Aquarius New Moon Ritual February 2019

aquarius new moon ritual

The Aquarius New Moon on February 4th is one of the best this year and carries an energy that will lighten our loads and warm our souls.

This New Moon presents a fantastic opportunity for us all to set intentions, ask for what we want, and plant seeds for the future. It is a wonderful time to leap from your comfort zone and to go after your wildest dreams.

If you have a project you are looking to get off the ground, or if you have been struggling with something in your life, this a wonderful New Moon to take action and to reach out for cosmic assistance.

This month’s ritual is going to keep things simple, and will help you to open to the good fortune and opportunities this New Moon brings.

Aquarius New Moon Ritual 2019

This ritual is best done from February 4th- 11th, 2019

You will need:

  • Smudging tool of choice
  • Candle
  • 3 pieces of paper and pen
  • Bowl of water
  • Your favorite crystal (choose whatever you feel drawn to)


1.) Start by smudging your aura and surroundings using your chosen method. If you prefer not to use smoke, you can also cleanse using bells, singing bowls, or essential oil sprays.

As you cleanse your aura, recite the following or feel free to write your own-

“I cleanse and release the energies of the past. I am light and free. I cleanse and release the energies that weigh me down. I am light and free. I cleanse and release all that blocks me from receiving. I am light and free. I cleanse and release all that makes me heavy. I am now light and free, and with this lightness, I can be me.”

As you cleanse your space and ritual ingredients, recite the following or feel free to say what you feel in the moment-

“Dearest God/Angels/Universe, please join me as I purify and cleanse this space. Please help me to lift any energies that do not serve me, please help me to cleanse away the pains. Please fill this space with light and love, please fill this space with joy. Protect my space so it may be a haven of prosperity, purpose, and light. This space is protected, we are one. This space is protected, our work is done. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

2.) Begin by meditating for 10 minutes to help calm your mind and charge your energy, I highly recommend doing my cosmic guided meditation, but you can also meditate on your own. As you meditate, hold your crystal or keep it close by.

3.) Light your candle and have your pen, paper, and bowl of water nearby. Begin writing down on the first sheet of paper something you really wish, desire, and hope for yourself. Go big and just give yourself permission to write whatever it is that you desire. You can write it as a story or make a list. When finished, fold up the piece of paper.

4.) Now, take your next sheet of paper and write down 5-10 promises you are going to make to yourself to start making that vision a reality. These should be small, manageable, and actionable things you can start doing this week to help make your wish a reality. For example, if you wished for a toned and fit body, one of your actionable promises could be to take a 20-minute jog each day etc. Once finished, put the paper off to the side- do not fold it.

5.) Take your next sheet of paper and now write down 5-10 things that you are going to stop doing in order to help make your vision a reality. These can be actionable things or mindset related. For example, if you wished for a toned body, you could write down- “I am going to stop body shaming myself” or “I am going to stop eating when I feel anxious” etc.

6.) Once you have finished writing, take this sheet of paper with all the things you are going to stop doing, and begin ripping it into a few long shreds. As you rip the paper, recite the following or feel free to write your own-

“Dear Universe, please guide me so I may clear all these things from my life that block me from receiving. Please help me to realize that I am whole and perfect in myself just as I am, and that I need not put pressure or judgements on myself for the things that I do or don’t do. Please guide me to walk my highest path and allow me to feel that I am always supported.”

7.) Now, take your first strip of paper and place it into the candle flame. As you place it into the flame, imagine it releasing to the heavens in order to be cleared and transformed. Once the paper gets too hot to touch, drop it in the bowl of water. Repeat this process until you have burnt all the strips of paper.

8.) Once done, recite a little thank you to the Universe and to yourself- just speak from the heart.

9.) To close the ritual, snuff out your candle and discard of the bowl of water and papers in the garden/outside. If you cannot discard the papers outside, you can just throw the water down the sink and the papers in the recycling.

10.) With your other two papers, take your crystal and place it on top of them both. Keep them this way overnight. In the morning, you can put your folded paper on your altar or somewhere safe that you can read at another time. With your unfolded paper, hang it somewhere you can see it frequently as a reminder to the promises you made to yourself.

Happy New Moon!

Download my Cosmic Guided Meditation for February

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