A Holistic Healing Method You May Not Have Heard Of

‘Bio what?’

‘Bio feedback.’ Yeah, I hadn’t heard of it either until I struck up a conversation at a bar with a very interesting woman by the name of Adele. Adele is a holistic health coach that practices from her home in Panorama, BC, Canada. Her business card reads; Health, Skin Care and Nutrition coach. I was so intrigued by her title and what she does and continued to press her for information.

“Come over to my place and I’ll show you what I do.” Adele invites me into her home and sits me down in an armchair in a dimly lit room with 2 computers, a large screen and cabinets of health products. Sitting on a table beside me is a machine that looks like a big, chunky hard drive. It reads INDIGO in big letters. I quickly learn that is a bio feedback machine. The beauty of this is that it is able to identify a wide range of stress and health issues.

“I’m going to hook you up to some sensors now,” Adele explains. She is plastering electrodes around both ankles, both wrists and one around my forehead. I felt like I was being hooked up to a lie detector or something!

These sensors were hooked up to INDIGO.  How this works is that it sends electric currents into my body and measures it against my current energy field. It identifies “food sensitivities, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, physical injuries, hydration and oxidation concerns, immune disorders, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, depression, insomnia and chronic pain.” We typically need 70-90 millivolts of electricity running through our body to function. We may find we have too much or too little and this affects our mood. When this data is processed by the machine it gives you insights that allow you to make informed lifestyle and health care choices.

There are 320 programs that interpret this information but that would take hours to go through so we focused on 12 different ones. I won’t run through every single aspect that Adele explains to me but I’ll tell you about some highlights.

Seeing my aura on the screen was special, especially because Adele explained that she rarely sees very bright, pink auras, much like mine. Why this colour? She explained that someone close to my heart, whether alive or dead, is bringing me all kinds of positive energy.

What surprised me was that I was fight off a virus, despite feeling perfectly healthy.  Can you imagine how many virus’ we are continually battling off that we are completely unaware of?

Adele also raised the issue of the problem my body was having with processing dairy. I became aware of this shortly afterwards, when I drank a milkshake and found myself incredibly bloated. It’s not natural for humans to process dairy as it wasn’t part of our evolutionary diet. I have since limited my dairy intake and feel much better.

Adele is a certified biofeedback technician. If you wish to engage in bio feedback, make sure your technician has several years of experience. Adele warned me that anyone can buy the machine but being able to correctly interpret the results is very important. You can visit Adele’s website at http://www.evolutionwell.ca

A glow-pampering facial that your skin needs

Everyone wants beautiful, soft skin, right? Just like a baby’s bottom. The aging process works against us on this one. Being in my mid 20s, I’ll admit I’m not too concerned about wrinkles at this point, although I do feel a little guilty when sprawled out on a towel baking away in the summer months.

I had maybe had 2 facials in my life, at most and this week I got to experience my third – thanks to Adele, once again.

One thing that fascinated me was two dual tipped probes that were used to tone the jaw line.  One probe holds the cheek muscle up and the other fools it into thinking that it should always be in that place, hence encouraging it to stay raised. Fascinating! It’s like a natural face-lift.

Adele’s ‘Oxygen Facial’ left my skin feeling revived and rehydrated. It is most certainly something I would recommend and rather than blabbing on about it, I suggest you try it!

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