10 Ways to Create A Deeper Spiritual Connection with Your Partner

spiritual relationship

Do you desire a deeper, spiritual connection with your partner?

If you have walked the path of awakening, chances are your focus has shifted away from a relationship that is all about your wants and needs being fulfilled to a relationship that is about a deeper, spiritual connection.

When you create a deeper spiritual connection with your partner, suddenly your focus shifts away from just thinking about yourself and into a more open space that allows you to think about how you can best serve each other so you can both reach your fullest potential.

Of course to do this, both individuals have to have a spiritual relationship with themselves first.

Taking on a more spiritual approach to your relationships can also help you to create more love and longevity, and it can allow you to see things from a more conscious perspective.

If you are looking to deepen the spiritual connection with your partner here are 10 methods that you may want to adopt-

1.Commit to Something Bigger 

In order to elevate your relationship into a deeply spiritual partnership you both need to understand that your coming together is so much more than just a give and take, and is more about supporting each other on your own individual paths.

When you can both respect each other’s purpose and work out a way to help support each other to living that purpose, that is when the connection of your relationship will radiate with a higher love.

2. Focus on Being the Best Version of You 

Do you ever feel swallowed up by your relationships? Do you ever lose sight of who you really are?

This can naturally occur in a relationship as a way to help you find yourself, however if you feel this way often, it may be a sign that you need to stop and assess the direction you are heading in and if you are giving away too much of your power.

A true spiritual relationship understands that there is no need for power and control and that both individuals are free to express themselves within the boundaries of the relationship. When both people are treated as equals and are supported in their expression, it helps create space so you can both focus on becoming the best version of yourselves.

3. Focus on Completing Yourself

A true spiritual relationship understands that by being together you are not going to complete each other. The only way that you can feel complete is by truly working on yourself and learning how to find your own sense of wholeness.

For a spiritual relationship, all voids, holes and gaps in oneself are opportunities for self healing, and are not simply patched over by the distraction of each other. In most spiritual relationships, when one partner works on being complete in themselves, the other partner will naturally follow the lead as well.

4. Cleanse the Past 

We all have past hurts, past relationship baggage and past wounds that need to be cleared. While you could spend the rest of your life unearthing all of your baggage, if you can look back at all the events and send them light and love, then your work is complete. If you can’t look back on the past and feel love for it, then there is a little more healing work for you to do.

The reason this is important in a spiritual relationship is that in order to really support each other, your heart needs be open and free of burdens and pains. Practicing forgiveness also helps you to view your relationship with more compassion and won’t effect how you experience your current relationship.

5. Embrace Your Shadow Side

Relationships can be challenging as they can reveal the deeper, darker shadow side of your soul that you may have buried away. Being in a spiritual partnership, requires you to truly embrace your darker side in order to come into your true, authentic self.

In some relationships, when the darker stuff starts to surface it can result in blaming, conflicts and even affairs. Instead of falling into this trap, try to embrace the dark and give each other permission to bring all of the darkness to the table.

It may be challenging to do this, but the more you can support each other and avoid taking each others problems personally, the more you will both be able to expand your level of consciousness.

6. Understand that Change is an Opportunity

As you change and evolve, your relationship will also change and evolve.

As spiritual partners, your job is to love and support each other through these changes and sometimes that love and support may have to be from a distance and sometimes it may have to be more hands on. Either way, when you have a spiritual connection you both understand that the best course of action is what is best for each others greater good, and not for each others ego needs. While this can be hard to determine at times, with continued support and love, the answer will slowly reveal itself.

7. Be Intimate Everyday 

Touch and intimacy are extremely important for any relationship as it can help to develop a stronger bond and attachment between one another.

On a spiritual level, touching and exploring each others bodies helps you to develop energetic cords and helps to create harmony between your mind, heart, body and soul.

These cords will hold the intention of the two individuals, so it is important in any relationship that both are focused on sending light and love to each other, especially when being intimate.

8. Treat Your Relationship as Sacred

We charge our crystals by the light of the moon and we should do the same with our relationships. Spending allocated time with each other or planning fun activities together is a great way to honour your connection and your relationship.

Being grateful every day for your partner and the lessons of your relationship is also important.

9. Love Yourself

Nothing lasts forever, including your spiritual relationship, however what does last forever are the things that your soul takes away from it.

Your soul has been sent here for a mission and part of that mission includes learning how to love yourself.

Understand that everything that happens to you in life and all of the people that you meet are simply part of an intrinsic system that is designed to create more love.

Embrace yourself and your relationship and understand that part of your journey with this is to learn how to love yourself and then deliver that love to the world.

10. Reflect on the Beauty of this Poem by Kahlil Gibran

This sums everything up perfectly-

kahlil gibran on love

Do you have a spiritual relationship with your partner? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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