The Effect of a Lunar Eclipse on your Mind, Body, and Soul

effects of lunar eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth’s shadow falls directly over the Full Moon. For a brief period, the Moon disappears and the night turns dark.

In ancient times, it was believed that this darkness was a sign of great change and a bad omen for what was to come. It was believed that a Lunar Eclipse would bring a rise of darkness and that evil would flourish.

These beliefs have created superstitions around Lunar Eclipses, some of which are still observed today.

Many cultures believe that pregnant women should not go outside on an Eclipse for fear of miscarriage. Some people also believe that eating during an Eclipse brings ill health and bad luck.

There are many superstitions and beliefs surrounding Eclipses, and most of them seem to stem from the fact that the dark night and shadow on the Moon brings an ominous feeling.

The Moon has long been associated with the feminine and if we look at the Moon as a symbol for femininity- an energy that goes beyond gender, having this moment of shadow is almost like a rebirth.

A rebirth of feminine energy.

This feminine energy is about connecting with your emotions, connecting with your body, and connecting with your intuition.

It is about going within and allowing yourself to reflect in the dark, shadowy waters of your own heart, mind, and soul. It is about going to the darkest depths of the ocean, and clearing through all that no longer serves you, so you can be reborn.

In that short moment of the Eclipse, all of us on a deeper, energetic level are being asked to delve into the pit of our own selves in order to see what is true.

What is our truth that allows us to step up, rise up, and become the best version of ourselves?

Although we have Lunar Eclipses every year, their energies affect all of us in different ways, depending on where we are at in our lives and where we are heading.

One thing is for sure however, Eclipses are not bad omens. Instead, they are a gift from the cosmos and always help us to get where we need to be.

Although each Lunar Eclipse can have its own energetic effects and astrological meaning, they also have the ability to stir things up on a physical, emotional, and soul level as well.

On a Physical Level…

Lunar Eclipses tend to zap our energy, making us feel drained or lethargic. They can also mess with our sleep cycle and hormones, making us feel irritable, tired, moody, and just out of balance in general.

The cycles of the Moon also coincide with the menstrual cycle, and it is very common for women to be bleeding, ovulating or experiencing PMS during an Eclipse.

On an Emotional Level…

Lunar Eclipses have the power to pull and draw a lot of emotional energy out of the depths and onto the surface. For this reason, we may find ourselves feeling extra sensitive, or more aware of our thoughts and feelings.

Emotional healing is extremely powerful during Eclipse time, so if you do notice old feelings rising to the surface, know that there is cosmic support to help clear and release them.

Having heightened emotions can also make us feel anxious or withdrawn, but channeling into a creative project or healing work can help with this.

On a Soul Level…

Whenever there is strong lunar activity, it always creates the right vibration and environment for working and strengthening our intuitive and psychic gifts.

Lunar Eclipses also have the ability to reveal to us part of our soul contract or soul path as they often unlock events that align with our destiny.

Eclipses are really a guiding hand from the Universe and reveal to us the next chapter of growth that is getting ready to unfold for us.

To counteract these symptoms, it’s important to understand what signs the cosmos is trying to show you during an Eclipse.

Tuning in and expressing your creativity, doing some releasing work, exercising, and getting plenty of rest can also help to bring balance to your body.

Practicing lots of self-love, self-care, and visualizing a healing white light around you can also help too.

Working with crystals is also a great way to help temper any sensitive or frustrated energy the Eclipse may bring.

Any white, blue, pink or purple crystals tend to work really well for lunar energy, however trust and follow your intuition when picking the perfect crystal to work with.

Everyone is going to feel the effects differently, and everyone will be called to walk in slightly different directions under this energy.

Lunar Eclipses are turning points. They are points of rebirth, they are points of highly concentrated feminine energy, and all of this allows us to go within and work out our highest truth.

Lunar Eclipses always put you where you need to be. They always guide you in the right direction and they always reveal to you exactly what you need to know for where you are heading.

Embrace the energy of the Lunar Eclipse, use its power to clear, to release, and to reflect in the waters of your own heart and soul.

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