Intuitive Astrology: September Equinox 2017

september equinox astrology

The September 22nd Equinox is the turning point of the year, the halfway point on the cycle through the stars.

The September 2017 Equinox is marked with the Sun shifts into Libra, which is the zodiac sign represented by the scales.

Libra is all about finding balance and harmony and learning to collaborate with others. It is an air sign that helps us to see the world, ourselves and others from a more compassionate point of view.

As the Sun shifts into Libra on the Equinox, we are reminded of the goals and lessons we started during the last Equinox in March, which was the start of the astrological year.

The September Equinox is the midway point through the astrological year and is where we start harvesting and taking stock of what we have planted since April.

Whatever goals and intentions we planted during that time are likely to be blossoming to their fullest potential, as long as they have been watered and nurtured during the months in-between.

The Equinox is named so because the hours of day and night are of equal length. It is the time where we come back to complete zero, to neutral ground.

On every Equinox we are asked to get ourselves into balance and to find the equilibrium between all that life has dealt us so far.

We have to take the good with the bad and we have to learn to focus on both of these aspects of life.

There is a certain duality in life that we all signed up to experience. We need to experience the dark so we can fully understand the light, and just the same we need to experience the light so we can fully understand the dark.

It is only when we can acknowledge this that we can begin to see that there is darkness in light and light in darkness- one only exists because of the other.

The September 2017 Equinox is also highlighting the balance that is needed between feminine and masculine energies.

In fact, the current astrological weather is really asking us to step into more of our feminine power and to bring more of this energy into the world.

We all have feminine and masculine power within us, but this Equinox is calling on us to really soften and to bring  more compassion, empathy and understanding into our lives and to Mother Earth.

This energy is asking us to trust that small, quieter voice within and to contemplate and reflect instead of bulldozing ahead.

We need to all slow down a little bit, take a breath and help ourselves and Mother Earth to recover a bit.

At the last Equinox in April, we were all hurtled through the start of a brand new chapter in our lives. We have now reached the midway point of this chapter and we are beginning to settle into this new life and new rhythm. We are beginning to see how this chapter is taking shape.

Starting anything new can be draining and tricky to navigate at first, which is why we need to use this September Equinox energy to rest and to regroup our thoughts. We need to find the balance and harmony as our lives have taken a new direction.

As we move through the final months of 2017, we are also going to be wrapping up whatever lessons we have needed to deal with and to face up to any truths that have now become a reality.

This is highlighted by two major planetary shifts that will happen between now and the end of the year. Two key planets- Saturn and Jupiter will move into new zodiac signs causing a shift of energy.

Saturn will move out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn on December 21st where it will stay for another 2.5 years.

Saturn feels much more at home in Capricorn than in Sagittarius, but before it changes signs, we are going to feel things rocking.

Whatever lessons or themes Saturn has been working with you since December 2014 will start coming together for completion.

Graduation day is coming, and when Saturn finally moves into Capricorn, you will be rewarded for all of your hard work.

The energy of the Equinox is going to set Saturn’s wheels into motion and will be guiding all of us on the home stretch of the lessons we have been working on for the last few years.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance will also be shifting out of Libra and into Scorpio on October 11th where it will remain for the next 12 or so months.

When Jupiter moves into a new sign we will also feel a shift, and perhaps things in your life will shift focus a little bit.

Jupiter’s move into Scorpio will also be helping us to get in touch with our inner selves and to feel more connected to our feelings. If there are any stuck or lingering emotions, Jupiter in Scorpio will be helping us to release them over the next 12 months.

As you can see, this Equinox is the tipping point of many shifts however, it is important to remember that there is an ease to all of this.

As we pass the Equinox point, the energy is going to simmer down and things are not going to feel as heightened as they were at the start of the year.

There is a calming energy that comes with this turn direction and this is something to look forward to.

In the Northern Hemisphere we are going to be turning inwards. We can start to see the Mother Earth shedding the dead leaves and allowing things to be released.

In the Southern Hemisphere we are going to be turning outwards. The blossoms are getting ready to bloom and creativity will be extremely high.

The September Equinox is a pivotal turning point in the astrological year but the good news is that there is still time to think about how you want this chapter to end.

You may not be able to change the past, but you can have a say in each moment as it arises.

Make each moment count. Live each moment of your life like an adventure and very soon that chapter you are writing will be the best one yet.

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