Intuitive Astrology: Aquarius New Moon January 2023

aquarius new moon astrology 2023

Fresh energy flows from the cosmic skies under the Aquarius New Moon. Arriving on January 21st, this New Moon is a gentle time to plant seeds, set intentions, and consider all you would like to draw close to you.

Setting intentions and crafting goals can be beneficial to shift your life into greater alignment. It can fill you with a sense of purpose and bring meaning to your day-to-day. Setting intentions and putting your wishes out to the Universe are great tools that can yield positive results, but there is a call under this New Moon to be gentle in your approach.

What if we do away with this idea of big dreams and grand goals? What if we do away with this idea that we need to be productive and purposeful all the time? What if we did away with the idea of striving and just allowed ourselves to be?

There has been strong cosmic energy these last few months leading us down into the underworld. This energy has been fuelled by retrograde Mercury and Mars, which are both in their post-retrograde shadow phase under the dark night of the Aquarius New Moon.

During the shadow phase, all that has been hidden, all that has been lurking in the underworld, rises up, giving us a greater sense of clarity, understanding, and awareness.

While this Aquarius New Moon does indeed carry some fresh energy and will help to clear the cobwebs of any inward journeys we have been making, there is a need to move with awareness, to be gentle with ourselves, and to ultimately, not put so much pressure on ourselves.

We have just emerged from a dark and long journey, we need to be patient and give ourselves some grace to catch our breath.

The Aquarius New Moon also happens to be the first of the lunar year and falls at 1 degree of Aquarius, a highly karmic degree for new beginnings.

Even with the cobwebs from your journey to the underworld, you may naturally feel the flow of new beginnings filtering into your life.

If you want to use this fresh new beginning energy to set some intentions and plant some seeds, you may want to take a more open approach.

Rather than getting specific with your intentions and vision boarding exact scenarios, maybe think about how you wish to feel.

How do you wish to feel when you wake up each morning?

Make a list of three standout emotions you would like to feel, and then find ways to bring those feelings into your daily routine, even if it is just in a small way. Make it a point to observe when those feelings naturally arise. Thank them, pay respect and gratitude for them, and watch how they multiply in your life.

Chariklo, the asteroid of spirit medicine, is active under this New Moon. Chariklo carries a deeply feminine energy that supports the natural healing powers of our body.

The strength of Chariklo’s energy sends a beam, reminding us that our body is a capable, powerful machine that knows how to heal.

Healing does not have to be a complete resolution of our symptoms. Healing can come in all forms. It can be acceptance, it can be learning, or it can be simply feeling good in your own skin regardless of what is going on.

Remove any ideas you may have around what healing should look like, and trust that your body knows the way. Trust that your path to healing may look different, may feel different, and may have different outcomes, each of which is valid.

As the asteroid of Spirit Medicine, Chariklo also reminds us to connect with the wisdom of nature to support our healing journey. This could involve spending time outside or nourishing our insides with foods and herbal medicines.

If you are on your own healing journey, exploring alternative medicines and herbal treatments may be extra beneficial for you under this New Moon. You may find they open you to new avenues and opportunities along your healing path.

Aquarius is ruled by the water bearer, which is a symbol for healing and transmuting. The water bearer holds space not just for the self, but for the entire world. When we heal, the world heals. When the world heals, so do we.

Of course, we alone cannot heal the whole world, even though we may try. We only have agency over ourselves and how we choose to be in each moment.

Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to, but we can control the way we choose to show up and how we choose to look at things. This is our greatest power, and the Aquarius New Moon is the perfect time to recall and exercise this power.

The water bearer also shows us that there is healing in the breath. Through one breath at a time, we can return to a state of balance and wholeness.

If you have ever wanted to try breathwork, this New Moon would be a great time to start. This New Moon would also favor sound healing too. Combining both of these modalities would be a fantastic way to work with the energies of this New Moon.

Shortly after this New Moon peaks, we have zero major planets in retrograde, indicating some strong forward-moving energy is on the way.

We will feel the momentum building, we will feel ourselves naturally wanting to push forward and get things done. But keep some space to go at your own pace. Keep some awareness around this idea that we don’t have to pressure or force ourselves to go too big.

We can, instead, return to the simpler side of life and choose to nourish, focus, and enjoy what is truly important to our souls. At the end of the day, it really is the little things, so let’s focus our attention there and see what good it brings.

Your Aquarius New Moon Ritual 2023 is here.

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