5 Ways to Deal with an Awakening

deal with an awakening

When you start raising your vibration and tuning in to a higher frequency there are a series of signs and symptoms that seem to present themselves.

Some of these signs and symptoms can leave you feeling frustrated, out of touch with reality, concerned about the state of the planet and even depressed or anxious about the direction of your life.

Awakenings unfold differently for everyone, but if you are struggling to navigate through the process, here are 5 ways to deal with an awakening:

1.) Be Gentle With Yourself

Awakening is just that- it is opening your eyes after having them shut for so long, and sometimes this process can make you see things that you have perhaps avoided seeing for a very long time.

When your eyes are fully open, you experience life and the people in it in a different way and at first, this new experience can be overwhelming.

On top of that, usually when you awaken, the things in your life that are on a lower vibration seem to drop away and you start meeting new people and having new experiences that are on a similar vibration to yourself.

With all these changes occurring, life can become overwhelming. This is why you need to be gentle with yourself.

During your awakening process, avoid harsh environments, chemicals and stimulants. Try to be more compassionate towards yourself and others and practice self-love and self-nurturing.

Know that you are not alone and once you get accustomed to this new energy, things will settle down and become easier.

2.) Drink More Water

Water is not only vital for life, it is also a conductor of electricity or energy. When you drink more water, you increase the flow of energy through your body which in turn, can help you integrate the new, higher vibrational energy that you are now resonating with.

Staying hydrated will not only help your body adjust to the change in vibration, but it will also help you to remain clearer about how you are thinking and feeling.

3.) Get Grounded 

Awakenings can leave you prone to feeling ‘not of the earth’ and can leave you with a lingering desire to return ‘home.’

If these feelings are cropping up for you it’s important to try and bring more grounding energy into your life.

There are many ways you can reconnect with earth such as taking a long walk in nature, walking barefoot on the grass, doing a root chakra meditation and eating grounding foods.

Grounding foods include natural salts, nuts, vegetables grown close to or in the ground such as onions, beets and kale, raw cacao, squash and pumpkins, mushrooms and herbal tea.

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is important for everyone, but if you are experiencing an awakening it is crucial that you nourish your physical body.

4.) Psychic Cleanse

Even though you are awakening to a higher frequency, you can also become a target to lower energies who may try to latch on and hitch a ride with you.

Awakenings also leave you more susceptible to spirit energies and can stir up a lot of your own inner-demons as well.

This can leaving you feeling more sensitive and vulnerable, which is why it is super important to protect yourself energetically.

Keep your surroundings clear, clean and clutter free and sage your home regularly. You can also adopt these 9 protection practices.

5.) Embrace Change

Awakening symptoms are important because they let you know that you are about to shift and change, however if you find your symptoms getting out of hand it may be because your are resisting them.

Resisting change causes pressure to build and this can not only prolong the dark hours of awakening but it can leave you feeling depressed, anxious or overwhelmed.

When you feel the symptoms coming on, try to embrace them and let them into your life. Try to feel the changes on a deeper level and begin welcoming in the new energy.

The more you get comfortable with this new wave of high energy, the more you are going to enjoy the process. It does take time and practice, but try to remain open to letting it in.

Most importantly, remember that awakening is a beautiful thing and as the old energy dies off, the new can emerge, fully awakened.

Here is a full list of awakening signs and symptoms.

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