Heartfelt Prayer is Mindful Listening

heartfelt prayer mindful listening

When I am unsure of the path to take, unsure of what to do and say, when I need an answer to my question, I ask the heavens.

Sometimes I feel that my questions have lost their way in the wide blue yonder but, once I still my chattering and confused mind, calm myself and listen deeply, the answer blooms in my consciousness.  It was a dormant bud, already there. I just needed to become conscious of it.

I was trying to explain the need to be still and listen to the messages of the universe to an agitated friend.  She was struggling with a host of negative emotions – anger, rejection, her life was a mess, all her hopes and dreams were dashed.  Hatred ran deep against those who perpetrated her emotions.  Everyone she had loved conspired against her, she felt isolated and irrelevant.  I suggested a walk to help clear her head and expend some of the pent up frustrated energy that was erupting within her.

She pounded the pavements in grief, railing against destiny and at war with its perceived injustices.  “The Universe has a plan for us all” I tried to explain. “We have to accept what comes our way as a lesson we need to learn something from.”  From the dark pit of her misery she could not see what the lesson could be nor would her frantic mind still itself to hear any message that may have been offered.   “I have prayed”, she said, “and my prayers have not been answered. Instead I have been given this to cope with and it is unbearable”.

We were walking past a beautiful rose garden, when suddenly a gorgeous bloom fell and floated right in front of her foot.  A lover of flowers and gardens, she stopped in her tracks to avoid stepping on the rose and bent to pick it up.  “Oh, what a beautiful rose”, she exclaimed. “It’s a Peace rose”, she informed me.  She sniffed it and continued on her stomping walk,  the perfect Peace rose cradled in one hand.

It was clear to me that “the message” had been delivered to her.  The path she should choose had been indicated. I was incredulous that she had not even stopped to consider its significance and that she would not, could not see what was so obvious to me. Excitedly I attempted to bring her to a realisation of this message, that her “prayer” was being answered and that the Universe was pointing the way forward. Make peace, be at peace; hold your loved ones as tenderly as you hold the rose.

As it turned out, “the message” went unheeded.

It brought me to the realisation that for most of us “prayer” is about telling the Universe what we think we want and how and when we should have it.  Prayer has become a one way monologue when it was intended to be more about asking the wise Universe for an answer and directive on how to move forward. Prayers will only be answered when we are prepared to tune in and actually listen to those answers.

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