Intuitive Astrology Forecast March 2021

march astrology 2021

March is a busy month which brings an acceleration of energy. It is your month for making progress, getting things done, planning for the future, and crossing things off your to-do list. 

March also brings the start of the astrological new year, which occurs when the Sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. 

The astrological new year represents a fresh new start, an opportunity to begin again, and helps shift us into a new season on our journey. 

Throughout the month, all the major planets will be moving direct, which also adds to the forward-moving potential that this month brings our way. 

It is time to let go of the past, and to move confidently and bravely into a new future. A new earth is being created, and March is a time for planting seeds, laying new foundations, and making rapid progress. 

To guide you through the energies of the month, try my Lotus Compassion Meditation.

Here are the major astrological events for the month – 

March 3- Mars enters Gemini

Mars enters the sign of communication and self-expression. We may find ourselves wanting to share inspired new ideas or feeling the urge to write, speak, teach, or create. Mars is going to be a planet to watch this month as its energy is building and becoming stronger. 

March 4- Mercury Conjunct Jupiter 

More support is on our side for communicating, expressing, and sharing our thoughts and ideas. It seems that the first few days of March are going to be great for all of this. Mercury conjunct Jupiter is also traditionally a good time to take a trip somewhere or to learn new things.

March 10- Sun Conjunct Neptune

One of the most magical and mystical days of the year is when the Sun aligns with Neptune. Neptune is the planet of hopes, dreams, and wishes and with both the Sun and Neptune currently in Pisces, these dreamy vibes are amplified! This is a day where your intuition will be heightened and you are more likely to receive downloads and insights from your higher self or angels/guides.

March 13- New Moon in Pisces + Venus conjunct Neptune

Talk about a magical New Moon! This New Moon is sprinkled in fairy dust. This is a fantastic time for receiving clarity on your relationships and finances, but with all the sparkles around, just remember that all that glitters is not necessarily gold! This New Moon is also wonderful for creative endeavors and for dreaming big. A time to really lay the foundation for a more beautiful, aligned, and high vibe life!

March 15- Mercury Enters Pisces

Mercury does not do well in the sign of Pisces. We may find ourselves feeling a little scattered or like we are wading through some fog. What was once clear may now seem confusing, or we may feel uncertain about our next steps. It is best to move out of the mind and make decisions from the heart. Mercury leaves Pisces by April 5th.

March 20- Equinox + Sun in Aries +Start of Astrological New Year

Happy astrological new year! The Sun shifts into the Aries zodiac today, which also signals the Equinox, a time of equal hours of night and day. Depending on where you live, the Equinox also brings the start of Spring or Autumn. This is a power day, where the veil between dimensions is said to be thin. This is the perfect time for magic and ritual work, and for sowing seeds for the new chapter that is to unfold. 

March 21- Mars Out of Bounds

Mars moves “out of bounds” which essentially means that its energy goes wild! Mars is the planet of action, motivation, and conquering our fears. We may feel inspired to do take leaps, make progress, and push past some of the fears and blocks that have been holding us back. Mars energy is all or nothing, so you may have to watch your own energy levels to be sure you are not heading towards burnout. Try to move at a steady pace rather than rushing ahead. Mars will remain out of bounds until May 24.

March 25- Sun Conjunct Venus

Another beautiful energy on offer to us this month with the Sun aligning with Venus. On a practical level, this is a great time to buy new clothes, get that haircut, and to schedule any beauty treatments. On a deeper level, this energy can enhance our ability to manifest and attract things into our lives. It is also perfect for showing love and gratitude to those you care about- including yourself! 

March 28- Full Moon in Libra +Venus Conjunct Chiron

The soulful, healing vibrations of this Full Moon run deep with the asteroid, Chiron being heavily activated. Chiron represents the wounded healer and is about taking our pains and traumas and turning them into strengths. The energy of this Full Moon is going to guide and support us with this. Due to the Venus energy, it is likely the wounds we are being guided to strengthen stem around our romantic relationships, money, and our relationship with the feminine. 

To guide you through the energies of the month, try my Lotus Compassion Meditation.

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