Feng Shui Basics for Good Health and Fortune

feng shui for good fortune

Would you like good fortunate, health and happiness in your life?

Using the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui as a guide will ensure that you are living in harmony with your environment and all it takes is sprucing up your home.

Feng shui basics

Feng Shui is based on the notion that all matter resonates with Chi or energy. Stemming from the same roots as the ancient Taoist vision, which evolved from the belief that everything around us is inter-connected, Feng Shui is considered an ancient art and science that has existed for more than 3,000 years.

Originating in China, this school of thought addresses how to balance the energies of a particular space to promote good health and good fortune for the people residing in it.

Feng means wind and Shui means water. In Chinese culture these two elements are linked to good health and they have evolved to mean good fortunate today, while bad Feng Shui is associated with bad luck or misfortune.

If your home is cluttered, poorly lit and has furniture arranged in a deficient manner, hurdles will be created in your life that will hinder opportunities for growth, according to Feng Shui principles. Making small changes in your home will help you turn things around.

Feng Shui in the home

There are various ways you can bring positive energy into your home with feng shui by adopting techniques that foster the creation of a positive space and de-cluttered environment.

Clear out the clutter – If you are a hoarder, this means it’s time to get rid of all the junk you have been collecting. If you haven’t looked at those old magazines in the past year, chuck it. And those shirts that you haven’t worn all year? Perhaps it’s time to let go and sell them, or pass them onto a new owner. Decluttering your environment is crucial to creating a harmonious home. Remove items that bring up negative memories and get rid of anything broken that you’re not going to repair.

Natural light and good quality air – Pull open those blinds and welcome natural light into your home. Keep your windows open as often as possible to allow fresh air into your home.

To improve health and encourage prosperity, wooden furniture and plants should be present in the Southeast area of your home.

Ensure your front door is visible from the street – Make sure your house number is legible and doorway accessible.

Neutral colours in the home – If you live in a place that endures long, cold winters, painting your walls in a warm colours such as soft yellows and greens will promote health and energy and will help lift your mood. Alternatively, colourful pillows and throws may do the trick.

Plants and water – Plants purify the air and the act of nurturing a plant, translates to you nurturing yourself. Jade plants and fountains are symbolic for wealth and finance.

Positioning of furniture – Do not position a couch or bed on the same wall as a doorway. This means that you cannot see who is entering, which in turn, creates a sense of vulnerability.

Use of essential oils – Infusing a space with essential oils by mixing water and a few droplets of oil in a spray bottle helps to clear negative energy and add positive vibes to your home. Oil such as frankincense, cinnamon and rose and orange blends are recommended.

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