It’s Weird To Be Normal

I hate to say this kids, but there’s still a point after finishing school and entering “the real world” where people still label others as “weird”. Even if they’re not saying it, they’re still thinking it and you can tell by their facial expression or how closed off they are towards this foreign creature to them.

To me though, the people who judge another person’s quirks based off one look are the weirdest people of all!

I don’t think there’s really a correct or incorrect definition of “weird”. It’s a subjective meaning.

To me, a weirdness is what makes you unique. It’s a gift! There are billions of people on this Earth, but you stand out with a specific trait. It’s not a punishment. It’s a treat.

I grew up being called “strange” or “odd” every now and then. To me though, I really never saw myself as that and I was lucky growing up that I was in my own little world and chose not to really care if I didn’t fit the norm. I was happy, and that’s all that mattered.

I’m glad I never let it affect me if someone thought my quirkiness was something that didn’t fit into their circle. You should only embrace that quirk  because it’s what makes you, you.

You know what, I love cold pizza for breakfast. I can have a conversation about JJ Abrams and sci fi shows for hours on end. I have a huge collection of Archie Comics, that include antique dolls that are over 40 years old, that are my pride and joy. Sometimes I laugh during awkward moments in horror movies and ruin it for everyone else.

The list goes on I’m sure, but I can’t tell you what’s weird about me, because I don’t think of myself that way. I’m just passionate about certain things, that I guess other people aren’t as passionate about. Is that what makes you strange?

If it is, then I’ll take that any day. The beauties in your life are rewarding. A life without passion is a life without fulfillment.

Why be a tortured soul? Just say “yes” and trust life’s simple pleasures.

Don’t try to be something you’re not. It won’t make you feel better. You may gain more friends, but are they true friends if you’re hiding such a valuable piece from them?

The moment in my teenage years that I said “I don’t care!” was the moment, surprisingly, that I made amazing friends, and continue to do so. I have made more friends than I did when I was really trying to fit in.

The older you get, the friends you once made through convenience ends and you instead become friends with people who share the same passions and accept you for you. In fact, they love your “weirdness”.

Be yourself. Don’t try to be anything more or less. If you believe you’re beautiful, people see your glowing confidence and find you radient. The only way to believe in yourself is knowing you’re worth it!

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