Intuitive Astrology: Cancer New Moon July 2023

cancer new moon astrology july 2023

The Cancer New Moon arrives on July 17, 2023, just as the Lunar Nodes shift into Aries and Libra, unlocking a new 18-month karmic cycle.

The Cancer New Moon and the shifting of the Lunar Nodes happening on the same day indicate a time of heightened karmic energy.

If we pay attention, we may notice a sprinkling of bread crumbs by the Universe, leading us down a path that will accelerate the growth and development of our soul.

The Cancer New Moon may also bring new events or opportunities into our lives that can align us with feelings of purpose. Pay attention to things that are stirred under this New Moon, as they are likely to be a guide for us on which direction the Universe is pointing us in.

New Moon, New Intentions

Creating intentions is always a powerful thing to do come New Moon time, but under July’s New Moon, see if you can craft your intentions and ideas from a place of inner trust.

This requires us to go within, to sit with ourselves, and to direct the vision of our lives from a place of inner knowing and intuition. The answers may not come to us right away, but practicing patience is part of this process.

Creating intentions from a place of inner knowing is about flowing with the process and knowing that the right inspiration and answers will come when they are ready. This process requires surrender and a lot of faith, but ease tends to follow when we give over to it.

The Moon is Home in Cancer

Finding our ease may come easier to us under this New Moon, as the Moon loves to be in the sign of Cancer.

The Moon represents our emotions, our feelings of safety and security, and our feelings of comfort. The Moon can also be a representation of feminine energy in our lives.

With the Moon in its sweet spot in our cosmic skies, we may feel more connected and in tune with our emotions and feminine side, and we may have an easier time understanding what makes us feel secure.

As our emotional body will be easier to access, we may find ourselves drawn to explore our emotions and feelings in depth. We may find ourselves needing to sit with how we really feel, or to witness emotions bubbling beneath the surface so they rise for clearing.

Issues around our mother or mothering may come up under this New Moon too. Painful childhood memories may be evoked, or we may find ourselves needing to balance our mothering qualities. The mother wound can also trigger issues around comfort and security.

Do we feel stable and secure in ourselves and in ourselves? Are we able to comfort and soothe ourselves back to a state of balance?

Cancer energy can be like the Divine Mother, swooping in and caring for us in all the ways we long to be cared for. It can comfort us in just the right ways, holding us so we feel secure and stable out in the big wide world.

But another energy that Cancer can embody is that of bravery, and this bravery is one that is sourced from pure love. When we love ourselves unconditionally, it becomes second nature to stand up for our well-being, to care for ourselves when we are in need, and to find the confidence to make the changes that are needed.

Under the Cancer New Moon, we can channel some of this self-love energy. We can channel this self-love energy and turn it into feelings of bravery, confidence, and inner-strength.

The Cancer New Moon and the Cosmic Skies

Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, is highly active under this New Moon, so it’s likely we may feel transformed in some way. This is likely to be a subtle and perhaps something we experience on an emotional level first.

Pluto is in retrograde at the moment too, guiding us to trace back over events we have been working through since October of last year. You may find themes, especially on an emotional level, that were stirring around October of 2022 coming back to the surface for clearing or greater awareness.

Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty, and money, is also nearing her official retrograde date at this time too. While Venus won’t retrograde until July 22, its energy may feel triggered under this Cancer New Moon.

Venus Retrograde is a time of heart healing, so we may begin to get greater whispers of what heart healing is in store for us once Venus begins to make her retrograde journey.

With this energy dynamic in the mix, the Cancer New Moon could definitely feel more sensitive than normal. We may have to be careful around what emotions we are choosing to cling to and whom we choose to surround ourselves with.

This New Moon asks us to be gentle with ourselves, to wrap ourselves in our own warmth, and to nourish ourselves in ways that only we know how to.

Your Cancer New Moon Ritual is here.

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