Aries Full Moon Ritual September 2023

aries full moon ritual 2023

The Aries Full Moon is one of the most magical of the year. It holds strong creative energy, allowing us to both birth our ideas out into the world and release all that is keeping us stuck.

This Full Moon is also connected to the strong Aries lunar energy we had back in March and April of this year. In March, we celebrated the Aries New Moon, and in April, we had an Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse.

The seeds of energy planted at that time are now ready to come into bloom and into a deeper awareness. You may wish to cast your mind back to this time period to recognize and celebrate just how far you have come.

The Aries Full Moon is also special as it is the last Full Moon before Eclipse Season begins, making it extra potent at thinning the veil and bringing up deep subconscious thought patterns that need to come up and out.

With all of this strong creative and release energy flowing through our cosmic skies, here is a sweet ritual to guide you –

Aries Full Moon Ritual 2023

You will need:


1.) Start by cleansing your aura using your tool of choice. As you cleanse your aura, begin at the top of your head, paying extra attention to the spot right in the middle of your head. This is our crown chakra, and can be activated under an Aries Full Moon, as Aries energy rules over our head. As you cleanse, you may wish to recite the following –

“I cleanse my mind, body, and soul. I restore all that is good, sealing my aura with love, peace, and harmony.”

2.) After you are done cleansing your aura, cleanse your surroundings and ritual space.

3.) Get nice and comfortable with your pen and paper. Light your candle if using. Take your pen and paper and write down 10 things you are proud of achieving this year so far. Push yourself to come up with at least 10 (Be generous with yourself, I know you probably have more!)

4.) Now, write down 10 things that you wish to release and let go of. These things may be blocking you, keeping you stuck, or may just be feeling heavy. Challenge yourself to write at least 10 things – if there is more, write more!

5.) Now, begin your Starry Night Guided Meditation. This meditation will take you on a visual journey that will also help you to release and let go.

6.) Once you are done with this meditation, turn to your Aries Full Moon Tarot Reading. This incredibly powerful reading will help to offer guidance and intuitive wisdom for your journey. Reflect on any insights or messages that have come up for you.

7.) If you wish, you may burn the list of things you wish to release using the flame of your candle. Just make sure you have a bowl of water nearby for safety.

8.) Snuff out your candle and your ritual is complete! Hope you enjoyed it!

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