The Way to Self-Love

way to self love

There have been no truer words that I have ever written- When you love yourself, everything else falls into place. 

When you love yourself and begin accepting yourself whole heartedly, when you begin feeling the love you have within radiating through your being, everything else in your life will fall into place.

This is because when you love yourself, it allows you to act from a place of authenticity and compassion.

Operating from these states helps align you with your purpose and allows you the strength and confidence to follow whatever your heart desires.

Self-Love is key, and the only way to get there is to practice self-love every single moment of every single day.

This can be tricky at first because so many of us resist loving ourselves, in fact so many of us have such negative and self-deprecating thoughts that it can tricky to believe anything else is true.

This type of conditioning however, will never give you a happy, positive and purposeful life. This type of conditioning will only leave you feeling miserable and wondering why things never fall in your favour.

On the spiritual path, the first step is really self-love. If you want to live a life that feels joyful, abundant and so on, then you have to first start with yourself. You have to first start with self-love.

If you want to love yourself, if you want to feel good when you wake up every day, here is a very simple exercise that will activate the vibration of self love in your life-

The “I Love You” Mantra

This is a very powerful exercise that will help you to shed any resistance around self love, and will get you into the vibration of self-acceptance.

Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself in the eyes- for added benefits you can stand completely naked. As you look at yourself, say-

 “I love you”

Pay attention to any resistance, thoughts or feelings that arise, as these may be clues as to what is blocking you from truly experiencing love.

You may not believe the words at first, but keep repeating the mantra over and over. In fact, you want to say it to yourself 101 times.

You may not be able to get through the 101 repetitions on the first try, but with daily practice you will soon get there.

After you have reached the 101 repetition mark, make it a point to say “I love you” to yourself whenever you remember throughout the day.

You can even add the mantra to your meditation or yoga practice, or you can say it while you are driving to work or washing the dishes.

Finding some routine around reciting your mantra can help you to stay on track and will ensure that the words become your truth.

Keep working with this mantra for as long as you need, and very soon this is what you will notice-

  • You will feel freer and lighter in your energy
  • Your vibration and energy levels will be lifted
  • You will feel confident and good about yourself
  • You will accept yourself just as you are
  • You will feel empowered to make changes in your life from a place of love
  • You will no longer tolerate being a doormat or not standing up for yourself
  • You will feel more grateful about yourself and your life
  • You will raise your levels of self-esteem
  • You will have more love to give in your relationships
  • You will open your heart to attracting more loving relationships

And the list really goes on and on….

I love you.

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  • How can one love oneself when he or she’s just not able to match his goals, dreams and beliefs with required action? It is just way too simplistic or perhaps hard when one knows that he or she could be a lot better but can’t bring oneself to take required steps and actions, either due to procrastination, overthinking, anxiety, or perhaps fear. I’ve read a lot about importance of self love and compassion but simply cannot bring myself to unconditionally love myself whenever I feel helpless or unable to act on my dreams and goals. Any tips or perspective on this, Tanaaz?

    • this type of thinking is exactly what stops you from being able to achieve your goals/dreams and wishes. loving yourself is the foundation, and if you dont love yourself you will never have the confidence to go after your dreams/wishes. You dont love yourself when you have achieved your dreams, you love yourself so you can achieve your dreams! hope that helps! Also, loving yourself once you have achieved xyz is conditional love, whereas loving yourself regardless is unconditional love, and this love is far more powerful, magical and sustaining. 🙂

      • Thanks a lot for replying! 🙂 Yea that helps a bit. Still I feel loving oneself unconditionally can prove to be just a weak excuse to justify procrastination or not being courageous enough to take action on dreams. I so want to believe in this theory about the reverse chain between self love and success. But still, somewhere deep down I kinda believe that unless some sort of fear of lagging behind or guilt of not following through planned things, is there, one cannot advance further. Due to this mental tussle between two ideologies, I sometimes feel like a hypocrite for daring to start a blog on meditation to inspire people of my age to go within but fall short of implementing such practices myself or fall short of following through on my own plans of loving myself first and then spreading it out with my work. Anyway, hopefully this gets better with time. Love reading your articles always, keep up the good work 🙂

      • O.m.a.r.l.d.a


  • Stacy L B H

    Oh my gosh. I said it just in my mind and the boomerang back was, ‘You aren’t supposed to love yourself.’ Good heavens! No wonder I’ve struggled with this!