Intuitive Astrology: Sagittarius New Moon December 2023

sagittarius new moon 2023

The Sagittarius New Moon falls on the auspicious twelfth day of the twelfth month and is the last New Moon for 2023. Mercury also stations retrograde shortly after the peak of the New Moon, making it a potent day in our cosmic skies.

Let’s break down the incredible cosmic offerings of the Sagittarius New Moon and how we can make the most of it.

The Last New Moon of the Year

2023 is fast coming to a close, and many of us will be scrambling to get things done. While life may feel extra busy this time of year, the Sagittarius New Moon is our chance to set our final intentions for 2023. While it can be tempting to jump ahead into the new year, see if you can channel your intentions into the last remaining weeks of the year.

How would you like the next three weeks to flow? What do you want to focus on?

If this time of year has brought some challenges your way or you know some stressful situations are on the horizon, this would be a good time to create some reminders for yourself. Create one intention for each of the three weeks left in the year and fill them with supportive words for all you have going on.

A Time of Healing

One of the most profound cosmic energies working with this New Moon is Chiron, the asteroid of healing. The energy of Chiron is harmoniously flowing with this New Moon, helping to bring strong healing energy our way.

Mars is also beautifully intertwined with Chiron and the Moon, making us feel more motivated to get to the root of our problems. Something that has been troubling us for some time may finally begin to feel manageable, or the results we have been looking for may come about quicker or with greater ease.

When Mars is involved, we need to be proactive and take action, and under this energy, our actions are going to be supported and amplified. So, even if they are small, think about some steps you can take to instigate a deeper healing for your mind, body, and soul.

The Sagittarius New Moon and Mercury Retrograde

Mercury stations retrograde shortly after the New Moon peaks. Mercury is the planet of communication, and ancient astrologers believed that when it traveled retrograde, our more subtle senses and forms of communication were heightened.

On the surface, Mercury Retrograde can bring foggy mental thoughts, miscommunications, and technology mishaps, but on deeper levels, it is a powerful time for trusting our intuition and paying attention to our senses beyond the typical five.

Mercury Retrograde, happening on the same day as the New Moon, will heighten its energy and thin the veil. We may feel a little indecisive or confused, or instinctually feel that all the facts have not been presented to us.

When Mercury Retrograde is involved, moving slowly and methodically and trusting our intuition is important. With the veil thin, we have the potential to receive clearer guidance from our dreams, intuition, and higher self.

The 12:12 New Moon in the sign of the Archer

The New Moon in the fire sign of Sagittarius is a time when adventure and excitement can be triggered. Many of us have a lot of responsibilities, especially at this time of year, but use the energy of this New Moon to push yourself out of your comfort zone and to find some playfulness in your daily routine. Shaking things up, trying new things, and exploring new worlds are all powerful ways to channel this Sagittarius energy.

The New Moon falling on the sacred 12/12 also creates powerful waves of energy that support the vibration of this number pattern. 12 is a number of understanding and wholeness. It represents coming full circle with a complete and clear picture of all that has unfolded.

Even though Mercury is in retrograde at this time, and there is new energy flowing from the New Moon, we also have the energies of 1212 reminding us of completion, wholeness, and greater wisdom.

It seems that just like the archer, we are being called to line up our arrow, take our aim, and then trust in the wind! Life is a ride, there is only so much we can control. So perhaps overall, that is the message this New Moon has for us.

Set your intentions, focus on healing, acknowledge your intuition, move slowly, but ultimately, trust the ride!

Your Sagittarius New Moon Ritual is coming soon.

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