Dream Interpretation: Learning Your Personal Dream Language

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This article is written by Dream Oracle, Holly Emmerson, who has the gift of being able to channel Spirit through her dreams. She is also the creator of the Dream Oracle School.

Have you woken up from a dream knowing that there was a message in there for you but you didn’t know what exactly that message was?

Perhaps you even did a google search to try and gain more insights as to what your dream meant but still left curious and confused?

What if I told you that you dream in your own personal and unique dream language and this is why a google search hasn’t fully helped you?

It’s true, you dream in your own dream language that is special to you.

Why do you have your own personal dream language?

It’s because we each have our own personal association with different symbols, animals, people, places and things.

Let’s take a dog for example. If you’re someone who had a traumatic experience with a dog in the past, having a dog show up in your dream might not be a positive association. However, someone who’s a dog lover would likely have positive association if a dog showed up in their dream.

So when you’re trying to decode your dream in an online search, it’s natural to feel like what you uncovered doesn’t resonate with how your dream felt to you.

Our dreams are so dynamic, we have to look beyond just the symbols.

It’s important to consider the feelings and emotions that are present in our dreams too. What was the overall energy of the dream? What were you trying to do?

These types of questions give clues to what something might have meant in your dream.

Very rarely is one thing or symbol in your dream the message. It’s a combination of all the things you’re experiencing in your dream that is the message.

It’s important to learn your own dream language in order to understand your dreams.

It literally is like learning a new language. It takes patience, time, and practice. But with that said, since it’s personal to you and tied to associations you already have, learning it will naturally unfold when you take the time.

Once you learn your own dream language, deciphering and decoding your dreams becomes easier.

Each night, when we go to sleep and enter the Dream World, we’re tapping into Universal wisdom and Source energy.

When you consciously start tapping in and receiving guidance from your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, and infinite wisdom, you can start to align your waking life more easily with what you desire to create.

Learning your personal dream language is powerful and life changing.

Here is an exercise you can do to start unlocking your own dream language:

When you wake up in the morning and remember a dream you just had, don’t move, stay still and keep your eyes closed. Stay in the intuitive space between the Dream World and waking life.

Recall and replay your dream over and over.

Ask your intuition to guide you to the symbols (people, places, animals or things) that are significant for you to pay attention to.

Once you’ve determined what you need to pay attention to from your dream, ask your intuition:

“What does X mean to me?”

“How does X make me feel?”

“How did I feel about X in the dream?”

“How might X be a reflection of something in my waking life?”

Allow your intuition to answer and give you guidance. Do you best to not judge what comes up and just be open to receiving what your Higher Self wants to share with you.

Do this practice from this meditative and intuitive space and do your best to stay out of your mind and ego-thinking. This is a practice between you and your Soul.

If no intuitive insights come up at first, it’s ok, have patience and try again another morning with another dream.

Like I said, learning your dream language takes patience, time and practice. So trust the process and trust that it will unfold perfectly for you.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into learning your personal dream language and connecting with Spirit in the Dream World, then I invite you to join my Dream Oracle School monthly membership program.

You can learn more by CLICKING HERE.

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About the author

Holly Emmerson

Holly Emmerson is a Dream Oracle and helps others manifest their goals and desires. She has a unique ability to channel Spirit and The Universe while asleep in the Dream World.

In the Dream World, she receives answers to her clients questions, gains guidance, and finds their unsupportive subconscious blocks, all to support their healing journey. By healing and removing these blocks, living a more aligned life becomes easy and allows the flow of abundance, joy, love or whatever her clients desire to manifest.

She also shares channeled Dream Oracle messages for the collective on her Youtube channel.