    I find it intriguing that a higher frequency being would be willing to ‘split’ it’s energy into two solely (soul-ly :P) in order to reincarnate in the physical plane…there really must be something special about where we are…

    • Beautiful insight! Yes, that is what I was ‘told’…. It seemed to me that certain energies were too high to exist on this earthly plane.

  • Grace Grace

    It Is lovely to read that Twin flame relationships CAN manifest as male to male or female to female. There are SO many sites out there that are so limited to the “compulsive” male female relationships that it damages the possibility that twin flames WILL manifest how they will, regardless of what people think due to their limiting beliefs. Would it not be absolutely and profoundly liberating to meet that part of yourself that would lead to your greatest growth and happiness…. and if that was a same sex relationship, it would be the MOST challenging of all…. for all relationships are about SELF LOVE, and if you cannot love your Self as who you already are, then truly there is NO chance in any “stereotypical” relationship. Sometimes Our Soul will manifest itself AS the gender that IS our true Self…… and quite frankly it makes NO sense to have a twin soul that is the opposite gender…. it is completely illogical that we would have to be FORCED to love someone just because society tells us that this is the “way” that relationships SHOULD be…. !!!!! How oppressive…. It is time for CHANGE and for people to let go of their limiting and very damaging oppressive beliefs when it comes to Twin flames….. Otherwise When Our Twin flame actually manifests in our life, we will NOT recognize them, because we are looking for the “stereotypical” relationships…. male-female…. and if the twin flame is the “other” of Us, then the energy will the SAME !!!!!! and NOT the opposite.. how ridiculous . We cannot Be something that we are NOT… Our twin flame will BE the same as Us…. in ALL ways….. which means that female to female relationships and male to male are the ONLY twin flame relationships that exist, and all “other stereotypical” and oppressive male female relationships will NEVER bring happiness, because they are NOT US…. they are with energies that are NOT who we truly are… therefore, we can NEVER be happy with someone that is NOT part of our own energy…… and having children is irrelevant in ANY relationships….. EVERY relationship is ONLY about evolution.. and NOTHING more…..

    • Thank you for your passionate words! Yes, our soul does not discriminate between male/female/race etc. at the end of the day, we are all the same. oxoxox

      • Polly Kat Nicklelinq

        I believe that our souls connect regardless of “human form or physical location”. A soul will manifest itself in the way to most likely be recognized. For some that is opposite gender, for some same gender. It’s different for each soul. Some souls may meet early in life, some later. Our human capacities to understand the soul world is limited. We do our best to learn and decipher these connections to gain higher levels of consciousness.

        • Mattie Watts

          I agree

      • Mattie Watts

        Yes. My twin is causacian n im biracial

    • Justin Berg

      Grace Grace please forgive me and maybe I totally miss your point but to say that one particular opposite sex relationship is completely illogical and to be so adamant is exactly the same damaging and oppressive way of thinking as the way you are speaking against. Also to use words such as NEVER and say how ridiculous a “stereotypical” male/female relationship is when discussing twin flames seems also VERY limited and just as closed minded. As this is only my opinion, it at least leaves room for ANYTHING to be possible in the area of gender as gender would notbbeca limiting factor in any way leaving room for the same odds when speaking of same sex relations as compared to opposite sex relations. I personally have yet to even come close to finding what I believe to be a same sex twin as I have an opposite sex flame. Much love and luck in your journey 🙂

      • BeautifuLunatic

        My twin flame is male and i am normally a female preferential bisexual… it is not out if the realm of possibilities.

      • Sky

        Since I was 9 I know there is something different in me. I’m attracted to same sex. I was crying and crying for many years asking God why I feel like this. I am a female but I am attracted to female too. I was mad and angry about myself curse God why I am like this. Now I am 36 I have met my Twin flame a female too. I kept meditating to confirm who is this person in my life i get same answer she is my Twin soul. I was reading and reading many articles about twin flame and mostly its about opposite sex. Now I am confused of where do I stand.

        • I believe that Twin Flames can be the same sex. I don’t think the twin flame relationship has anything to do with gender. I feel you can trust your intuition. best wishes to you. ox

    • kyonarai

      My twin flame is male. His sister literally introduced me to her family as “The female version of “brother’s name”, she is my life friend through several lifetimes, and I know that she could recognize us as two halves of the same whole right off the bat.

      Every soul has both feminine and masculine traits. I struggle with masculine aspects of life, and I believe that is because when my soul was split in two, he received most of the masculine aspects, and vice versa. For this reason it is entirely possible for twin flames to be opposite genders.

      For us, we are true mirrors of each other, we are true life partners, and we are best friends. I feel more like he is an extension of myself than another person.

    • lady

      I’m generally strait but met my twin flame who is the same sex as me … the attraction & connection is undeniable! There really was no question that we were twin flames. surprise! totally blew my mind… and it is about self love… if i didnt love myself i wouldn’t have been open…keep an open mind to life’s possibilities you might be strait but your twin flame might be the same sex! This is my experience but i think the opposite could also be true.. everyone has a different masculine/feminine balance…

    • Melissa Harper

      The soul has no gender. Some people who are one gender in this life have clear memories of being the opposite gender in a past life. You claim that it’s ridiculous to put limitations on twin flames, but you have just done exactly that. Your view point is just as skewed as the one you’re complaining about. A twin flame can be either gender, period. Think about it: if your soul were split in two, why wouldn’t some choose to experience both male and female simultaneously? We’re here to learn.

      • Grace Grace

        I do NOT believe in limitations. YOu yourself have put limitations on the Twin flame concept by thinking that it can ONLY be male or female… there are OTHER species in the universe that are BEYOND all male and female, and do NOT need to embody the archaic concept of male-female. You have proven yourself to be VERY mired in the very HUMAN belief system. I myself am beyond that. I hope one day, you will EVOLVE to something more than the limiting “human” frame of experience.

        • Melissa Harper

          1) Don’t put words in my mouth, and don’t attack me over things I didn’t say. Not once did I claim twin soul relationships have to be male/female. I simply stated that you have no cause to definitively state they HAVE TO BE of the same gender. You know nothing about me. You’re making assumptions and that is both wrong and offensive. FYI I’m bisexual and have dated transgender people. I see no reason a twin flame can’t be ANY GENDER AT ALL OR EVEN NONE.

          2) You’re a very hostile person. You might want to work on that before you make enemies of allies. Not to mention the irony of an angry, judgemental person claiming someone else needs to “evolve”.

          • Grace Grace

            once again you are revealing your “human” being belief system, imagining attack where there is NONE. I am simply expressing who I am..and where I exist in consciousness. You are also revealing where you exist in consciousness. do NOT project your own negativity simply because you have not owned it. You have NOT understood my message, and resort to “human attack mode” to protect yourself from a being you do NOT understand. You have my compassion for this. Please remember there are beings on this planet that are NOT human in any way. they come from different star systems and are here to help humanity evolve. by your reaction, it seems that you are afraid of beings you do NOT understand. I hope one day, that changes for you. Human beings are NOT all that exist, and to believe otherwise is to be very arrogant and narcisstic.

          • Melissa Harper

            You’re not the only star seed in existence. I’m no more human than you. When you accuse someone of saying something they did not actually say and then proceed to castigate them over it, you have attacked them. If that is not the message you wished to convey then you need to work on your approach. I am not a negative person and I do not accept your judgement.

          • Grace Grace

            Hi, I would suggest you actually find yourself a life, and destroy your own ego and puffed up sense of self importance. You are the only person sitting in judgement here… as your words clearly reveal your VERY human negative belief system which I am VERY glad I do NOT have. Nothing of you is worth retaining in any way, or any other human being’s reality. and If you reply to this comment, you will clearly reveal to the world in this site that you have NO compassion or understanding for a being that is NOT human. You attack and judge that would you do NOT understand. Your life must be very unhappy, and i am glad… Maybe, then you would actually learn something. Get a life and stop attacking other beings…. it only comes back to you… thru the law of cause and effect, and this is as it should be. Its people like you on Earth, that is destroying what is precious. Ignorance, judgement and ego reality. How stupid you must thing beings of another system to actually consider anything you say to be relevant or even worth reading. It must be very very distressing to be you.

          • Melissa Harper

            I can see I’m wasting my time attempting to communicate with someone who is only interested in “winning”. Your ego is out of control and I feel sorry for you. You’re extremely hateful and by far the most negative individual i have ever encountered on this site. I hope you grow up some day, but I’m done with you. This will be my last response to your puerile bull shit. Anyone who would be glad if someone were unhappy is not a loving or evolved being.

          • Melissa Harper

            Also, there’s a big difference between a rebuttal and an attack. Perhaps you’ve lost some of the aspects of humanity that should have been retained.

  • Grace Grace

    Our Soul is indeed BEYOND all labels, discrimination, and stereotypes, therefore, the energy of our soul can and WILL manifest in the form that is the BEST for our highest evolution and happiness, without fail. Sadly, relationships on earth are more about “control: than about evolution. !!!!! Every Being, has the innate RIGHT to be with whomever they are guided to be with in their heart which is ususally NOT what anyone else expects or even “condones” Love is Love, in ANY form, if one is open to Such Love. Love does NOT discriminate or dissect…. Love simply IS…..

  • Polly Kat Nicklelinq

    I have met my Twin Flame. We are 12 years apart, born in different states. We are Polyamourous. When we first met we did not see or feel the energy, but his other partner did. When we finally got together our first kiss was incredible. A connection like no other. We both knew this was really different. Within a week we commited to each other on a “spousal” level. After making love the first time I had a past life vision. I’ve had another since then and have had readings about us.

    I was adopted as a baby. I always felt something was missing. A piece of me was gone. When I kissed my partner I was whole again! I am 46 and he is 57 (almost 58). We went through similar marriages that have both ended. Those experiences were necessary for us to meet at this point in time. We’ve been together a year and a half.

    As Polyamourous people, we also feel that we have a lot of love to give. We believe in loving more than one person, romantically and sexually.

    I wonder if people who are at higher levels of consciousness are also Poly, because they understand soul connections and have greater capacity for love. Any thoughts about this?

    • sasa

      i am also Poly and i share your thoughts and experience. my twin flame and i are connecting one year know and we are both married with other people who can sense, that there is another part of the flame and it is not them. We still stay on our marriages because we feel love for them also. a different kind though. I think me and my twin flame are not here to live together, at least not now.our spouses need our love and we theirs. The making love experience with the flame is beyond words..

  • Tiffanie Rickheim

    I have just found your blog and I absolutely LOVE the articles I have read so far. Much love!

  • Arina

    Thank you so much for sharing this! When I met my partner, we were not on the same level of consciousness, however, whether it being an accident or not, right after meeting him I began to truly awaken and raising my consciousness. He is still letting go of the old behavior models and programs and realizing that something’s different is happening to him. I do not want to push him by explaining all the symptoms he experiences, although I think that us being together had raised our vibrations and is helping to expand our consciousness. Would that be a Twin Flame or a Soulmate? I find it very special that we began changing at the exact moment of finding each other…

    • It would be hard for me to determine whether they would be a soul mate or twin flame, that would be something you need to feel for yourself intuitively. Thanks for sharing though!

  • cc

    Not only untrue, but worse…unoriginal. Cite your sources! Some famous Greek philosopher (*cough* Plato) had this idea more than 2,000 ago in “The Symposium”. Granted, in his usual form, he was “quoting” a member of a post-dinner party where guests were invited to discuss where Love came from and most probably did not personally subscribe to these views, but they are the exact same concepts: “… humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves…and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, whether he be a lover of youth or a lover of another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight, as I may say, even for a moment…” “Love is simply the name for the desire and pursuit of the whole.” “Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature.”

  • Bobby Coleman

    It’s crazy reading this… I met this woman about 2-3 weeks ago. I am typing this at 5:17am PST by the way. I am literally in my car laying next to her. But anywho, I have reason to believe she is my life partner. We just begun hanging out last Sunday is where. We first met in person. We met at Church. I’ve never done that but it was great. Fast forward to this very moment as she lays in my passenger seat sleep. (I just came to see her because I missed her & she missed me after just spending time at the beach yesterday afternoon) Reading this, and reating about soul mates. I met my soul mate years ago not realizing it til a few years ago. 19 when I met my soulmate. I’m 24 now. That relationship wasn’t the best because I wasn’t ready. I was young and dumb. Made mistakes as an immature boy. But a couple years ago even still being in contact with that person, I apologized. I realized what her purpose in my life was then. And she knew back that who I could become. I really was a jerk then. But I gravitated to the man I am today from everything she taught me then. She is one of my greatest friends now. I couldn’t be any more clearer to her as I also let her know that she was the one that got away. My fault. I acknowledged that as well. We are always connected. I love and with love her always for what I put her through and never giving up on me. She is now married with 2 kids. I am proud of her either way. No bitterness what so ever. Now today, this woman is literally the mirror image of myself. As a man, I’m not afraid to say that I shed tears reading this because I can relate. I feel like I’ve known her forever. The connection I feel in her is literally familiar like its hard to explain. What she lacks I possess and vise versa. It’s like she’s me and I’m her. I am literally in awe right now because I just wanted to know. As skeptical as I can be due to previous relationship pains. I feel different with her. It’s like I love her already. But I don’t want to voice it. Idk if I should. I’m scared. She may be the one. But at the same time I asked for her. She’s an amazing person. For instance, she lacks confidence where as in me, I can be over confident. And I reassure her and chance I get. Today is Friday. I met face to face (met online) this past Sunday. I didn’t even think of it. But it’s such a connection to have intellectual conversations with her and the stories she tells I have similar one’s to tell that are just crazy in comparison. Same personality. Similar lives. Childhood issues. I literally have been just saying to myself that she’s it. This is her. I think she’s the one. I strongly feel that she’s my twin flame. She’s beautiful, smart, loves books! And it’s the mental that I’m attracted to. I’ve never met anyone like her or as unique of a person other than my soul mate. I think she’s my Life Partner as everything explained in this passage is exactly what’s happening. Another thing I wanted to share. I got this necklace years ago that has an L on it. Didn’t make sense. My name doesn’t start with an L neither did the person I was with nor anybody else I came across. But her name. Meaning “Generous One”, her name is Lilo. Or that’s her nickname like mine is Bobby. I have held on to that necklace and gave it to her. After all these years of not knowing why I held on to it for so long. I believe God knew. He had a plan. It was hers all along. Thank you again for this passage. I’m signing off. As she sleeps peacefully next to me 🙂

  • Monica Dean

    I want to know if it’s possible to have more than a 2 way split, like a 3 way split. When it comes to flames

    • I think it is possible to have another split, but I feel that it always occurs in pairs of 2, like an embryo. Of course, there are no rules with this! This is just my feeling.

      • Monica Dean

        So my guides say that they were a soul mate of mine in a previous life and they split into two in this life, but I ended up finding both halves. I’m sure there’s a lesson in there. So I still need to leave them both alone. Still waiting for that one.

        • wow! interesting. where do you even start?! lol…I guess it is a blessing that you get to experience this 🙂

        • Sondra Green

          Monica, why do you feel compelled to let them both go? Why not live harmoniously with them both as life friends or life partners, platonic or not? I truly believe in Twin Flame phenomena as multiple splits, even multiple “chances” where if one connection fails due to a decision, the other half who is living a higher vibration and wants to attract the other may attract again in the same lifetime.

  • sasa

    i ve met mine. we are not lifepartners and we will not be. . we live in distance..i feel his happyness and his anxieties. i am connecting to him through my sacral chackra, i think he is opposing the fact but i know he will finaly accept it because he can also feel me.. through our relationship we dive in our selves.. it is very peculiar. The most powerfull thing though is the telepathic unificication we share. It gives a state of forfillment once it happens but it last not very long.When separation occurs, (because we both have a real life to live) the lack of the integrity is very intensed.It is a very clear and solid relationship which greatest ingredent is the approval of the others personality. Jeallusly, hypocrisy etc are in a very very small amount(due our egos that are the true barriers). Inspiration, selfknowning and rensposibility comes as result. Great feelings both accelerating and the submerging..we mostly communicate through automatic writing, 3-5 times a week. It is very exhausting though because the things that we discuss have great depth. it is a revelation and it is teaching what true love means. through him i am taught to respect life, people, spouse, passions, not to judge and learn to listen. I also have awareness of a healing power over souls who want to open..our latest sessions has come to an end but not our is like divided into periods without any drama.. is this going to last for the rest of our lifes?

    • moonlight

      This sounds a lot like mine…. I ask myself that question daily. Will this go on for the rest of our lives? sometimes I feel crazy that I am the only one thinking this.

      • sasa

        You are not alone in this. Lately i ve told him that everyday , same hour i am doing a lets say ritual in order to contact him mentally/spiritually. a week after he sent me a photo, showing him in the exact same pose as i stand through my ritual and at the exact same hour.I havent told him neither the hour nor the type of ritual i do or how i stand.I know he can sense me that hour and i can feel him in me.The only think i care right know is to secure that my intention of this connection is not for ego reasons but for true communication in order to help each other…i believe when you sense smt it is worth trying forfilling your intutions.

        • moonlight

          Im not sure though if this person is my twin flame..more so like a soulmate. we me at a very young age, we were so young in fact that the only memory I when we first met was simply an immediate connection. I grew up beside him, in fact we are only ten days apart. We stayed friends through our families all through out k-12 and even hung out just us two alone through college. We have never crossed the line more than friends. In fact we used to call each other cousins at one point, I didnt like this very much only because I knew I loved him. Everyone who knew us at a younger age knew that I felt deeply for him, and that there was an obvious connection between us.
          He has been now dating the same woman for over 5 yrs and I have been dating someone from about 4. It is odd, because we are normally single or with someone around the same periods of time. Growing up as a young girl I always imagined that we would end up being together when we got older.
          A few yrs back we randomly met up after exchanging a few text messages and caught up with each others lives. And I told him that I always thought that one day we would get married. The amount of energy i felt these few hrs were overwhelming and intense, I knew he felt it too, we both did. But since we are in a loyal relationship we never experienced not even a kiss. Sometimes i feel I compare this type of connection I have with him over my life partner.. I know I love my life partner, in fact I think there are times that he needs me more than i need him, or vice versa. I feel like I need to verbally communicate with him about things rather than him just knowing and it can be so frustrating. Where as I can go years without speaking to my soul mate and only have a few hrs to catch up and he knows everything I feel.

          I also think that I am feeling an awakening in my life and my life partner isn’t on the same level. It goes through waves, sometimes he is and sometimes he isn’t. When he is it is amazing, when he isn’t it can be disappointing. I dont know if I should continue with this person sometimes, but I know as of right now I couldn’t be with my soulmate because he has never acted on our connection or love in a physical level. It can be extremely confusing at times and I think that I am the only one feeling this way. And I wonder if he feels this way too. He now lives across the country with his life partner.. sometimes I wonder if he left to try to distance himself from me, knowing that we could never be together? . .

  • Rebecca Demers

    Hello Tanaaz,
    When did you realize you had these gifts? when and from whom do you believe you received them?

    • Hi Rebecca, I believe these gifts live inside everyone and with the right intention and motivation, anyone can unlock this connection to the Divine. I hope that helps!

      • Rebecca Demers

        Thanks so much for getting back. I ask because im of the catholic religion and I’m also very spiritual but want to make sure that anyone I speak with or things I read are of relation to God, the divine. It’s a very tricky area to get involved in cause not all people with gifts are of God.

      • Rebecca Demers

        This particular article was very insightful and very inspiring for me. It makes me more confident in what I’ve read if I know you are one of God

  • sairamteja vedantam

    well pretty impressed with your writings (findings of your inner)
    Congratulations Tanaaz

  • Shilpi Debnath

    My question is to Tanaaz,
    How to understand what kind of messege the universe is sending to us? I probably believe that our universe and our higher souls contact us through various modes or mediums, but how to identify what message they are sending us exactly?

  • Lisa Vacula

    Yes, I believe I have met my twin flame and we are working on it..he knows we were to meet again and we are only 1 year, 1 one month and 2 days apart in birthdays.. there is also the sychronicity thing we have have going on as well, the 1 year, 1 month and 1,000 miles apart.. blows me away..because that is the triple 1’s and even if he is not my twin flame, he is at least from your description my soulmate.. not my life partner.. only for one reason.. the life partner thing is a bit too “boring” for excitment we have shared already and we are about 1,000 miles apart at the moment.. I plan on saying hello in the spring of 2016 if not sooner..

  • Magnetic Blue

    Many thanks Tanaaz for a great article, which reflects much of my own information regarding twin flames 🙂

    Indeed, i am lucky enough to be in a very happy twin flame (divine counterpart) relationship.

    And indeed i am at the levels you speak of and so is my flame of love 🙂 we met just 2 years ago and she knew straight out 🙂 i had to be “coached” by heaven during the early days of our meeting, but that also is/was, in connection/preparation for our divine reunion which will likely happen fully during our crossing (new earth) 😉

    Your article touched on what blossoms from a twin flame coupling and my flame and i are fully aware of, indeed, the person who will be birthing from our union, as we have met him (astrally speaking) allready 🙂

    Indeed the twin flames are the symbols of creation for they are one plus one equals three 🙂

    Magnetic Blessings of Peace Tanaaz and Many Thanks for a great article 🙂

  • Cindi Vider Tomkins

    Hi, i have just come across this article and feel the need to share my story and get feedback if possible.First of all reading the above article resonated with me deeply. I had a first love 30 years ago, we both loved each other and had a deeply moving relationship for over a year and a half ,tho we loved we were both young, when we met he was 17 and i was 18. After the relationship shifted to another type of love, we parted, friends, he is the god father of my first son. I always thought that one day our lives would again come back to that relationship. We both knew that we would always be connected. We drifted around, sometimes we would be in close contact, sometimes we didnt see each other for years at a time. But always that connection was live. 2 weeks ago he found me again, i had been searching for him for a year, he contacted me and i called him on the fone. That connection is exactly the same now as in the beginning. We have met up once in the last 2 weeks. He has mirror images of my emotional life, the search for that deep emotional connection that we shared together, we never found with another person. There are so many things about our lives that interlock with each other, i always thought we were soul mates. He has guided me and taught me things as i have for him. We have always been the others rock, even without knowing. But after reading this about twin flames, i believe that we are that. After being out of contact for 14 years and now finding each other, i thought at last that we would rejoin and be as one, but i am now unsure, he has evolved to a higher level than i. Would you describe this as a twin flame relationship.?

  • Shell A. Doucette

    Hi Tanaaz. Wonderful article yet again. I’ve been trying to shine some light on what consists as a true twin flame encounter for a few months now because I am almost certain that I’ve experienced it with someone I’ve met last spring. Here’s a brief summary of my story so far … I went to the gym near my workplace to reactivate my membership, and the rep that I was dealing with was trying to sell me on getting a personal trainer. My mind was made up as I firmly answered: “no.” But despite that, he randomly pulls aside my ‘possible’ twin flame to schedule a one-on-one free personal training orientation. A week or so later, I find myself investing in a personal trainer. During this time I was also planning to move out-of-province within the following months… Yet, suddenly that once strong desire to leave had completely left me. I felt foolish for admitting this but the only reason for wanting to stay in my current city was due to my desire to get to know my personal trainer better! When we started training, I was not myself at all around him: I would feel nervous and almost sick with butterflies before every training session from these emotions I couldn’t understand. His presence in my dreams is down-right repetitive, more so than anyone else, ever. We often run into each other randomly in our fairly sized city. Sometimes I can sense his presence before actually seeing him. And to this day I will still get these random surges of energy when I’m around him… For example, this one day he stopped by my work and I was talking to him about my travel plans for the near future–we both share a great love for travel–anyway, I don’t know if what I was saying had some sort of impact on him or what but suddenly I was overcome by this ‘crazy’ energy, it felt like I was going to have a heart attack… and it took a few minutes after he left for me to catch my breath.

    I know for a fact that I have an extreme block in my heart chakra. Therefore, I’ve yet to be able to let this friendship flourish… at all. We are still merely acquaintances who secretly feel a mysterious attraction towards one another. Tanaaz, if you have any information or direction which I could follow in order to make more sense of this situation, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Annette Hagman

    Interesting about twinflames! I have met one twinflame.
    I have been shown by spirits the Twinflamestructure as a tree. At the first level there are the core twinflame, the two souls. And under there are like kids of the mail twin and of the female twin. And they in their turn have children etc etc
    This all will be aspects of the twinflame and we sometimes meet them, we can even meet aspects of our selves….. What do you think about this tree explanation?
    I have not met my core twin but more than one oft the aspects. The strongest one were what I saw in the line directly under the core one….
    It was a very special relationship. Exacltly like you described…. We were exactly the same and at the same time the total opposite. With all of our luggage… I loved you description of getting the luggage of the other person as well as the mirror of our ownes…..

  • I met mine almost a year ago. I didn’t recognize it at first. There
    was an intense interest in who he was and somehow we connected. When I
    see him I feel grounded. I respect who he is as a person even when he’s saying
    something crazy (off the wall) in sharing experiences I just look at him
    in the most endearing way. Because in the same breath he says
    something so spiritual centered, I see God in him. Its like I see myself when I
    see him. We have so many similarities and its an amazing feeling yet
    uncomfortable for me at times. Its uncomfortable because I know where
    I’m at in my healing. I feel he’s healing himself as well.

  • Victoria

    Yes I met my twin flame when I was a teenager however he was in his mid twenties. initially we didn’t look in the eye & I think we both recognised each other by voice pitch, when we did look in the eye it was like a smack in the face, not comparable to any other chemistry, the sexual attraction was ludacris we could not keep our hands off each other within seconds of meeting or being together, I only saw him 3 times for a total of about an hour & a half, although to this day 15years later I have never experienced anything as intense, he died only a few weeks after we met & I dreamed he had died even thou I didn’t physically find out for a month later as he was a John Doe for a month, when we met I obviously never knew he was my twin I didn’t even know what a twin was until just recently & I also didn’t know for the past 15 years that he has been right by my side as my spirit guide ever since his passing – he has now stepped forward & the love I share with him is greater than anything in this world – I don’t know him I know nothing about him – I only know that I Love him beyond words without knowing how or why.

  • kyonarai

    I believe my husband is my twin flame and life partner. We are 7 years apart in age, but if we had met when we were similar ages, the chances are we would have fought instead of loved. We are so much alike it’s scary. Our birthdays our two days apart, we both have fire themed auras(his is red, mine is orange/pink), we often think the same way. And when I met him, it was like “where have you been all this time?” I felt complete for the first time in forever.

    We never really dated…once we got to know each other and were intimate for the first time, we were both content. There wasn’t a label that was needed. We eventually got married and have two children, soon to be three, and I still feel deeply connected to him.

    And I also have a soul mate life friend in his sister. I know we’ve been siblings in another life, and friends many times. I feel so strongly that we were meant to share our lives. And I’m eternally grateful that we found each other.

  • Caz Thomas

    I have found my twin flame. From the moment I saw him I felt an immediate sense of knowing him. His energy was/is golden and even my daughter commented that she noticed I couldn’t take my eyes from him. Due to his lifestyle we have become close friends, and I feel that I am whole again 🙂

  • delilah

    Hello Tanaaz
    if I may ask please. 12 years ago I met someone. Upon meeting I felt a vibration. My legs almost giving way. As if my mind awakened without my body. As if i had a little me in my mind viewing via camera lens to the ourside. I felt scared at the time.

    Since chilhood Ive been aware. But diaregarded it as age progresssed. This person and I had short union. Then drifted apart. We are now intouch again. I am more aware and in tune now.. since before meeting him.. I began naturally back into state of conciousness. He even commented that Ive matured.. i guess he feels a different presence about me. I feel all the connections the knowing etc and seem to take on his emotion.. once it took me 3 weeks to recover.

    My questions are..

    Why and what was the energy I felt?
    I cant distinguish from LP SM TF..Im being level headed.. what do you think?

    Thankyou xx

    • Hi Delilah, to be honest i am not entirely sure what you experienced but it definitely sounds like your soul was able to recognize something in this other person. You may have to use your intuition and perhaps also be patient and get to know this person on a physical level first before you can really determine the nature of your connection. Hope that helps.

  • tj

    I think I met my twin flame. When we met, I walked up ro him and asked if he was married. He was going through a divorce. We were in a group together at almost similar stages. I could feel if he was behind me, he has a very strong energy so I feel him when near me. We srood in a a room and he was looking out window and out of nowhere I felt the words be pulled feom my throat, “I love you”. he took me ro dinner and bashed his exwife how she was in bed and I thought he isnt over her yet so it turned me into a crazy person. I would hit on him ask him to have sex all kinds of immature crap due to being scared and attention seeking because I do not like to ccompete for a mans love. He’d nblow it off, never saying yes, never saying no. I saw him at a meeting and he walked out and up to me and he reminded me, his hair on how similar we look almost as he transdormed for me sorta hard to explain and he’d always come to me if he saw me. I had to ignore his energy, him, in company (immature). I walked in his moms house with my boyfriend and looked at his baby picture and the tbought, I knew it came to mind. We were similar looking. We have the same long chin as adults. We are simlar yet differe t. I once was wearing a really nice outfit and looked at him and felt a twinkle come from.his eye to mine, like a flash off light, as he admired me. I have read his mind, like a song would come to.mind and then I’d look st something on social media and he had posted same song. Mind you, I have chased himnand he has blown me off. I have an anxiousness to know him but also want it exclusively. We are always in relationships. We are both married now with kids. I dont understand it. He isnt and wont talk to me. So Im confused if all this is just my psychic sensitivity or what but I know,he always made me want to be better. I remember he walked by me, I thought I want to quit smoking – he had quit years ago. I made love to my boyfriend his ex roommate abd I could feel his energy. This is not normal. I am empath and psychic but he is a very strong energy and I cant tell if Im just a physic vanpire wanting his energy or if he is my other half. Mind you we had similar interests at the time. He is an iover achiever, Im not so much. I have it in me self.motivated and can do what ever I want and it but doing it… for some reason, I look at him and saynifnhe can donit I can. Im better at it because Im more charasmic naturally, he more a student. But he has had what I wanted since I met him and he will not give it to me becaue after that date, I went crazy acting and he’s never stopped me and asked…

    He had a question noone could answer and I had seen him in two yrs and I answered it not knowing his major in college. Ut answerd it correctly which he acknowledged by changing but not communicating with me. Come to find out when I looked at his autobio he was a hstory major and the subjext he was getting his degree in was yet another form of history but with spiritual context and thats who I explained it.

    He wont acknowledge me on a physical level. I cant decide if Im just crazy and obsessive. I dont knownif he can feel it to. I dont know anything.I do know what I feel and pick up though. Any thoughts?

  • Mary Le Gierse

    I think my twin might be someone who is no longer living on the physical plane that I have never met as “myself” in this lifetime. I’m trying to make sense of all this. I feel crazy for having such intense attraction and love for someone I have never “known” and I haven’t had great success talking about this bond with other people–it just seems strange to them that I consider a person born 250 years before me (to whom no one in my family has had a prior connection) to be on the level of spouse or brother. I love this person so much that I have not only spent the last twenty years learning and mastering his language; I am also now an expert on the period and place in which he lived to the point of being a few weeks away from a Ph.D. I know that there is much more “going on” here that I can conceive of as an earth-based human and I am frustrated. Any suggestions?

  • Mattie Watts

    Yes I have

  • Moon

    I feel relieved reading your explanations for LP, SM, & TF. I am currently married to my Life Partner. He is my rock, we have deep trust, great friendship, a baby boy and a slow love. But it was the split with (what I now believe to be) my twin flame that set me on the path to my LP. My twin flame was an intense meeting like the world fading out around me and silence dropping in a crowded room. His space creating space around me and within me. He was glowing before me. It was an intense and brief relationship, but at 10 years stale, I still have dreams where we meet to work out our feelings. Sometimes during meditation I feel I travel to him or he is in my mind. Our split was not what I wanted personally, but I felt I had to let go of him in order to rectify mistakes of this existence and transgressions against my family. Our meeting did cause the most profound spiritual awakening for me, but I believe I opened up energies too soon, and it catapulted our circumstances against each other. Sometimes I feel guilty for still thinking about him, it’s like he’s burned a tattoo on my being and I am hiding it from my life partner. I love my life partner and I am committed to him in this life, but how do I come to terms with the missed reality with my twin flame?

    • Thank you for sharing your story Moon. Due to the nature of the Twin Flame I feel that the “cords” will probably never leave you. Instead of feeling guilty about having them, simply send them love and light and honor them for what they are. The connection that you shared with your TF will always be special and will always be with your soul. Make peace with it and I feel it will have less of a grip on your life. Hope that helps! I have not met my TF yet I believe, but this is my feeling surrounding your situation 🙂

  • AKS

    I met my Twin flame last month, the moment I met him I and
    he was trying to do the same thing. we both are married to two different
    persons in life. My life has changed drastically the moment I met him. The day,
    I saw his eyes, I could see the worlds beautiful eyes in his and an intense
    pull from his eyes. From that moment onwards, I am torn apart, I went to temple
    and prayed for the first time in my life, I could feel the pain growing more to
    be with him and to see him everytime. His face never went out my eyes. For the
    first time, in my entire life I could actually feel someone subconsciously and
    Deep down inside I wanted to be with him.. but I did not have the courage to
    talk to him or to face his eyes. The energy that was coming from him to me was
    to intense actually I could feel it, but I have never felt it with anyone else.
    I could see him in my dreams and get up in the middle of the night and cry. I
    could feel choking or my heart beat faster or even my stomach and heart aches until
    I see him or his photo which I check in the facebook everyday. I would be sad
    the whole day that he did not see me and the moment he sees me, the entire day
    is done. I could not explain anything about the energy which i feel when he is
    around. I was an atheist before this experience. Well after this, I have
    different spiritual awakening inside me. I have become more complete with him
    and I dont want to become or do anything or get anything after this feeling. I
    had dreams of going into a senior leadership roles in companies, now i dont
    have any aim or anything else does makes any sense. All these dream, money and
    relationship looks like materialistic to me now. but in my community, if I
    chose any one after marriage it is wrong and my personal ethics too will not
    allow it do it. As my husband and daughter has supported me in everything and I
    dont want anything wrong to happen to him because of my decisions or I am not
    ready for any affairs which will spoil my and his name. All I wanted is he
    needs to be happy and he needs to see me. I know a moment will come when I may
    not be able to see him for years, but I know I will see him in dreams and
    subconsciously i could feel him, so this moment will be the very difficult ones
    in my entire life… but I dont have a choice, I am not running from this,..
    but destiny is doing this .. maybe we are not met to reunion this life… I
    dont know if they will be another life… but I love a person unconditionally
    without any expectations, or desires or any other worldy reasons. I just want
    him to be happy always and I want myself to be his emotional supporter always.
    He could shout at me, or yell at me or he could tell his life problems, for the
    first time in my life, I really wanted only to hear and not talk instead for a
    change. I want to hear his voice, his choices, about his family, wife and what
    he believes in and what he does not sometimes.. i want to tell about myself too
    very little.. Then if i really matter to him or not… I am waiting for the
    universe to decide on itself what will be the decision on this relationship.

    • thank you for sharing! yes, sometimes there can be a lot of power in just handing things over to the universe in order to be guided. blessings to you

      • AKS

        Hi Tanaaz,
        Thanks for your comments. I feel my Twin flame misunderstood me… I feel very sad when he feels like that,,, I was a person who was not even open for a relationship that time,,,, and it is paining too much… do you think there is a way to reduce this pain… Whenever in my life, I was faced with problems before, I would fight with God and so much Angry with him.. but now even though I missed my twin flame a lot and feel very bad that I could not see him when I was single but never even for a second, I have any anger on God.. because everytime I see him, I feel like seeing God creation in perfect sense… its not like he is perfect.. he has his own flaws even similar to me..
        Not Sure, how things will go from here… but I know that there will always be a place in my heart where he will be there.
        May God help me and everybody in this Journey.

  • Jacqui Burnett

    I sure did – a beautiful and extremely painful experience. Yes, self love if definitely the key. I am sure he is getting there. I share a poem I wrote about the experience- I am sure most will relate to it.

    • thanks for sharing Jacqui! Great poem

  • Dee

    Hi Tanaaz, I read both your articles about the soulmate and life partners and then the tiwn flame above. I think I may have met my twin flame. However, even though we resonate on the same frequency she does not believe the connection. I refused to believe it at first until we both read up about it. How do you know for sure that it’s a twin flame and not a soulmate? I can associate both soulmate and twin flame descriptions to our connection. It’s just very confusing.

    Hope you can help clarify

    • Hi Dee, thanks for your question! This is where you have to use your intuition and work out what resonates more strongly for you. Perhaps you can do a meditation on it to gain some clarity. Often in time, the answer does become clearer. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

      • Dee

        Thank you so much

  • Sherisse Scott

    Thank you!❤

  • Thanks for posting this. This is the most concise and accurate description of what a Twin Flame (TF) actually is. Though I have always been very spiritual, and highly intuitive, and always believed in the
    concept of Twin Flames, I was always reluctant to claim I am in a relationship with one because I know that it is a very rare occurrence that happens only to some, and because I see that the “spiritual industry” uses the term irresponsibly, making people believe that an extreme wanting or attraction is a Twin Flame energy.

    I recently met my Twin Flame, and honestly, I am not sure if we will stay together. It has always been known that TF couples don’t always stay together forever, and having experienced the energy of a TF, I would like to share the experience with all of you.

    You see, I have met someone whom I recognize energetically. This has never happened before. His energy is identical to mine, therefore there was a recognition when we met. The energy was NOT an extreme attraction, that only happens when two energies are different and when we sense the gap in the
    difference of the two peoples, and we call that attraction. But with Twin Flames (TF), the process feels different. And here is how:

    1) There is no “getting to know you” period. We already know each other. Completely.

    2) Communication is unnecessary. We already feel the way the other feels, so there is no need to discuss anything personal. We both feel each other’s trust, intentions, respect, and each other’s energy.

    3) His energy feels like my resting energy, therefore that “recognition” feels like comfort, Not

    4) I am in a relationship with a mirror. This means he is me and I am him. Our temperaments
    are the same, our energies are the same, most our opinions are the same, etc.

    5) The love came fast, and came naturally, not because we did anything to grow it, but because
    we each love ourselves and can openly and fearlessly love the other, knowing we cannot get hurt, or hurt each other.

    All of this sounds beautiful, and truly is an amazing experience. But here is where I now see how and why Twin Flames don’t always stay together.

    1) There is no Need, Neediness, or Needing of the other person. Need is a very unhealthy energy that kills relationships, but here it is like there is no need for me to be in a relationship with Myself.

    2) There is nothing to get to know or discover in the other person. He is, in every sense of the word, me. The more I look inside him, the more of myself I see. This can be a bit boring and unexciting.

    3) We have very little to learn from one another. In my previous relationships, I always walked away with a lesson (good or bad), and always enjoyed getting to know a person’s background, culture, soul, what makes them tick. I already know this about my TF up front.

    And so, I see that because I am now in a relationship with my mirror, I am wondering how long, if at all this can last. I am not analyzing, and simply letting the relationship take its course and see how it unfolds. From our first few days together, it felt like we have been together for eons. What can I learn from this person? How far can each individual go in life, before we see that we do not need each other at all?

    Don’t get me wrong, being with my Twin Flame is absolutely beautiful. He is the most loving, kind, upfront, giving, generous, honest, trustworthy person I have ever met in my life. He is just as intuitive as I am (he senses energy, the way I do), he is as independent as I am and thrives in his own personal space. So perhaps, if we simply let the other be, we can make this work. But I think we are both okay with this not working out at all.

    • stevez

      Hi, and Thank you for your thoughts. This is truly the first time I have heard the term, Twin Flame and am not 100% certain that this is finally the answer I have been looking for, as far as to try to explain the relationship I have been in for just over 8 years with someone 29 years younger than I. If you read my post, (it was written just now and I did not go into much), you’ll see my description of how we first met. The most important difference I see between what you describe, and others including Tanaaz, is that we know we will be together for the rest of our lives and beyond. We are Not lovers, but experience the most intense desire to be together, with each other always. While, yes in many ways this is a mirror relationship, we still learn from one another, have intricate differences and aid each other to understanding those differences and in most cases one of us changes to the others way of thinking or doing things without question or concern and not to “give in” to the other, but to truly get what the others way of doing or thinking actually works better for either of us and we change….always for the better! Family and friends on both sides do not understand this relationship, are angered by it, in many cases have tried to put an end to it. They question it, especially due to the age difference, which, by the way, has NEVER been an issue to either one of us. We do not see age, we see each others Soul and nothing more. We learn from each other, read and study together, are entertained by one another and absolutely, without question, totally complete each other. We both have been searching for each other all our lives and the evening of the day we met, held each other in a loving embrace and remained that way, crying on each others shoulders, for hours. Crying out of happiness for finding each other and how ecstatic the feeling was at knowing, without ever speaking a word to each other, just by meeting across a room through our sighting of each other, again knowing who we were and that we had finally found what we were looking for. This is the first time, as I have said, that I have come across this term Twin Flame and this website. It has excited me to read and post on, but I may still be incorrect in perceiving that this defines our relationship. Your thoughts, questions and input are Gratefully Welcomed…….stevez

      • you know, i receive a lot of comments like this, wondering if in fact the person that you have met is indeed a twin flame, and i have come to realize that perhaps the label doesn’t really matter. perhaps there are many different connections in the spirit world that we are yet to truly understand. We have all heard of soulmates before, that could be one type of connection and there are also kindred spirits and twin flames. Maybe there are others as well, which is why either one of those definitions may not fit? also, it really depends on how the relationship manifests in your life and what energy you meet the relationship with. I think at the end of the day, it is whatever feels right to you. but clearly in your relationship there is an unexplainable bond that goes so much deeper than just this lifetime. Twin flame? That is up to you to decide 🙂 i hope that helps!!!

  • David

    After the first time I met a girl, I have constantly seen her in the bus every time I went to school and returned home. Since the beginning I felt something going on inside of me, different from anything I ever felt in my life, much bigger than love. I can’t ever stop thinking about her, not for a second, not even if I really want to.
    I see her in my mind, her smile and every memory of her. Something tells me that I know her from my distant soul past, from my past lives or whatever, and that we’re alike. She’s one year smaller than me but she changed me and my life comepletely. Does all this mean she’s my twin flame or soulmate ?

  • Kelly a

    I just had a hulucinagenic experience in which I was laying down next to my boyfriend. I was entering a 5th dimension and density because I wasn’t entirely physical and I had a very heightened awareness. When I was in this state I felt strongly that he was my twin and that I was looking at a part of myself. I thought that we may have been physically twins in a past life. When I looked up being twins in a past life on google the next day, I found the term twin flame which I have never heard before. This is why I am sure this is what we are.

    Let me know what you think

  • kall

    Wonder if I can help on this one? I met well what I consider my soulmate, life partner and twin flame….. I mean is that possible? Having been married before and divorced now 16yrs I vowed never to marry. In that time only had two relationships. I always told my mum I live alone I shall die alone.
    Went to India in Feb of this year for 7 weeks.
    what happened is beyond anything have ever experienced. I vowed not to meet anyone or let my mum find a partner for me (I’m Indian). As I was with my brothers and the trip was to take & scatter my dads ashes. At the memorial I met this beautiful soul. As soon as I looked at her I was captivated, and knew that I knew her yet we had never met before. Last time I was in India she wasn’t even born. in 7 weeks we got so close so much in common. A moment away it hurt, it felt wrong. I know many will say its a new relationship and honeymoon period. It’s not like that. This feels so….. known her forever. So imagine how its been im back in the UK, been here 2 months, we chat almost every day and whatsapp, face book. I have felt her presence in my room at night, standing by the bed, even sleeping next to me. She has sensed me also. I have loved before but this is different, it’s so powerful for us both we do find it frightening. What I don’t understand is why now? I mean the age gap is enormous also the fact is she s my second cousin, and it’s something I would never dream of doing so in the past. I can sense her so much. 90% of the time I can tell when she will send e a message.
    There is so much in common, and most importantly we really want to marry. I know family won’t agree, but I feel without her my life as well as hers is over. Why is this energy so powerful. Even now writing this I can feel her energy. She is coming to uk for about 4 months in July, wow it’s going to feel like I am whole.
    I didn’t know love could be so powerful. We are so linked even though I am so much older…… what do I do I wonder?

  • Jill Pittman

    This is the worst explanation ive ever heard of twin flames.. its like someone heard about it from a friend and made up some wrong bullshit to fill in the blanks. Disappointing to see something so beautiful be totally obliterated.

  • Bob Smith

    my twin flame is a carrot. I know its crazy but I can just feel it. ever since it came into the house I can feel it. my girlfriend isn’t very happy about it but what are you gonna do, right?

    • Shizuo Heiwajima

      R u serious?

    • niclouis

      That is hilarious. Makes me want to LOL!

  • jaxla7

    Yes and I keep denying it but as I read these articles my heart sinks. The intense draw I feel towards this person is immense. Our lives are so different yet similar and it was an instant connection where it was just random how we found each other and fell right into sync. I felt so me and so free. Sadly, I think they were not ready for that and I don’t have enough self love to lay it all on the line and express myself. So that’s that.

    • Eleanor Pople

      I really feel for you.
      I met my flame on an Internet site which I really shouldn’t have been on at that point as was in a low place & wasn’t over my ex (soul mate). This resulted in me pushing him away multiple times and mentioning my ex to often. I also had depression. I had actually seen him in a dream I had when I was younger and at other points in my life. I told him I loved him really soon but the relationship was weird. It went too fast & he smothered me with gifts & I met all his family within the first few weeks. I asked him if he would give me a second chance after a couple of months but he said no. I feel the whole thing was soo odd. I didn’t have any feelings when I was with him due to my depression but he doesn’t understand and said he wasn’t strong enough. He had feelings for me immediately but due to my behaviour they reduced over time. I am not interested in finding anyone else after this and am working on myself instead. Not sure if he was the one but unfortunately it’s now to late. Advice please?

      • jaxla7

        Well I am definitely inexperienced in the love department. What I can say is that life works in weird ways. It may seem too late but time is really a funny thing and works on its own schedule. If it is truly meant to be it will present itself again. I think it is great to work on yourself and focus on that because otherwise thinking about what if scenarios can eat you up inside. Sometimes also, they say twin flames may not be meant to be together for this lifetime. All in all there are other soul mates out there for you that will make you happy and give you a fulfilling life. Just have faith.

  • Lucy Langley


  • Lucy Langley

    Hello! I have often thought about twin flames and soul mates. I think my husband is my twinflame and I am very lucky to have him in my life. I have been trying to learn more and write more about psychics, soulmates, light workers and twinflames. I think by writing about them I am able to help people

  • Elizabeth

    Twin Flame? I have no idea, but I do know we fit the description. We first 28 years ago. We met through my soon to be husband who had known him & his wife for over 10 years, and so began our lifelong friendship. When we met, I was 31, and he was 33. Looking back I realize we were drawn to each other. We laughed together, and talked, and we felt like old friends around each other from the very beginning. Not that we ever talked about “our” friendship, cause we didn’t. We just genuinely liked each other. The friendship grew. Our marriages were rocky & difficult, but not because of us.. Our friendship extended to social situations for the first 12 years we knew each other. (Both of us are still in the same marriages.)
    Out of those 28 years, we’ve been intimate for 14 of them; 16 years if I count the first time I had sex with him (he didn’t approach me sexually again for another two years). We never set out to hurt anyone, nor to end our marriages. All we’ve ever done is make each other feel good, and feel wanted. We did an excellent job of that by always giving each other the very best of ourselves. We have always looked into each other’s eyes & given each other total honesty. We have always respected each other to such an extent that in all those 28 years we have never once had an angry conversation (and I’m being 100% honest about that, unlikely as it is).
    Then, out of nowhere, during the first 4 months of this year, our relationship completely changed. When we looked into each other’s eyes, as we always had, we both felt something that words don’t begin to describe. We couldn’t define it (still can’t) although we tried. We couldn’t explain it. We didn’t know what to do with it. And, most important, there was no going back to the way we were. All we could do was feel.
    It’s now a few months later, almost fall. In those few months, he has shared his life with me, his broken heart, and his fears. He has let me into the parts of his life that are threatening to destroy him; feelings he’s kept inside and never shared with anyone. In the early years, he was my rock…. Now, I am his.
    I am now 59, and he is 61. The feeling that we are sharing each other’s pain, that we know each other’s thoughts, desires, everything, is indescribable, and is so intense that we feel it physically. We see it in each other’s eyes, and it’s everything we are. It’s all we’ll ever need to know… The love, trust, and respect we have always had for each other must have been the stepping stones to this… It’s something infinitely more. No matter what happens in life, no one can ever take that away from us.
    Twin flames? Best friends? Lovers? Whatever we are, we are forever…

  • Alya Ellyana

    is it possible for the twin souls not to have any romantic feelings because in my case we’re both girls and im 100% sure that there’s no romanic feelings involved

  • Louis

    When I was growing up, I had horrible experiences dealing with hearing loss and being bullied. Through the years as I got older into my mid 30s I often found my self filled with self doubt. I was over weight, married and very unhappy and just trying to get by. Eventually I learned to eat right, started running and really changed my life around. In the process of getting in shape, my wife who has always had weight problems began to pull away from me. Our marriage really began to fall apart and working over 60 miles from home I began sleeping at my parents house closer to work. There was no communication, nothing.
    I’m a school teacher and one day a teacher aid was sent to my room to fill a position. This was four years ago in February of 2012. As soon as that door opened up and I saw this girl walk in I was speechless. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. I immediately became aroused(but please let me explain this, yes I was aroused in a sexual sense because she was beautiful but I felt AWAKE, like something inside of me turned on that had never existed). I introduced myself and she did the same and I introduced her to the students and we carried on. She was sent to my room again and again and each time it was the same result. Again i felt awake, there was something in my chest by my heart that was pulsing. A few days later she was in there again and I was in the front of the room teaching and the kids were talking low so I was straining to hear and I cupped my ear and asked him to repeat his question. At the end of that class she approached me and asked me if I had a hearing disability and I told her yes. I took out my hearing aids and showed them since I was long past the point of insecurities. She looked at me and said “I have a hearing disability too, deaf in one ear and 40% left in the other one” BOOM. The spark was lit and we began talking more and more and as the months progressed we became closer and realized we’d been through a lot of the same experiences growing up. The age difference meant nothing it is, I was 36 and she was 23. We began going to deaf events together, something I have never embraced. It was a whirlwind and little by little we began telling each other how we felt about each other without coming outright and saying it. In June she came to me and told me how she felt about me (finally!) and I told her how I felt about her. I explained that my marriage was over, I was almost at my parents full time and only going home to get clothes etc. we ended up kissing and I had the strongest pull in my stomach that I’ve ever had in my life. I stopped and she looked at me speechless and I said “did you feel that?” And she said “yes”
    The relationship became more intimate. We were never apart and alway talking and really bonding together. We talked at length about the connection we both felt to each other. When the relationship became really physical the intimacy went through the roof. Neither one of us had ever felt something like that before. It was the single most powerful feeling i ever felt and I can’t even begin to describe what it was. She admitted the same to me and I really saw it when she looked at me during our times together.
    In October of 2012 it came time for me to make up my mind about home and what I was going to do there. Divorce, fix it, essentially poop or get off the pot. The girl and I had a conversation that ended with me telling her I had to think things through with a lot of stuff and needless to say it ended, it wasn’t good.
    I have bipolar disorder and I crashed bad one night in November of 2012. I hurt myself and a lot of other people that night. The one person who knew where I was, was the girl. If my friends hadn’t figured out where I was I can only imagine the end result. She left me there, never came, nothing.
    At some point in the ensuing months, hurt depressed and devastated I began lashing out at her in terrible ways. I couldn’t come to grips with the notion that someone who I had this intense connection with and who had told me the same, would just leave that person to die.
    It’s been 4 years since that night and I am still not over it. I have a psychiatrist, a counselor and a lot of meds and I have not been able to come to grips with any of it. There isn’t a day that goes by where I haven’t woken up thinking about her and our time together. My wife and I ended up getting back together and we are still working things out four years later as well.
    I’ve had therapists tell me that she was more than likely my twin flame which would explain the overwhelming connection we felt. All I know now is 4 years later my heart is still broken and I have no idea how to let it go or understand what it was that she touched inside my soul. I am, to this day, devestated.
    Please, somebody help me. It’s to the point that I can barely even function.

  • stevez

    WOW! I don’t know what else to say. I have Never heard of a Twin Flame relationship, and have always considered Soul Mates as the describing term for being truly connected to another individual. However, I have struggled with this term as well, as I believe there is just 1 other soul that you can honestly be connected to on such a high & deep level, that it is TRULY UNIQUE and it is a relationship that 99.9% of us either never find, or don’t recognize when we do. I meet my “Twin Flame,” (I’m going to struggle with this term as well), 8 years ago and we are 29 years difference in age. I have had many friends, and people I have loved dearly, come and go throughout my life, but the moment I met this person, we instantly connected on such a level that it shook my inner being. It was instantaneous, from across a room full of people in my home, our eyes met and we both knew, at that moment, our souls were meant to be together, that we completed each other on a higher dimensional level, that subconsciously we did not have to be introduced to realize that we had both been searching for one another, all our lives, and to this day, over 8 years later, nothing has changed this connection, it has only grown stronger day to day, moment to moment. We are Not Lovers, which I feel is Very important to point out. Regardless if we are, or are not physically attracted to one another has absolutely No meaning to, or bearing on this relationship. When two people are ‘in Love” and due to whatever circumstance, they become separated, they’ve broke up, or broke off the relationship, there is a physical ache within their bodies. Their heart aches, their not in control of their emotions and cry for their loss of what they define as True Love. However, time heals this aching and they move on. Well, my “Twin Flame” and I have become separated, not due to a break up of sorts, but due to necessities I’m not going to go into right now. We both know this is temporary and the day will come when we will be back together. This separation took place 3 months ago, and even though we will be back together within the next 3 months, not a day goes by that my Soul doesn’t long for and physically ache. I cry uncontrollably every day and the ache within me just does not subside. We talk 2-3 times a week and text each other numerous times a day. Sometimes, without realizing it, especially late at night, I will go out for a cigarette and start to walk. This turns into wondering, sometimes for hours, and when I finally return home, I sit and contemplate what has just happened. My only explanation is that my Innermost being, my Soul, takes over my body and mind and wonders aimlessly, searching and sobbing and weeping for it’s other half. About a month ago, I changed the way in which I pray. Through meditation I have learned to connect deep within myself, to connect to the deepest recesses of my Soul and Innermost spaces of my heart and use that connection while I pray, out loud, sometimes in a whisper, but vocally out loud, and I have started to feel, what I call my Angels, surround me, comfort me, guide me, listen to me and sometimes, rarely, but sometimes hear them and Everything Has Changed for the better. I’m going to stop here, but welcome an open discussion with ANYONE who has had a similar experience, for I still truly believe that my “Twin Flame,” (I’m sorry, but this term has not grown on me yet), and I have a VERY UNIQUE relationship that I have NEVER seen or heard anyone throughout my life talk about or try to descibe because it has not existed for them or they do not believe such a relationship Can exist.

  • Jamie Gies

    I believe I have met either my twin flame or soulmate when I was 18. We connected immediately and we were highly attracted to one another on many levels. When we were together it was heavenly and I had no stresses in the world. He taught me so much. But it felt at times that he wasn’t ready for me. I don’t really know what happened and we went our separate ways. He has tried to contact me a few times throughout years but I never fully committed to reconnecting since I found my life partner. I wanter to be true to my life partner because I knew that if I tried to even talk to my soul mate or twin flame that I would easily go to him. I had to block him not to mention that his life partner also didn’t like me. I understand, she had every right to be upset with me. Anyways, the hardest part of this is that my soul mate or twin flame passed away almost a year ago from a car accident and I have never been the same. I feel for him everyday. I was perfectly fine and happy that we both had our life partners and we were both happy and it didn’t hurt me at all knowing that he was happy. But I feel now that he is gone everyday and the pain is unbelievable. I have watched his life partner already move on less then a year after his death. She does still mourn him but she found another person to love and that makes me extremely mad. It is no joke I think about him everyday and I constantly think that if I had stayed (gone the other way) that I could have changed his life and he would still be here today. I just don’t know if he was my soul mate or twin flame. I will say that the sexual attraction was also very intense but when we spent time together we had not worried about a thing in the world. It was amazing. I never was able to get some answers from him that I longed to ask like did he really love me? Did he want to be with me as bad as I wanted to be with him? Where we just too young? But he is gone now and I really don’t know what to do. I feel so lost constantly and eternally sad to much sometimes that I feel my chest hurting as if my heart is actually breaking. What do I do or can I do now?

  • Mona Lofaso-Verrico

    I did meet my twin flame. This was many years ago. I never had a relationship like that one and did not recognize it at the time. We lost track of each other. A couple years ago I was looking for him and could not find him. He told me in a dream where to find him. He had passed.

  • Mona Lofaso-Verrico

    These posts are so wonderful to read. When I met mine the energy was completely different than anyone I had ever experienced before or since. I was married to someone else and he was gay. We opened up to each other, but we already knew each other. He was much further along his spiritual path and had suffered from tremendous loneliness in childhood. As a mother I picked up on that and he on the abuse in my marriage. We loved each other unconditionally. And that relationship was my first experience w emotional intimacy. He wanted nothing more than to take care of me.
    When we heal another, we heal ourselves. It was after we bonded that we fell in love. It started w him. I sort of dismissed him at first and let him chase me all he wanted.
    He loved the chase. Sadly our careers took us off on other directions.
    However, in late 14 and early 15 I tried to find him. I was sure he lived in S.F. I could not find him,
    He came to me in a dream and told me to look for him on NY.
    I found him in an obit. Brooklyn,
    Since then I have been contacted by a half sister who is trying to put the family back together. They shared the same father who fathered multiple children w multiple women. Several of the children including the man I loved have repressed all their childhood memories and died in isolation. I am now trying to help her break the chain as my twin flame guides us from beyond the veil.

  • Sanjha

    It was more than butterflies. There was absolutely NO way I could miss that it was an outstanding moment with someone. It was unmistakable and unforgettable. It highlighted someone with floodlights and fireworks. NO ONE else has ever done that in my decades on this Earth.

    I felt an electrical surge from top to bottom, which focused and lingered inside my head, inside my chest, inside the area of my stomach and made the top of my head tingle. I used to remember it as bottom to top, but it was the other way. I felt a current of energy flowing through me and I was vibrating internally. It almost physically moved me when it first ‘hit’. Literally.

    I was in this internal vibrating, blissful, connected place for at least 3 hours. I spent that time enjoying it, but observing it carefully also. I felt the presence of someone with me in my energy. I hope it’s her, because I saw her 3-D image in my mind’s eye looking at me and I ‘knew’ it was her from the place where I know my own name.

    This began by thinking loving thoughts and wondering if I could send them to my much younger whatever she is, who is 8,000 miles away. It happened immediately, the moment I concentrated on her and saw her in my mind’s eye with a cord between us. The thought to do it just occurred to me as I was working at my desk one Sunday afternoon in 2013. I’ve never believed in that stuff before or thought about it; but that afternoon, I was so interested in her and wanted to convey something meaningful to her that I tried it.

    That was almost 3 years ago. It has been happening to a lesser degree nearly daily since then. I feel her. Out of the blue, her image pops into my mind’s eye and then I feel this bliss and this love and feel like she is with me in spirit. Sometimes I feel presence. Sometimes I feel like she’s kissed me.

    Then, I stop everything else and focus on her. It’s a conscious action, but I observe what’s happening, I don’t imagine it. I feel a kind of limited communication in thought forms or sometimes emotions.

    She had an experience where she ”discovered herself” and had some kind of joyful, blissful experience where she saw images in her mind of things I had described to her once. On the whole, she doesn’t recognize me as anything in particular nor does she tell me that she’s feeling anything other than joy and peace during that one experience that I helped her have back in January.

    There have been strange synchronicities. She ‘likes’ a designer on Facebook which just happens to be my nickname from childhood- with the exact spelling. We once came out with the same sentence at the same time, an unusual one at that, not a common thing that two people would say at the same time. She came all the way from India, working in a North American concert tour, and I wound up at the same hotel as she and I actually talked to her face to face. We were both pretty stunned to meet there so unexpectedly. I tried to duplicate it 2 more times during the tour and failed. The oddest was when I accidentally discovered that on her Twitter account page, her birthdate was mine, in October. Yet, on my PC and my new phone and everywhere else, it shows her actual date, in May. I never shared my birthdate with Twitter.

    I believe that I have a TF. I believe that I had a kundalini awakening; a spiritual connection and feeling of physical presence; I often see the image of my TF in 3D clarity popping up in my mind’s eye without previous thought; we have said the same thing at the same time; I have me intuited things that are important to her, etc.

    We are different ages, religions, cultures, Races, and are separated by a hemisphere. We’ve met once face to face and it was an energizing, positive experience! In fact, it was unexpected, unrepeatable- because I tried, and out of the blue.

    Now, my TF told me about the person she’s dating. I was quite jealous of the previous person whom I thought she was dating. This current person, however, I am not upset in the least about, although she says he’s approaching ‘the one’ status for her. I’m filled with a little excitement over this. I’m kind of attracted to him myself. I also feel a positive, happy anticipation which I can’t explain. Talk to me. Please.

  • Brittany

    This article hit me hard. I KNEW whenever I met my boyfriend that we had a connection beyond understanding. We felt like weve known each other forever and that we know everything about one another from the first moment. We have felt like we’ve been in love for lifetimes before. We were born on the same day & same year. We are the same in and out. We go together like twin souls. I understand him and he understands me. We’ve only been dating for 6 months but I feel like I’ve known him my entire life and beyond this one. Thank you for this amazing article. I hope me and my Aries twin will live on together in this lifetime and future lifetimes as well. ❤️

  • Sanjha

    I’m trying really hard to post this, but your moderator won’t post it.

    It was more than butterflies. There was absolutely NO way I could miss that it was an outstanding moment with someone. It was unmistakable and unforgettable. It highlighted someone with floodlights and fireworks. NO ONE else has ever done that in my decades on this Earth.
    I felt an electrical surge from top to bottom, which focused and lingered inside my head, inside my chest, inside the area of my stomach and made the top of my head tingle. I used to remember it as bottom to top, but it was the other way. I felt a current of energy flowing through me and I was vibrating internally. It almost physically moved me when it first ‘hit’. Literally. I observed it and analyzed it, but did not originate it or fantasize it.
    I was in this internal vibrating, blissful, connected place for at least 3 hours. I spent that time enjoying it, but observing it carefully also. I felt the presence of someone with me in my energy. I hope it’s her, because I saw her 3-D image in my mind’s eye looking at me and I ‘knew’ it was her from the place where I know my own name.
    This began by thinking loving thoughts and wondering if I could send them to my much younger whatever she is, who is 8,000 miles away. It happened immediately, the moment I concentrated on her and saw her in my mind’s eye with a cord between us. The thought to do it just occurred to me as I was working at my desk one Sunday afternoon in 2013. I’ve never believed in that stuff before or thought about it; but that afternoon, I was so interested in her and wanted to convey something meaningful to her that I tried it.
    That was almost 3 years ago. It has been happening to a lesser degree nearly daily since then. I feel her. Out of the blue, her image pops into my mind’s eye and then I feel this bliss and this love and feel like she is with me in spirit. Sometimes I feel presence. Sometimes I feel like she’s kissed me.
    Then, I stop everything else and focus on her. It’s a conscious action, but I observe what’s happening, I don’t imagine it. I feel a kind of limited communication in thought forms or sometimes emotions.
    She had an experience in January where she ”discovered herself” and had some kind of joyful, blissful experience where she saw images in her mind of things I had described to her once. She said that I gave her the joy and helped her discover something significant about herself.
    On the whole, she doesn’t behave or talk like she recognizes me as a soulmate or TF. So far, she’s told me about the feeling of joy and peace during that one experience that I helped her have back in January. One other time, she said she wished she was with me when she saw a photo of a sunset that I took on my way home from work. She also wrote that she wished we could have our chat conversation “face to face”- when I replied that I had wished for that for years, she wrote, “I know… I could feel it in your letters.”
    There have been strange synchronicities. She ‘likes’ a designer on Facebook which just happens to be my nickname from childhood- with the exact spelling. We once came out with the same sentence at the same time, an unusual one at that, not a common thing that two people would say at the same time. She came all the way from India, working in a North American concert tour, and I wound up at the same hotel as she and I actually talked to her face to face. We were both pretty stunned to meet there so unexpectedly. I tried to duplicate it 2 more times during the tour and failed. The oddest was when I accidentally discovered that on her Twitter account page, her birthdate was mine, in one month. Yet, on her own phone, my PC, and my new phone, it shows her actual date, in a different month. I never shared my birthdate with Twitter.
    I believe that I have a TF. I believe that I had a kundalini awakening; a spiritual connection and feeling of physical presence; I often see the image of my TF in 3D clarity popping up in my mind’s eye without previous thought; we have said the same thing at the same time; I have me intuited things that are important to her, etc.
    She’s 33 now, but I am older; different religions, different cultures and Races, and are separated by a hemisphere. Thank God she’s amazing at English, because I don’t know Hindi or Malayalam. We’ve met once face to face and it was an energizing, positive experience! In fact, it was unexpected, unrepeatable- because I tried.
    Now, my TF told me about the person she’s dating. I was quite jealous of the previous person whom I thought she was dating. I still bristle when I think of the potential that they were dating.
    This current person, however, I am not upset in the least about, although she says it’s heading in the direction of permanent for her. I’m filled with a little excitement over this. I’m kind of attracted to him myself. I also feel a positive, happy anticipation which I can’t explain. Talk to me. Please.

  • Angela Neverson

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  • Any Rebel

    Yes I have. It’s crazy. we are both very unique. she’s from Russia and I’m from USA. everything i read about this twin flame stuff is true for me. As soon as we met and she smiled at me with her eyes, it’s like I felt relaxed and relieved like we were friends immediately. Currently I can only see her every few months because she comes here for her job but we are constantly talking every day. We both have horrible abusive relationships in the past. I also had a powerful dream about someone like her exactly a year before we met. We have this respect and positivity that is so strange, which is why I started looking up this stuff. Like we are unable to hurt the other person. And lately, we’ve been seeing repeating numbers (she doesn’t even know about this stuff, i had to tell her). In particular I see 11:33 and 3:33 all the time. This past week especially was really crazy. it seems to be my first ass-kicking in terms of my soul. Today I faced some really dark emotions, and I feel like I’m this soul on a mission being used and today I felt rebellious just not wanting it because it feels so cruel and painful facing these pains I have

  • Michelle

    Hi Tanaaz. How can your twin flame lie, disrespect, and make you feel very insecure? Basically at your lowest. I fell in love immidiately and thought I found my soulmate/life partner but that lasted about 2 months. I fell out of love when he began to lie to me constantly and made me very insecure about myself (which i never was before). I still stayed for a year because of promises he made. Nothing changed. I knew he wasn’t a life partner for sure due to his bad habits. But feel he’s my soulmate. I also feel that he can be my life partner in another life. Since I am trying to build my self esteem back up and find my true self, will I be breaking us? The soulmate part of what we’re supposed to be? I love him dearly and tried to push him for the best he can be, to love himself but he cant get out of his negative circle. Am I wrong for walking away? I cant seem to find peace and love especially within myself whenever im with him. I look at him differently every since he hid a lot of things from me and continues to do so. Plus bringing other women into what I thought was only us two forever. Everything after 2 months broke me. And I will not allow that. I did beleive he would keep his promises for a positive change but nothing. Am I wrong for breaking the soulmate cycle? For trying to love me to the best I could even if he didnt?

    • hi Michelle, all twin flames and soulmates are still human which means that they can lie, cheat and hurt us. You do not need to stay in a relationship that is causing you pain or where you are being treated badly. You do not need to be afraid of ending a soulmate cycle, because you will always be soulmates. Soulmates are sent to awaken your soul, they don’t have to be forever and it is very normal to walk away from soulmate relationships. Your first priority is your own happiness and sense of self worth. You need to ask yourself- what is the most loving thing i can do for myself right now?

      • Michelle

        Hi Tanaaz, Thank you for replying. It is comforting to know that i am following my gut and my heart. After meeting my soulmate I am very aware of my soul elevating to a higher level of conscious. This saddens me at the same time, to know that my soulmate is not there elevating with me. Why is he not elevating with me? If a soulmate relationship usually tends to not last forever, will i ever get to be with my soulmate again in another lifetime? Do soulmates need to align with each other various times, in every lifetime in order to finally be in a parter/soulmate relationship?

  • Yvonne Kallis

    Can twin flames meet more than once the same lifetime only to come back together yrs later

    • yes i definitely think that’s possible

      • Yvonne Kallis

        Thank u. Till resently I did not even believe in twin flames let alone soulmtes. I only ask cuz I truley think the man I am see if my twin flame. We meet 21yrs ago when we were 18. At the time we were on diferent paths and so young.. 20 yr later we were reunited. We have been dating for about a yr and the connection we have on all leavles is beyond this world.

        • wow i love that, thanks for sharing! its so cool to hear that you reunited so many years later! i hope your story brings hope to other twin flames out there who can’t be together just yet for whatever reason. when the time is right, it will happen! love and light to you

  • Reiley Wilson

    I have met my Twin Flame. We are 9 years and 9 days apart. Both of our Karmic numbers are 4, and our Life path’s are both 1. We share many similair spiritual interests, and we each have our own physical strengths and weaknesses. My partner makes me feel like no one else ever has. I love them dearly.
    There is so much more I could say but I believe that words cannot express the amounts of love we produce together. Our hearts are under cosmic loving influence.

  • yolanda

    I met my twin at the age of 13. We dated on and off up until i was 20 and moved out of state. I am now 39 and we have met back up. We are both conscious and i think this immediate attraction to someone he hasnt seen in 13yrs freightens him some. We are soo alike on soo many levels and we literally complete each other in so many ways. It is indeed like looking in a mirror. I always knew he was different but we never could work our relationship out even tho ive dated this same type of man over and over…. This time i think it will work. I think once he stops beimg afraid we will do powerful things together. Thank you for your article…

  • 2822twin

    Well, that was great. A reader in Pittsburgh told me very similar info. 2016 was tough on everyone, I understand that. However, my transitions have been major and the ride I’ve been on with my “twin” was torture…so confusing. He did stay in touch with me, kept contact thru texting when he did not need to because our “professional” relationship had ended by Apr/May. In July he wrote from across the country, calling me sweetheart for the first time, and explaining his silence in June. I didn’t know I was supposed to put out by that! I had not know what to think about anything with him…still don’t 100% although he was attentive and sweet at Christmas and New Years so we do have SOMETHING going!!! Anyway, there was no expectation or “understanding” back in the summer for him to write that text in July but boy did I love it!. Only then it became “dangling the carrot.” I didn’t see him til Aug, then weeks later at the end of Sept. I just didn’t know what I meant to him. I would ask but not get a response. Well…I will not go into the entire story. I’ll just say by the middle of Oct I had seen enough “readers” to understand the twin flame concept and that even though I am 20 years older (he is 44 but I look pretty good for my age!) this is not uncommon as some twins are meant to model a new paradigm for love, and we do “fit together”…same height, thin, silly, intense about metaphysical wellness and healing practices. We can spend hours sitting quietly, him playing the uke, me listening adoringly, then say good-bye with a very tight, full-body embrace initiated by him,ending with a quick kiss. Then I won’t see him for months. But it’s true, we have a LOT to sort out in our personal lives. And yes, the self-love thing. But I must have trust and patience that when it is sorted to his comfort level, he will come to me. I do not have what he does to arrange and re-settle….but I am changing everything in my life none the less.

  • Karin Rattlingourd Herrmann

    My twin flame is one of my guardian angels.

  • Areo

    This is incorrect , twin flames are always male _ female , you need to amend your article , it’s misleading

  • Cadiz

    I am struggling with whether my current boyfriend is my twin flame. Many things seem to fit, especially that it being a very difficult relationship due to both of us having a lack of self love.
    We are polar opposite sun signs, in fact to the day. I am dec. 18th and he is June 18th, but we are 3 1/2 year apart, me being the elder. Prior to me he had never been with or dated anyone older than him, and I tended to only date men younger than myself.
    We both have long, curly hair of the same color and hazel eyes. Our eyes are very heavy lidded, and we both have Irish heritage. We were both bullied in school, but also possess great talent in many creative areas that helped us through that. We met in college, both of us going back after years of being away from school. Before I went back to school I went to a production there of a show that I found out later was the first one that he had worked on (he was a music major and just took the theatre crew job as something fun because he was always drawn to it). When I walked into my first semester and saw him for the first time I felt tingles all over. I literally stopped in my tracks for a moment, and even though there were other chairs, he moved his stuff off the one next to him and I walked over and sat down. He is not who I am typically attracted to, nor was I him, but as the years went on I began to developed a slight crush.
    That first class was an acting class which he took because he figured he might as well know more about the performing end of things if he was going to do technical theatre, and that was why I took technical theatre classes because I did the performing. We both knew we wanted to be scene partners together and both talked to the professor, without the other knowing this until recently, about how upset we were that he was doing guy-guy and girl-girl scenes and that we wanted to work with each other.
    Everyday I would automatically look for him as soon as I came to class we had together or if he was working in the theatre I would go talk. We were the only smokers in the department and it became a ritual of ours to take the 10 minute class breaks outside together to smoke and talk. Sometimes we would be late we talked so much. He admitted to me recently that he would come into class excited to go on our smoke breaks and if I wasn’t there for some reason he would be mad. I told him it was the same for me. We didn’t talk on the phone or become really close until I asked him if he would teach my son to play guitar (he never did due to my son ending up playing piank but at the time he said yes and we exchanged numbers).
    From then on we talked on the phone every night almost. At the beginning of my last fall semester he would pull up to his house after work, call me and we would talk so long that when he finally went inside his girlfriend would already be asleep or almost asleep. The longest we have ever talked on the phone was for 13 hours straight. We never lack for something to laugh about, talk about or argue about.
    I never got the full story, until later, but at one point before we became close, his brother passed away. They were like each other’s other half. I was at a different theatre at the time but still had one class there. I didn’t know all the details, but I remember the first time I saw him after I heard. I normally would have fussed over a friend, but for some reason I simply walked up to him, told him I had heard and told him I was there for him if he wanted. I gave him a quick hug, and then went back inside. I can picture it perfectly I can even remember the way the air smelled and felt. When we talked about it after becoming romantically intertwined, he said he remembers it exactly as strongly and that it felt like a paused moment in time. He said he had so many people coming up to him all the time telling him they were sorry about his brother, that it doesn’t make sense why he would remember that so distinctly. I believe the cord between us was recognized that day. Very shortly after was when we exchanged numbers and began talking.
    Our lives are both filled with art, music, books and theatre. He plays instruments and I sing, we both do visual art, and we both love theatre and the way it combines all of those things to create something new. We inspire each other and we worked together on our own production, the first one we did with no Professors helping and no one supervising us. We would spend hours at the theatre, building and painting. Way into the early morning. He would sometimes look at me with this almost wonder in his eyes and remark on what a great team we are. We both feel like that production was a combined effort on both of our parts to birth a child into this world. That play was our child. It was an experience I will never have and could ever have had the way we had it, ever again with anyone else.
    When we started to become intimate he was seeing another girl(messy situation with her already being in a relationship and emotionally, and verbally abusing my TF). I was his confidante through it, but I began to feel so strongly for him physically and felt I needed to love him the way she wasn’t… we ended up sleeping together and all hell broke loose in both of our worlds.
    I was still not over my ex fiancé of 7 years, and this girl had been his best friend for over 10 years. Basically we were both trying to figure out our place with and/or without our best friends who had been or turned romantic. As she became more and more dangerous for him to be around I stepped in more to protect him. He was very unstable at this time. He grew up with alcoholic parents, I have an alcoholic father, and he learned how to cope with things in an unhealthy way, so to speak. I often had to come and “save him” when he was in a state over something she said or did. We also were sleeping together at the time and he hurt me horribly at different points during the time they were still involved. But our paths crossed in such a way, and there was NO one else that I shared so much with in every way possible, that I didn’t tell him to go screw himself like I would have anyone else. The only time my anxiety would go away and the world would calm down was when I was laying my head on his chest. He loves all the things about me I hate, my calloused goofy feet- he likes to garden and says they are earthy and carefree, for example. I love all the things about him he hates. That is an exaggeration, of course there are some major issues, or at least were.
    He was so afraid of losing me in his life he put off becoming a couple because he didn’t want it to end like all the others, yet he would ask me to “talk to him”, basically me spinning a tale of fantasy while he sat back and felt content and happy listening, about if we eloped, if we did this or that. I love listening to him play and he loves the sound of my voice weaving stories.
    When we kiss it is so much for him he pulls away and told me he literally has to catch his breath because he starts to feel overwhelmed and that it is so much to feel. He gets overpowered by desire to be with me intimately simply by hearing me talk, laugh or resting my foot on top of his. He says, “I don’t know what my problem is with you.”
    I have never felt the way I feel when I kiss the way it is with him, I call them soul kisses…they are scattered in between the other ones but for a few moments during a particular kiss in the series of them, our souls connect and it is like we are one person.
    We have our problems mostly stemming from our own lack of love for ourselves, but we are both now on a spiritual journey separately but that mirrors the other. We are growing as people and the more we do that for ourselves the better our relationship has become.
    There is so much more, but I have written too much already.

    Tanaaz, do you think this is TF or just two people with a lot in common who care about each other? I feel it is TF after I wrote all of that down, and after remembering how we would check our horoscopes even though we didn’t really put much stock in them, after we started becoming physical without the other knowing…I was also told by a medium who came to do a cleansing on his house that we were linked on the spiritual plane. Does this sound like TF to you?

  • Varun Lalelio

    So i’m 22 turning 23 this year in October Scorpio. Word of warning though i knew nothing about this. We have not been communicating for pretty much a month. And i could not understand my feelings for her so i was looking for answers and i seemed to have found one. Its like yes she is attractive but thats just not it. I can’t put it in words why i feel her presence like no other human being. The eye contact we used to have was out of this world. I remember glancing around the cafetaria and literally everybody was focused on us. Its like there was an energy between me and her and people could feel it.[of course we felt it too. that probably scared her overtime as well].

    I think i may have met my twin flame at the start of my semester at university and it was life changing for me. Quick outlook on our situation though she cut all contact with me.

    Not gonna go into much detail but here is the thing that i can relate to. Seeing yourself in that person. And that i think honestly freaked her out. I don’t know why usually i think but with her i just always was super cut throat. Here is the funny thing though the next day after like a pretty big argument[ trust me anybody else would have just cut me off right there]. We would talk like nothing happened infact she kinda consoled me in her own way. And i her when i got angry

    It became too much though by the end of the semester. She could not control her emotions or hide it?. I think she did have a boyfriend too which is crazy because i knew it all along and still went for it and that is definitely not who i am[ i could not help myself].

    I do know she’s seperated since. Lets hope she comes back.

    One thing that should be obvious i feel in this kind of relationship. Yes you do feel love. Yes you want to spend eternity together. However the main thing i feel is that SHE will help me grow in a way i just cannot alone and i will help her grow as well. Which is weird because believe it or not i’m so stuck up i do not listen to anybody.

    She is 20. Libra , lets hope she fights that fear of herself and comes back to me. Again the thing that sucks in this is i know she feels dead inside when i’m writing this. Its so frustrating!

  • Shirleyfenette1994

    umm ok weird i feel like i met my tf but we did not even date. We talked two times in person and chat online most of the time. the second time the eye contact we shared was pretty out of this world…at one point it felt like time stopped it was raining there were lots of people around yet i could not hear them or the rain.

    What stood out for me. I have never in my entire life been able to keep eye contact with a person for like 15minutes[maybe even more tbh] straight. Its inhuman but it felt right for me and her i guess because she did keep eye contact. There was even moments when people came to like say hello and still we looked at each other while they were either talking to us that was funny XD.

    Third time we talked. She got cold. When i told her why she was scared of me all of a sudden , well she burst out and shut down completely. At that point i never did know about this twin flame thing which trust me feels dubious at best even now.

    But i can’t help but feel its the real deal because of well the experience. Point to be noted i have never dated in my entire life. I always felt like i would meet the one and like this is my last time being on earth. But then again while i feel like this is the real deal its not about love. Yes there is something that attracts each other between us.

    But here is the thing , At the start of this year i told felt i would meet the one. Upon seeing her on orientation day at University , people were dancing for like entertainment and stuff. I saw her and felt an urge inside me instantly. Ask her to dance , a waltz. Why i knew she did gymnastics and danced ballet after a second of seeing her i don’t know. It bugs me really.

    Oh i’m talking about her but at first i ran a lot was too intense just standing close to her. So this was the weirdest interaction i ever had in my life. She changed me though. But people go on a lot about love love. For me she made me overcome all my insecurities i carried for 20 years in 2 months. I felt like all of this is bogus for the past few days but now i’m seeing 1111 and 2222 at times. This is frustrating actually =DD

    I’m 22 yrs old isn’t that young to meet your tf ?she is 20 o,o. All i can say is it feels real. For this person i would go the extra extra [ keep saying extra until your tired :D] mile and i’m the most selfish person i know so thats probably why it feels real. She made me better.

    Love is definitely there but its like pointing out the obvious. It needs not be said. What matters is not love as much as being with each other. It just feels right to be by her side for me. When i’m with her i am a different person altogether , i am happy , comfortable[ i cannot stress this point enough , to overcome my securities i don’t even know how the fuck i shared all of my insecurities with her i’m a scorpio i never open up to anybody XD. But here is how it unfolded. She made me overcome everything by making me feel wanted.]

    All in all , best and worst experience of my life. Let’s hope she overcomes the fear of herself.

    Oh another thing. We hurt each other crazy bad when she shut down.

  • henderson

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  • Lars-Erik Lie

    I feel this article about twin flames finally tells how it REALLY is. Not the nonsense-romance bullshit you read other places. This article here tells you the reality, being with your twin flame is both the best and worst thing in your life, but you WILL learn A LOT about your self along the way.

    I met my twin flame seven years ago, and it`s been like a rollercoaster-ride ever since. She`s been the best thing in my life, and sometimes the worst thing in my life. I know she and I am connected no matter what happens, for better, for worse, and there is really nothing to do with it.

    When you are together with your twin flame and you have a good time, that`s the best thing there is! 🙂 When you can “melt together” and become “one soul” – feel the connection, the love. Damn… that is really special. 🙂

    But then again, your twin flame KNOWS how to get you. Your twin flame KNOW your weak points and will attack them without any mercy, to hurt you where it hurt most. Your twin flame will challenge you and your weak sides, over and over again. She will look into you and make you see things about yourself you never knew excisted. She will and can take you from the finest Heaven, to your worst “Hell”.

    Being with your twin flame is a challenge, the troubles are really hard – but you learn A LOT about yourself (for better and worse), but the good times are exceptionally good, so you will miss those special nice moments all the time. 🙂

    Being with your twin flame is like walking from Heaven to Hell, and back to Heaven again, then for another visit to Hell. It WILL really challenge you. In those dark moments you will regret the day you met your twin flame, but in the good moments, you will experience a connection and love like nothing else. And those momens of deep love, makes it worth all the pain and suffering.

    Even though my twin flame now currently have left me to suffer alone, I still feel her, I am still connected to her, and I will always love her. 🙂

    • thanks for sharing your story! i am so glad the article resonated with you 🙂

  • Nina

    How do I get a copy of the art that is at the top of this article?

  • Nidhi Mehra

    Yes I have met my twin flame…. I am 32 years female happily married since 12 years have a kid.. I recent met my twin flame… It’s an out of the world experience which can not be understood unless u undergo one… S
    Yourself.. He is also married having 2 kids and it’s nothing like physical love it’s much more beyond that….instant connection…. Amazing telepathy…just loving each and every bit of this experience…..definition of true love pure love… Far from the worldly love… Oh. God that amazing magnetic pull and sometimes yo-yo effect….. No physical only spiritual only heart.. Eyes…. Soul and much more beyond that… Heaven on Earth.. Everything fades away…..

  • Nidhi Mehra

    Best part is I was totally unaware of this term until I experienced… Once i started experiencing the amazing surprisingly shocking things which were happening between two of us…I i started searching the net about what all these symptoms called… There Is got this term and yes now i am sure I am on twin flame journey… I’m blessed and enjoying and feeling and transformed as a much better soul within almost no time.

  • Archie Ra

    I have just connected with my Twin Flame.

    I am exhilarated, relieved, comforted, and terrified – all at the same time.

    I heard about this ‘concept’ some time ago, and put it into the back of my mind. But now, I am experiencing it firsthand.

    Let me try and describe some of the things that are happening…

    Although this is not of the highest importance, it is where I will start. I have spent some years learning about Tantric love making. I have always kind of considered it as something that you ‘do’. Like a practice, or a technique. Little did I know. I recently was blessed with an intimate experience with my Twin Flame, and what I consider as ‘Tantra’, was not something I had to ‘do’, rather, it was something that exploded, spontaneously and uncontrollably between us, like nothing close to anything I have encountered. Actual intercourse became a minor part of what was happening. Instead, our encounter was a vivid, sensual, electro-magnetic, telepathic, coming together of 2 worlds that have longed to be together since the dawn of time.

    Everything I say and do, she affirms. Everything she says and does, I receive.

    She never falls from me. You know, sometimes you say things to people in conversation and you notice them drift, then come back, then drift again. This does not happen between us. Which is a crazy thing for me to experience, as I have gone through a lot of relationship troubles over the last few years. And as I think about it and write this, perhaps that is why we have now come together, to affirm who I am, and for me to receive who she is. As this is something that has been missing in my life for some time, and not through any lack of me trying.

    We have known each other for some time. But have only recently united since I have painfully split from a previous partner. I had no idea how close we really were. She started calling me a ‘soul brother’ from very early on, and I kind of brushed it off. Seems as if she was more intuitive than I.

    I don’t know what is going to happen. I become tempted to put my feelings out there, and as soon as I do, I come to a realisation that it is not necessary. What could a Twin Flame possibly say to the other that they don’t already know? We don’t even talk in text, we talk in emoji. We don’t talk with words, we talk with touch. I told her I missed her recently, and she didn’t reply. And as much as that sucked, I loved it. I don’t want anyone to cater for me. I want independence. And who better to enforce my independence than my soul Twin?

    What I do know, is that we will be together, in one form or another, for eternity. I am going nowhere without her, regardless in what form it takes. She is reminding me the most valuable things about myself, that have been neglected by others for so long. I almost started to feel like I was alone, and although, as a servant, I am happy with that, she has breathed new air into my life. I see myself in her, and have never felt this way about another in my life.

    Our similarities are beyond coincidence, and are configured in such a way that they make me spiral.

    You might read this. I don’t mind if you do, or do not. If you do, I know you will know it is me.

    I don’t want anything from you at all, yet I want to give you the world. And if you don’t take it, that is perfect. If you do, that is equally so.

    What a trip. This is the first I have expressed this. And this has turned more into a personal vent, rather than a public post. But here it is.

    To say I love you, doesn’t even do what I feel justice. Words are empty. I will let my actions speak the volumes. I am here to serve. That is all. PEACEEEEEEE!

  • Max’s Tarot

    According to my latest love reading, a twin flame is returning for Leo in early 2018! How exciting!

  • The Armatura

    It’s so comforting to read the other stories and experiences of twin flames. Honestly I felt completely unhinged until I started learning about this phenomenon. I could never properly articulate the depth of emotion that I felt for this man to others, or even make sense of it myself.
    I met my twin flame when I was 15. We are 30 now. We were born two days apart (same year). We saw each other at a party about 100 metres apart and just stared at each other in awe. Our relationship was intimate but we were so young and drifted apart. Around our mid twenties (having not yet reconnected) we moved to major cities in the exact same month of the same year. There are so many more connections that are strange.
    He visited my city one Christmas after that. Within 2 weeks I was completely besotted adn told him I was falling for him. I could not stop thinking about him, and he said the same. It was intoxicating and terrifying, he felt like home, he felt like the other half of me, he was everything.
    One day he disappeared without a word. I was hysterical. I wanted to die, I was crying uncontrollably like someone HAD died. I felt no reason to live. My will to live was gone. It took me so long to recover, still without answers. One day a friend called the following year and advised me he had a girlfriend that he had been living with in the other city.
    A year after that he tried to come back in to my life but I rejected it.
    Now it’s been three years and I added him on social media. We’ve been speaking for over a week now. He has debilitating depression and says he isn’t ready for a relationship.
    The sexual connection never dies, it just continues to grow. The butterflies never go away.
    Sometimes I wish I hadn’t met him because the connection is almost too much to handle. Sometimes I can’t sleep and I’ll mentally ask him to meet me in my dreams and ill finally rest peacefully. It’s incredible the phsyical, emotional, psychological, intuitive and sexual connection.
    Even though we are not ready for the connection, in terms of being together, we continue to be drawn back together. Being in contact and not being with him is torture. I find life easier when I pretend he doesn’t exist, it just hurts too much.