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Sedna is a dwarf planet, spotted in November 2003 in the far depths of our Solar System. She moves through the zodiac incredibly slowly and in an erratic nature, subtly weaving her magic deep into our subconscious.

In 2024, Sedna changes signs for the first time since 1966 and moves into the sign of Gemini, where she will remain until 2067. As Sedna moves so slowly, her change into a new sign of the zodiac represents an opportunity to connect with her energy in a deeper and more meaningful way.

When a planet enters a new sign, astrologers often look at what themes or patterns were prevalent the last time the planet was in the same sign. But because Sedna moves so slowly, and is so new to astrology, it would be almost impossible to track what Sedna in Gemini themes have been observed.

We are charting new territory with Sedna moving into the sign of the twins, so it largely remains to be seen what will manifest.

Some astrologers have predicted that Sedna moving into Gemini will help to usher us into the world of AI; others have claimed that Sedna in Gemini will bring revolutions in the way we choose to communicate.

But, if we peel back the curtain a little deeper, we can see that Sedna’s message moves beyond just the surface and into the deepest layers of the soul. We can see that Sedna’s shift and growing awareness in our consciousness is a spark to a new revolution.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the energies of Sedna, starting with her story.

The Story of Sedna

There are many versions of the myth of Sedna, but in almost all versions, Sedna was a beautiful Inuit woman who was well provided for. Her father was a skilled hunter, so she always had food to eat and nice warm clothing to wear. When Sedna reached marrying age, she, much to the embarrassment of her family, refused to marry. Suitors would travel across the Arctic to see her, but she turned them all down.

Finally, a suitor came to visit, dressed in the most glorious animal furs. He boasted about what a good hunter he was, and Sedna was wooed by his charm. In some versions of the myth however, it is said that Sedna was coerced into marrying this suitor.

Shortly after their marriage, this suitor reveals his true colors. He was a Birdman and was not a very good hunter at all. Sedna no longer had the comforts and food she was used to and became increasingly unhappy with her trickster husband.

Her father, observing how unhappy she was, planned her escape. But as they got into their escape boat, the Birdman flapped his wings and summoned the spirit of wind, making the seas incredibly choppy. Fearing for his life, Sedna’s father threw her into the sea.

Sedna clung to the boat with her hands, but her father chopped off her fingers. As Sedna and her fingers fell into the Artic waters, she sprouted a tail and was reborn into the Goddess of the Sea, and each of her fingers became a different sea creature.

She birthed whales, seals, dolphins, and various other marine life from her ten fingers. Sedna then became the ruler of the seas and the keeper of all the animals.

It was believed that Sedna would control how many sea creatures would be available to hunters. When hunters struggled to find food, they would ask a Shaman to “travel” to Sedna and appease her. The Shamans, in their journeys, would visit Sedna and braid her hair and wash her skin in the hopes that more animals would be available to hunt.

Sedna still lives at the bottom of the Sea, watching out for the animals that she birthed and making sure the balance is maintained.

If we look a little deeper into the symbolism of this story, we can see that Sedna was not interested in following the traditions that were expected of her. She didn’t want to marry but eventually succumbed to her earthly destiny and chose a suitor.

Once she was married and the veil was lifted and Sedna found herself in a miserable situation. Deciding to escape, which must have been a daring feat for her, she then faced the betrayal of her father as he risked her life to save his own.

It seems at the hands of both men, she was sacrificed and betrayed. But plunging into the sea became her rebirth moment. Sedna is a victim, but it is also her darkest moment that leads to her true purpose. There in the Sea, as she is facing the death of everything she has ever known, she is reborn as the Goddess she was always meant to be.

Sedna and Transformation

It is easy to see the theme of transformation woven throughout Sedna’s story. Much like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, Sedna’s life was about to be over until the magic energies of transformation allowed her to rise into a truer form.

It is clear from the start of the story, that Sedna was not like other women and not interested in the path that was expected of her from society. She knew she was meant for more; perhaps she could sense it all along. But when the right moment found her, she underwent her transformation. When she was released from the dominating grips of her husband and her father, she found her truth.

Just like Sedna, every one of us has the power to undergo a rebirth. Every one of us has the power to break free from hardwired patterns, behaviors, (and the patriarchy) to find a new path for ourselves.

Sedna and Abandonment

Sedna can shine a light on all the places we feel abandoned. She was abandoned by her father, her husband, and no one came to her rescue. She was left to fend for herself, and even though she thrived, Sedna had to do it alone.

Perhaps she had the sea creatures to keep her company, but she had to leave behind everything she had ever known. Her family and community abandoned her when she was pressured into marriage, and then abandoned her when she was drowning in the bottom of the ocean.

Abandonment can be a core wound for so many of us, and perhaps if you have been drawn to Sedna, it is also a calling for you to journey into your own abandonment wounds.

No one wants to feel left behind; no one wants to feel the sadness and loneliness that abandonment can bring. Abandonment can also make us feel like we are not good enough, not worthy, and set us up for issues in our relationships.

While Sedna was abandoned by all that she knew, she was also granted a freedom to create a new life for herself outside the pressures of her family and society. She turned into a Goddess and her story continues to be told to this day – that is how powerful she has become. She found her path, she made the best of her situation, and she left her legacy.

We cannot control the behaviors of others; we cannot force someone to stay, and we cannot force someone to love us. We sometimes have to deal with rejection and abandonment.

But in those times alone, in that lonely void, that is where we can do the most soul-searching. That is where we can discover ourselves, and from this place, we start to grow in alignment with people that truly love and support us for who we are.

Sedna and Finding Your Inner Magic

When Sedna is strong in our cosmic skies, it can trigger themes of rebirth, transformation, and abandonment, but also our inner magic.

All along, Sedna was harboring this inner magic. Inside her lived the creative fuel needed to birth the sea creatures that we know and love today. Her body parts became dolphins, whales, and seals. She became their mother, their protector.

All along, within her cells, Sedna held the power. The power was always inside of her; she just had to realize it for herself. It is unfortunate that it took such tragic circumstances for Sedna to find her power, but perhaps we can relate to that.

Perhaps you stumbled on your spiritual journey or astrology when you, too were going through a hard time. Perhaps it was your time spent in the ashes of your life that allowed you to experience the rebirth you have today. Or perhaps, you are still in the fire or ashes stage of your life and wondering if you will ever find your way to purpose.

Allow Sedna’s story to be your hope. Sedna lost everything. She lost her family and the life she knew. But from this loss, an incredible rebirth was born. She did not acquire any special skills or train with masters from far and wide; all she did was release herself from the old and birth herself into the new.

She stepped into her power and into her role as Goddess of the Sea. It was who she was all along. It didn’t require her to take on anything special, rather it required her to shed all that she thought she was.

Sedna is our inner power. She represents the magic of our soul that lives within all of us and is always there guiding us and helping us to find our way.

The journey can be lonely, dark, and isolating at times. But just like Sedna, we eventually find our tribe.

Sedna in Gemini 2024-2067

With Sedna moving into Gemini, we can expect themes relating to the way we think, communicate, and share our stories with others. Storytelling may take on a new form, or we may find ourselves returning to myths such as these to understand ourselves and the world around us a little better.

Gemini is a highly social sign, which is why Sedna in Gemini may help us all find our tribe and our place of belonging.

We may dig deep when it comes to any fears of abandonment or shame, especially in our friendships and social circles. We may even feel the desire to become more aligned with who we choose to surround ourselves with.

Gemini can also govern our mental health and our thought processes. Perhaps Sedna will inspire us to think differently about the world and life as we know it. Perhaps Sedna will help us to create new neural pathways and new ways of thinking about things.

The highly creative energies of Gemini may also help to birth new stories, scripts, or podcasts. Gemini is the communicator and the scribe, so perhaps a new story is waiting to be born.

And finally, Sedna rules over the Seas, so perhaps more than ever, protecting our planet and marine life is something worth talking about.

It definitely seems interesting that the Arctic, which is home to Sedna, needs our attention more than ever due to the mistreatment of our earthly resources.

Sedna in your Astrology Chart

As Sedna moves so slowly, it is not hard to figure out where it was at the time of your birth. As Sedna is a slow mover, her impact tends to affect a whole generation. However, if you want to dive deeper, take a look to see what house or other planets Sedna is in connection with. ( is a good resource for drawing your natal chart).

If you want to learn basic chart analysis and dive deeper into creating your own cosmic connection with the stars and planets, check out my book – The Ultimate Guide to Astrology. While I don’t go into Sedna in this book, once you learn how to read an astrology chart (which this book teaches you), you can use the same method to unlock the messages that Sedna has for you.

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