Intuitive Astrology: Mercury Retrograde December 2017

mercury retrograde 2017

Mercury goes retrograde for the final time in 2017, from December 3-22 and will be guiding all of us to reflect on the year gone by.

Whenever Mercury goes retrograde, it is time for our mind to pay a little visit to the past. These visits to the past allow us to reflect on things and to gain new information that perhaps we overlooked before.

Mercury is the messenger of the Gods and when in retrograde, it allows us to unearth buried truths or thought patterns that may be blocking us from moving forward or getting where we want to go.

Mercury rules over our mind, which is one of the most powerful tools we have. Our mind can be so powerful that it can shape our reality and change how we feel. Our mind also governs over our vibration and can help inspire us to take action or to back down.

When Mercury slips into retrograde mode, we are given the opportunity to tap into more of our subconscious mind and understand things on a deeper level. We may even receive messages from our Divine team that allows us to know the path forward.

What is significant about this Mercury Retrograde is that it starts the same day as the Gemini Full Moon and ends around the time of the Solstice.

Both the Full Moon and the Solstice are going to be helping us to wrap up any loose ends before the close of 2017, and it seems that Mercury Retrograde is also going to be helping with this process too.

During this time, the cosmos is really going to be asking us to bring closure to the year gone by and to clear through any mental chatter that we have been walking around with.

Under this energy, any nagging thoughts from the past or unresolved issues will be given the opportunity to be rehashed and released.

The best way to navigate through this energy is to take things slow and to give yourself time. Making hasty decisions while Mercury is in retrograde is often not a good idea as you may not have all the necessary information just yet.

Many people view Mercury retrograde as an inconvenience, but really it is a gift. It allows us access to the hidden realms of the mind and helps us to understand ourselves on a whole new level.

Mercury retrograde is not the time to start new things or to pursue new ideas. It is also not the ideal time to have important conversations or to communicate an idea to someone else. Instead, it is a time for inner reflection. It is a time to revisit the past and to reflect on where you have been and where you want to go.

The theme for December’s retrograde is really about releasing and shedding all the mental blocks and thought patterns from 2017 so you can enter 2018 with a fresh perspective and a new outlook.

Whatever messages you need to hear will arise during the retrograde period, however it is likely that you won’t really be able to understand them until Mercury goes direct again on December 22.

In order to hear the messages Mercury has for you, spend time clearing your mind of any unnecessary thoughts or mental chatter.

By clearing your mind, you will be able to receive messages more clearly and you will be able to observe your mind from a more peaceful place.

Journalling and reflecting on any thoughts and feelings that come up would also be very valuable at this time.

Mercury retrograde can often bring a lot of clarity, so if you are looking for guidance, meditating or journalling is really going to help. Just be patient, and know that you will need to wait until Mercury goes direct to put the final pieces into place.

As the final Mercury retrograde of the year, use this cycle to clear out the closets of your mind and work through any mental blocks orĀ thought patterns that are keeping you from getting where you want to be.

When you use Mercury retrograde energy in this way, you are going to feel empowered by this time of year and not inconvenienced.

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