Intuitive Astrology: Saturn Direct and the South Node 2019

saturn direct south node

Saturn stations direct on September 18, 2019, after being retrograde since April 29, 2019. You can read more about the lessons and energies of this Saturn Retrograde here, but as Saturn begins moving direct it is going to bring a new vibration and a new set of lessons to work with.

We can think of Saturn going direct as the start of a new Saturn cycle and a new round of lessons. Saturn is sometimes referred to as the Lord of Karma and while all of Saturn’s lessons can be viewed as karmic in nature, this energy is now being amplified.

Saturn is currently moving through its ruling sign of Capricorn. Saturn loves being in Capricorn and is able to express its purest and truest energy in this sign. The South Node, which is a mathematical point in astrology linked to the Moon, is also currently in Capricorn, and as Saturn stations direct is going to align with the South Node. 

The South Node represents all the things we have learned and mastered in our past lives and what we have come here to build upon.

The South Node also symbolizes our strengths however, these are the strengths we need to stop relying on in this lifetime. In this lifetime, we now need to learn to strengthen other parts of ourselves, otherwise we can start to feel trapped in the past and stuck from moving forward.

While we don’t want to ignore the confidence that our South Node gives us, we have to remember to keep growing and to use what we know as a launching pad to push us higher.

With Saturn aligning with the South Node, the karmic ties and bonds of our past are going to rise up in order to be cleared and released. 

Is there something that keeps playing out and repeating again and again? Do you constantly run into the same types of people or relationships? Do you constantly find yourself in the same position or feeling the same way?

When we are met with heavy or difficult energy in our lives, when we are met with people who constantly seem to trigger us or push our buttons, chances are we have identified a karmic pattern and something that needs to be cleared and worked through. 

These patterns are going to be important to investigate and to look at under this energy, so pay attention and see what messages arise for you in the weeks surrounding September 18, 2019, as well as the weeks surrounding September 28, 2019.

Many people are afraid of the idea of karma and think of it as type of judgment or punishment, but the laws of karma are not human-designed and are not about judgment. 

When something upsetting or traumatic happens to you, that is not necessarily your karma coming to get you. We all make mistakes, we all do things we are not proud of, but that is not really what karma is about.

Karma is our textbook, our soul lessons that we have come to work through in this life. If we think of Earth as our school, our karma is the textbook we get to work with. It outlines the lessons, the triumphs, and the treasures of what we are here to learn, grow, and build on.

Karma is not a punishment, it is a gift; it is a gift that allows us to keep growing and keep advancing our soul.

As Saturn moves direct and aligns with the South Node, it is going to help us clear some karma from our past and allow us to move further into the lessons of our textbook. This is a powerful time, so watch and observe what happens around you for clues on where the Universe is guiding you.

Here are a few things you may notice under this energy which is strongest on September 18th and 28th, but can be felt over a week either side of these dates:

  • People from our past may come back into our lives with a valuable lesson or message 
  • Unresolved conflicts or feelings may present themselves in order to be dealt with once and for all
  • We may finally break long-time patterns and cycles that we have been playing out on repeat
  • We may discover a new way to approach something that is different from how we have handled things in the past
  • We may be required to take responsibility for our actions in a new way 
  • We may find that solutions that have worked in the past no longer seem to
  • A door may be closed on our past or we may feel a sense of closure when it comes to past events 
  • We may be called to try something new or to step out of our comfort zone
  • We may receive insights, guidance, or healing around a past life
  • We may meet someone or visit a location that was significant in a past life

As Saturn is considered the Lord of Karma and is in Capricorn, the sign associated with responsibility, it is also a valuable time to think about what you are putting out into the world and where your actions and beliefs may be rooted in past pains rather than love.

As you are doing this, it is also helpful to keep in mind that all of us, including you, is just doing the best they can from their own level of consciousness and awareness. We all make mistakes, we all do things we are not proud of, but this is all part of being human.

Owning up, taking responsibility for our actions and where we can do better is a sign of strength, and can free us from judgment or fear-based thinking.

Along with Saturn aligning with the South Node, it is also going to begin moving forward towards Pluto. Pluto is still retrograde in Capricorn but will turn direct in October 2019. 

As Saturn and Pluto get closer to each other and move closer into alignment, the energy of transformation and renewal is going to begin filtering through each and every one of us in a big way.

Saturn and Pluto don’t align until January 2020, but this is bound to be a life-changing moment and one that we will start feeling brewing as Pluto also begins moving direct.

You can read more on the fated Saturn-Pluto alignment here and here. 

Overall, Saturn moving direct and aligning with the South Node is a great time to clear the past, to resolve any repetitive cycles and patterns, but to also focus on being present.

You are not your past, you are not the events that have happened to you, and you are not the feelings those events stir within you.

While it often feels like life is happening to us, when we reach higher levels of consciousness and awareness, we see that we are in fact just observers in this life. 

Nothing is happening to us, but is rather playing out in a screen for us to observe, like watching a movie or a stage play. We are of course, invested in the storyline but it is not who we really are.

We are timeless beings here for a human experience. All is temporary, all feelings and events come and go, come and go. Nothing is here to stay.

“There is a certain degree of consciousness, known to mystics, where it becomes empirically obvious that all personal experience is retried repeatedly – that nothing is new and nothing is old. Life is kaleidoscopic – another, and yet another, reworking of colours and shapes bewitching the observer into thinking themselves to be real and important, instead of simply a point of perspective within an amorphous eternal dance of light.”– from

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