Intuitive Astrology: New Moon Solar Eclipse August 2018

august solar eclipse astrology

The August 11th Partial Solar Eclipse falls in the sign of Leo and is going to bring closure to the Eclipse season of 2018.

The recent Eclipse cycle has been longer than most with a total of three Eclipses over the last two months. Normally Eclipses come in pairs, but having an extra Eclipse has given us some added cosmic weather.

Along with all the retrograde planets, it seems that the Universe has really been pushing and guiding us to heal old wounds and assess the direction of our lives.

Over the last few months, we have really been challenged by the Universe to dig a little deeper than usual and to unearth our fears, hopes, dreams, and everything in between.

Since the Blood Moon Eclipse especially, we have also been shedding and releasing the old as a way to prepare for a new chapter.

Now with the August 11th Partial Solar Eclipse, we are finally going to receive the last finishing touches we need in order to welcome in that new chapter. We are also going to receive more insight and illumination around the lessons and gifts of the season.

Following this Leo Solar Eclipse, we may receive closure with things that have been brewing over the last few months, and we may also feel a little more energized or motivated to forge ahead.

This will be especially true leading up to the end of the month as Mars and Mercury will both be out of retrograde by the 27th.

There is a strong, high vibrational energy surrounding August’s Solar Eclipse which is really going to allow us to see things with greater clarity. Think of this Eclipse as a great illuminator, which is going to help shed light on areas of your life that have felt foggy or confusing.

If you need to make a decision on something, or if you are waiting for clarity, it could very well be that this Eclipse delivers some news your way.

There is a ‘wildcard’ energy around this Eclipse also, which means that it could stir up things that we didn’t see coming. There may be some new information we need to deal with, or we may find that we have overlooked an important detail.

This energy is particularly strong seeing as retrograde Mercury is also very active around this Eclipse.

With this Eclipse, we would benefit from allowing the high vibrations to penetrate, open, and illuminate us. We would benefit from finding our still point and allowing the light to shine where it needs to shine.

It may take a few days before we can fully see into the heart of the truth, but if we remain still, if we continue to remain patient, we will receive the answers we have been seeking.

August’s Solar Eclipse wraps up a very heavy cycle. A cycle that was really beckoning us to enter into this death and rebirth phase.

We have had to shed, we have had to release, we have had to dig into the depths in order to uncover all that is holding us back and all the karmic patterns we need to clear.

It has been an intense time of self-reflection, and a time where the Universe has really allowed all the muck to rise to the surface in order to be cleared.

The August Solar Eclipse is the last point in this cycle. It represents the rebirth, the end of one chapter and the start of a new one.

We still need to be a bit patient as this energy unfolds. We need to find our stillness through it all, and trust that more answers are going to emerge in the weeks following the Eclipse.

We have really had to be patient, we have really had to work hard, but our efforts have not been in vain, as there are cosmic rewards and gifts on the way.

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