Intuitive Astrology: February New Moon 2020

february new moon astrology

The Pisces New Moon falls on February 23rd and beckons us to dive deep into the ocean of our soul.

Take a moment wherever you are, and draw a deep breath. Sink into yourself. Pause and feel what it’s like to be in your body in this moment. Recognize that your body is more than 70 percent water. Recognize that while you have this density to your body, within you is your own ocean. Within you is the same ocean that ebbs and flows with the cycle of the Moon. This is the watery depth this New Moon is asking us to enter.

It’s asking us to take a dive to the bottom of the ocean within us, not to analyze, pick apart, or judge what is there, but to simply observe. To watch the memories, the pains, the dreams, and the triggers. To see them floating by like they are a part of you, but not really you.

We are so much greater than what happens during our time here. Life is happening for us, not to us. As the poet Rumi shared, we are not a drop in the ocean but rather, we are the entire ocean in a drop.

The magical harmony of the Pisces New Moon will guide us within, helping to open and unlock our intuition, our hidden depths, our creative potential, and our connection with the Divine.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, so under this energy, we may also find ourselves feeling a sense of completion or reflecting on the journey we have traveled over the last 12 months.

When we look back in time, we may feel as if certain events and memories were nothing more than a dream. But life is like that sometimes. It is only when you step outside it all for a moment, that you see the lines of reality are often blurred.

Beyond the ethereal qualities of this watery Pisces New Moon, it also forms a configuration known as a Talent Triangle with Uranus and Mars.

Imagine the Moon at the apex and Uranus and Mars with their strong planetary forces, forming the base of this triangle. These three planets are interlocked, their energy flowing harmoniously back and forth, creating a portal of influence.

As the name suggests, this Talent Triangle will guide us to unlock our talents and natural gifts. If there is something we have wanted to try or a hidden gift waiting to be unearthed, this configuration will be the key that opens the door.

This energy will inspire us to feel motivated, confident, and ready to step out of our comfort zones into new beginnings. It will beam down rays that remind us that our dreams can indeed become reality.

Mars will drive our ambition and remind us that we are worthy. It will support us to release our fears and to know we are so much stronger than we have ever believed ourselves to be.

Uranus will drive our feelings of freedom and independence. It will support us to take a leap of faith and to step out of any imposed cages or walls we have built around ourselves.

Open your heart to this idea that there are hidden talents inside of you, waiting to rise up into your consciousness. Honor the fact that you are talented, you are gifted, and that you do indeed bring so much value to this world.

You are valuable. You are deserving. You belong here in this time and space, and under the current energies, your potential is free to be further unlocked.

We all have things we are naturally gifted at, but sometimes it is hard for us to see them in ourselves. Under this New Moon, try making a list of 50 talents that you possess. This number may seem like a lot, but having this goal will help you dig deep and unearth some things you never knew about yourself.

New Moons are a wonderful time to embrace the new, however with Mercury in Retrograde and the strong Piscean vibes, we may not be able to put our finger on this new beginning just yet.

We may feel that a seed has been planted, but our attention may be drawn to creating the perfect environment for that seed, rather than what the seed may blossom to become.

We can all use this energy to ask for clarity, to ask for guidance, and to stay open to the amazing gifts, talents, and qualities we possess.

Something will be unlocked for us under this New Moon energy, but we will have to be patient and give it some time to take root and bloom.

Clear space to receive this energy and be open to diving into a deeper truth.

The Pisces New Moon whispers to you- when you allow yourself to float in your own waters, you will discover the sea of potential that you are. Not all potential can be unlocked straight away, rather it is a slow process that ebbs and flows throughout the specially orchestrated timing of your life. Under the 2020 February New Moon, there are light vibrations that will help unlock more of your gifts, that is the things you were destined to bring and share with this world. Despite how insignificant you may feel compared to the Moon and the galaxies of stars around you, the truth is they are you, they shine only because you see them. It is your eyes gazing upon the night sky that makes it twinkle. Your power is you and your potential, endless.

Your Pisces New Moon Ritual is here.

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Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire. She is also the author of several books including the Power of Positive Energy, Messages for the Soul, and My Pocket Mantras. She also runs online courses and in-person retreats.