Dieting? No! Conscious Eating? Yes!

It is Summer. Oh yes. And it seems the Northern Hemisphere is embracing all sorts of cleanses, diets, detoxes, foods and “constructs” of what we should, or shouldn’t, be consuming. And considering we all want to feel great in that bikini, Summer seems to be the time to “clean up” what we swallow!

But does any of it ever get confusing? Is there a simple way to know what foods are best… for YOU?

Yes! Try conscious eating.

Lets get out the dictionary for this.

Denoting or relating to a part of the human mind that is aware of a person’s self, environment, and mental activity and that to a certain extent determines his choices of action.

Put (food) into the mouth and chew and swallow it.

AKA: having an awareness of what to swallow!

I found personally over the last few weeks that I have been inundated with posts/ blogs etc of the harmful treatment of animals for consumption and how meat affects the human body.

Coupled with my “yucky” feeling when walking past the meat section of the grocery store, I know that it is my consciousness that is alerting me. I have slowly eliminated meat from my diet.  With the occasional serving of fish and eggs, I already am noticing the positive improvements in my vitality, digestion and elimination.

The same consciousness has awoken within me regarding supplements and certain daily habits I’ve now created around food. Ive always had an interest in Ayurveda ( the Indian and Yogic diet based on the mind,body,spirit makeup of ones body) and lately I’ve had inspired thoughts to research and embrace this way of eating.

I’ve always been a lover of “fats.” Good fats. Coconut oil,  grass fed butters, olive oils on salads. I’ve found that consuming these fats give me energy, help elimination, have cleared my skin and supported my physique.

However, since my inspired interest in “Ayurveda” , I have seen “Ghee” pop up everywhere in my world! On the web, in emails from friends, in advertising, even without my knowledge, on this very website.

“Ghee” is a clarified butter used in Indian cultures- specifically in curries, however its medicinal benefits are extraordinary! You can read more about it here.

Through being “clear of mind” and open to my intuitive senses more purposefully, I’ve been able to make choices in nutrition that align with MY body. And I’m feeling better for it!

Now I’m certainly no health adviser. I am however an empath who’s body is very affected ( positively or negatively) by the foods that I consume. And it is through my own experiences that I feel compelled to share my passion of “eating consciously.”


* Before food shopping, set an intention to be guided to the most nutritious and healing foods for you.

* Notice how your body feels when you look at, hold, or buy produce at the supermarket.

* Before buying any supplements, consult your “inner sense” on whether this is appropriate for you. ( Just because your friend is taking it, or the marketing is good- the supplement may not be right for YOU)

* Don’t be swayed by other people’s pick of the menu when you are dining out. Listen to what YOUR body is telling you to choose.

* Eat with gratitude.  Whether its a kale salad, or a chocolate cookie- being grateful for what you are eating ( and not guilty!) is scientifically proven to release enzymes that help digestion. And it enhances your “eating” experience!

* Have a healthy body image. Love thyself!

I would love to hear how “eating consciously” has helped you, in the comment section below.




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